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Dining Table and 8 Chairs Dining roundel

Dining Table and 8 Chairs


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Why choose an 8-seater dining table and chairs?

If you have a large dining space, perhaps a dining room that is separate from your kitchen and living room, an 8-seater dining table and chair set is ideal. It will fill your dining room, breathing life into it and allowing you to make an occasion of every mealtime.

The generous proportions of our tables with 8 chairs mean they can also be used for other activities outside of mealtimes. For example, the kids can sit at one end of the table with their homework, while you catch up on emails at the other. Simply choose an 8-person dining table with chairs that best suits your style and purpose.

Discover our 8-seater oak dining tables and chairs

Though we sell dining tables in a variety of solid hardwoods, such as ash and acacia, 8-seater oak dining tables and chairs make up the majority of our offering. Strong, sturdy and naturally beautiful, our oak dining sets are available in both dark wood and light oak finishes.

Our oak tables and chairs with a dark wood finish have been stained and then topped with a resilient glaze to protect the oak. The end result is one with depth and plenty of charm. Style with indoor greenery on a sideboard, a few metal accents and leather dining chairs to create a dining room inspired by biophilic design.

Alternatively, our blonde oak dining sets haven’t been stained, but are still finished with a smooth and protective glaze. These pieces are extremely versatile, but they often look particularly good in pared-back schemes among shades of cream and dove grey. Fabric chairs help to soften the look and fashion a calm dining environment.

Add a splash of colour with a painted dining table and 8-chair set

For those who prefer to be bolder with their style, we also have a lovely selection of painted dining tables and 8 chairs. Still made from solid wood, the tables in these sets are available in charcoal, white and light grey and have either an ash or oak top that contrasts pleasingly with the painted table legs.

These tables are available with a range of different dining chairs, from traditional oak cross-backs with upholstered seats to chairs with hardwood frames interwoven with dried grasses.

Oak Furnitureland extendable dining table and 8 chairs

An 8-person extendable dining table with chairs will help you to create the ultimate flexible dining experience. Choose from one of our easy-to-use mechanisms to keep your dining table compact during the week, and then unfold it in preparation for a spot of weekend hosting.

Whether you’re serving up a delicious buffet meal or sitting your guests down for a 3-course dinner, an extendable dining table will afford you both style and space.

Browse our selection of dining tables and 8 chairs and discover the combination that’s right for you, or check out our Dining Set Builder to mix and match chairs and dining tables.


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