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Super King-Size Mattresses

Super King-Size Mattresses

We offer fantastic super king-size mattresses, providing matchless support and comfort all night long.

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The secret to better sleep is all in the mattress - and the larger mattress you get, the more your sleep will improve. This is exactly why we’ve designed our high quality selection of super king-size mattresses, exclusively made in the UK by Cotswold Beds. Specially crafted to provide you with matchless support and comfort night after night, an Oak Furniture Land super king-size mattress is made to last.

Whether you’re looking for a supportive or cosy mattress, if you love pocket springs, or crave a pillow topped mattress, we have one perfect for you. Manufactured to the highest UK standards, they are inherently anti-allergenic and mite resistant and come with a luxurious upholstered cover for excellent temperature regulation that moulds to your individual shape.

Browse our full selection of super king-size mattresses and discover the perfect way to complete your bedroom.