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Oak dining tables

We know there's a lot more to your average oak dining table than meets the eye. It's more than just a place to grab a bite at the end of a long day, it wears as many hats as you do! Whether that's the centre of family meals, the makeshift home office, or the launchpad for your new business, an oak dining room table is a real focal point in your home.

That’s exactly why we go the extra mile with our above-average selection of solid oak dining tables. Since real life doesn't always come with a set of matching placemats and coasters — though they do help — our natural oak dining tables are made to stand up to life's everyday knocks, with protective wax finishes, and high-quality timbers that will keep turning heads year after year.

Whether you’re looking to add a light oak dining table, a rustic oak design or an oak painted table, we have a wide selection to suit your style.

Wooden dining tables

Discover looks that will fit every home, from the modern traditional to the stylish studio. We have a large selection of wooden dining tables, all made to our exacting standards. We're picky about what comes into our homes! Find smaller sizes — like 3ft and 4ft tables for compact dining rooms, all the way through to larger sizes — like 5ft and 6ft dining room tables, seating from 4 to 12 people. And if you're looking for flexible dining solutions, our extendable dining tables will tick all the right boxes.

Enjoy the clean lines and ageless looks of natural wood dining room tables, or explore our other style offerings, made with the same attention to detail and quality construction our furniture is known for. Explore the unique finish of mango wood dining tables, or add some colour to your space with our gorgeous oak painted dining tables.

Choose the perfect shape and style

When selecting your ideal dining table, it’s important to balance the shape and style to suit your space and design preferences. round dining tables foster intimate conversations and are ideal for smaller spaces, while square dining tables provide a modern look, perfect for square-shaped rooms. Rectangular dining tables are versatile and often extendable, accommodating larger gatherings and fitting well in elongated spaces.

For your design choices, look to farmhouse dining tables to bring rustic charm with their sturdy wooden style. For a contemporary touch, metal dining tables offer durability and an industrial aesthetic. If you want to create an airy, open feel to give a sense of space in your dining area, glass dining tables are an excellent option.

Finding the right dining table size

The first step to creating the perfect dining room is choosing the right size dining table and calculating how much space you need per person. Whatever the purpose of your furniture, gauging the right dimensions and size of your dining table is crucial. And remember, you must always consider the space required for both the dining table and chairs.

4 seater dining tables:

Our 4 seater dining tables are available with variable lengths and widths ranging from 75cm to 90cm. They're created specifically to maximise space, with a simple square or round design and sturdy oak construction for lasting durability. extendable dining tables are ideal for small layouts, complete with an easy-to-extend mechanism that allows you to double your space in moments.

6 seater dining tables:

Our 6 seater dinner tables are available with variable lengths ranging from 118cm to 140cm and widths from 75cm to 90cm. Our extensive collection of striking 6 seater dining tables is available mostly in rectangular shapes. You’re sure to find the perfect match for your dream dining area among our range of smaller dining tables. Styles range from traditional rustic oak dining tables to modern, oak painted dining tables, with some even including extending leaves, ideal for anyone who loves to host dinner parties and family occasions.

8 seater dining tables:

Our 8 seater dining tables are available with variable lengths ranging from 150cm to 220cm and widths from 75cm to 90cm. Seating up to eight people comfortably, or even more on models with extending leaves, our impressive collection of wooden 8 seater dining tables brings effortless style to your dining room.

10 seater dining tables:

Our 10 seater dining tables are available with variable lengths ranging from 180cm to 280cm and widths from 90cm to 100cm. We’ve designed our large dining tables to be the ultimate centrepiece for family dining and entertaining. These large wooden dining tables are designed to maximise the seating space in your dining room, ensuring that your family and guests can dine in style and comfort, some seating up to 10 or 12 guests, in the case of our larger extendable dining tables.

To find our more about how to ensure you get the right dining table for you check our article about it.

Closed plan vs open plan kitchens

A closed-plan kitchen is more traditional, where each area of the home — be it living, kitchen or dining — is its own unique room, separated by walls. On the other hand, an open-plan kitchen is large and limitless, with no walls to section out the different home areas. In these layouts, the kitchen and dining room may share one space, while in others, a kitchen, dining and living room become one. Check our article to help you decide what's the best layout for your kitchen table

With more than twenty ranges to explore, we know you'll find a look you'll love. Whether you're looking for something to blend in with your favourite pieces, or are looking to start fresh, an Oak Furnitureland dinner table is the perfect focal point. It's as good on the inside as it looks on the outside. Browse our full range of 100% solid wood dining tables and dining chairs today and find the perfect solution for your family.


How often should you replace your kitchen/dining table?

The frequency with which you should consider replacing your dining table depends on a number of factors, including its material, quality, usage and your style preferences. Our selection of dining tables are built to last from high-quality materials, with longevity in mind. With proper care, you can hold onto them for years to come, or even pass them down if you decide to update your space.

What dining tables are in fashion now?

Dining table trends vary depending on the room style you’re looking to achieve. For a modern farmhouse feel, our Richmond or Newton dining tables will make a stylish addition. If you prefer an industrial aesthetic, opt for the or Maine dining table, which features solid metal legs. Looking for a more traditional approach? Take a look at the Romsey, Dorset or Hercules ranges for rustic dining tables that will add a little character to your space.

What to look for when buying a dining room table?

Buying the ideal dining table for you and your room comes down to some key questions such as your preferred style, the type of material or wood that complements your existing furniture, the quality you’re after, and the space you have available. For guidance on measuring up your dining area, check out these helpful tips captured in this blog post.


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