New Sofa Ranges

Everyone loves a new sofa, and here’s where you’ll find ours

Our sofas are built to last, but we like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends, colours and upholstery. You’ll find our newest looks here, comfy sofas and chairs with our quality details – hardwood in the frames, real leather all over, and durable fabrics and fillings.

Desktop Header - Samson


Our new Samson modular range is a modern, clean looking sofa. It’s upholstered in smooth, dark grey leather all over. You can make the size and shape you want, as it’s made in sections. Left and right arm modules are electric recliners, and also have built in USB ports.

V3-Desktop Header - Tremont


Ultra chic modern style, with large seating area. Available in corner chaise and sofa shapes. Fine metal legs and grey, tactile upholstery will fit with contemporary interiors.