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Where to put a TV in the bedroom?

Where to put a TV in the bedroom

Thinking of putting a TV in your bedroom? There are few things you might want to consider. A TV should be easily viewed without creating long term aches and pains, yet you also want to make sure that its placement isn’t too distracting or that it disrupts sleep.

Copenhagen Console Table

If you’re unsure about where to put a TV In the bedroom, your options are endless:

  • At the end of the bed
  • On top of a chest of drawers
  • Above a fireplace
  • On top of a sideboard or side table
  • Inside a wardrobe for occasional use
  • Mounted to the wall - you could also try adding a frame to reduce its prominence in the room
  • Create a cosy corner and put your TV on corner unit and add a comfy chair

Still need some more inspiration? We’ve put together a full guide to hosting your TV in the bedroom. From the pros and cons of watching TV in your sleep sanctuary, to finding the best placement for it in your particular bedroom, we’ve got all bases covered. Read on for more.

Is a TV in your bedroom a good idea?

Perfect for those cosy pyjama days with your other half, a self-care evening of binge watching your favourite movies, or simply a way to unwind at the end of a tough day of work, having a TV in your bedroom can be a wonderful thing.

Yet we too often hear about its potentially damaging effects on our sleep - is a TV in the bedroom a good choice for you?

Boston Chest

TV in the bedroom pros and cons

Pros to having a TV in the bedroom:

  • It’s relaxing and a great way to wind down for many people
  • Ideal for pyjama days or a self-care evening
  • Having a TV in your child’s bedroom can spare you from their favourite programmes if you need a break...
  • If you live in a house share, a television in your bedroom is essential!

Cons to having a TV in the bedroom:

  • It can affect your sleep patterns - try and save the TV for lazy days and make sure to include wind down time with all devices switched off
  • It can disrupt the look of your room. Putting the television somewhere it can be hidden away when you’re not using it, is a great way to prevent this.

How to hide a TV in a bedroom?

If you do want to have a TV in your bedroom, consider hiding it inside a [wardrobe](https://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/category/wardrobes/ “wardrobes”), cupboard, or on top of a [sideboard](https://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/category/sideboards/ “sideboards”). Ideally, something with doors to cover the television when you don’t want to watch it - out of sight, out of mind! This way the TV won’t be the focal point of the bedroom, but gives you the option when you want it.

Spot triple wardrobe

TV in the bedroom ideas

Where to put a TV in a small or narrow bedroom

If your bedroom is quite small or narrow but you’d still like to have a television, consider using the room’s vertical space. Take a look at tall TV stands or even tallboys to put your television on top of. You could also consider a small console table at the end of the bed. Alternatively, look at wall mounting your television with a mirrored screen for ultra multifunctionality.

Charcoal TV Unit

Bedroom TV stand ideas

If you’d like to have a television in your bedroom but you’re concerned about it damaging the aesthetics, look at TV units that will match the furniture you already have. Whether from the same range, or drawing on complementary tones or shades of solid wood, create a cohesive look with the rest of your bedroom decor.

If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, get creative. A TV stand can be anything from a [chest of drawers](https://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/category/chest-of-drawers/ “chest of drawers”), a console table, a tallboy, [a blanket box](https://www.oakfurnitureland.co.uk/category/blanket-boxes/ "blanket boxes), even a bedside table!

Brindle blanket box

How high should I mount a TV in the bedroom?

Ideally, you should mount your television approximately 140cm (55”) from the base of your mattress, to the centre of the television as a minimum. The larger your television, the higher it should be mounted, yet not exceeding 170cm (67”) from the floor. This will give you a good screen position, without being uncomfortable.

Can I have a TV in the bedroom with no wall space

If you don’t want to mount your television on the wall, there are still lots of options for you. Make the furniture in the space you have available multi-functional. A chest of drawers can double up as a television unit at the end of your bed, or even under the window. A slim console table will give you the space you need without taking up too much floor space.

Alto TV Stand

What size TV is best for a bedroom?

A television in the bedroom shouldn’t be any bigger than 60” or 152cm. Your space in the bedroom is likely to be smaller compared with the living room, and ideally you won’t be spending too much time watching television whilst you're in there. Save the big television for movie nights in the living room, and tuck something a little smaller into the bedroom for those cosy breakfast in bed moments.

Parquet Chest of Drawers

Now you’re armed with all the tools you need to make your bedroom a cosy place for relaxing, it’s time to grab the furniture you need to make it happen. Visit Oak Furnitureland today and see the gorgeous range of hardwood furniture available to make your bedroom the interior paradise you’re dreaming of.

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