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Living Room Furniture

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Our wooden living room furniture ranges showcase stylish, practical and comfortable designs in 100% solid hardwood, perfect for making your room look and feel great. It’s easy to see why so much care and attention goes into crafting our living room decor - these pieces sit at the heart of the home, in the social hub of family life. Therefore, these key pieces need to be on-trend yet timeless, well-built and restful - which is exactly what oak living room furniture is all about.

Living Room Furniture Sets

We offer more than 20 ranges of living room furniture ranges, with all sets and single pieces being made from the highest quality materials. Our living room furniture - whether it is from a matching or eclectic lounge scene - is smart and built to last. Wooden living room furniture is versatile, and it can come in natural oak, rustic oak, hardwood and glazed oak or painted styles.

The living room furniture sets you choose will help dictate what theme you want to achieve. For example, a country living room furniture set will contribute to a contemporary farmhouse style, no matter if you’re in the city or the country. Country cottage living rooms tend to opt for the supple shine of painted furniture or the warmth of a rustic oak finish styles.

If easy breezy is your thing, you’ll want to opt for coastal living room furniture sets styles that incorporate light oak or painted finishes and feature contemporary curves and soft edges. Alternatively, grey washed wood or natural oak contrasted with darker shades can make for a modern lounge aesthetic. Coordinating pieces like sideboards, coffee tables, TV units and bookcases can help pull a winning look together, else pick out differing key pieces from versatile, neutral ranges for a visually interesting design scheme.

White Living Room Furniture

White wood living room furniture sets sit at the pinnacle of modernity and adaptability. Scandi-style spaces will shine with white wood living room furniture, whereas it can also bring out the natural charm of country cottage style homes. White lounge furniture is calming, especially when topped with beautiful natural oak which helps the painted finish to really stand out.

Grey Living Room Furniture

Grey living room furniture sets are hugely on-trend, but still retain that timeless element that is so sought after in lounge design. Pale, silver or metallic-like shades, there are so many options when it comes to the contemporary classic look of grey lounge furniture. This is a shade best layered, especially when it is incorporated with textural differences such as oak tops or metal accenting.

Cream Living Room Furniture

Cream sitting room furniture - especially when it’s designed with a charming cream and oak facade - is ultra comfy and cosy. Country cottage-style homes are a huge interior design trend, creating a farmhouse feel in your living room, whether it’s within a country retreat or an urban dwelling.

Dark Wood Living Room Furniture

Dark oak living room furniture truly has a characterful feel - a shiny wax finish that adds a rustic element to any homely environment. A living room with dark wood furniture can be offset by natural wood floors or accentuated with terracotta hues. You’ll love the way the natural wood patterns give textural flavour to a relaxing lounge space.

Blue Living Room Furniture

Homes that akin after the manor house style will be a perfect match for navy living room furniture. Its inky hues feel royal and regal, adding a touch of class to the most sociable room of the home. You'll find several blue living room pieces in our Highgate range.

Light Oak Living Room Furniture

If you love the beauty of oak lounge furniture, you’ll want to invest in our light wood living room ranges. Ranges like these have a certain finish that lets their naturalness shine through, meaning the woodgrain is a feature that takes centre stage. The waxed surface retains the sleekness of the material, allowing light to bounce off its surfaces and brightening your living room scene.

Living Room Furniture Styles

We have a living room range to suit every style: from modern to statement-making, to subtle yet sweet, making for great options across our lounge furniture sets.

Industrial Living Room Furniture

If urban cool is the look you love, then industrial-style living room furniture will tickle your fancy. Wood and metal come together to create a very modern living room designed, best paired with a neutral fabric sofa or the smart sheen of leather. Either way, stay minimalist with this style and accentuate with plenty of houseplants to add a natural element to your living room.

Rustic living room furniture

As mentioned, rustic living rooms can consist of dark wood furniture with a honey-coloured glaze, or they can exhibit a farmhouse painted style that will help give your lounge a country feel with a contemporary twist.

Living Room Furniture Ideas

We love hardwood furniture not just because of how stylish it looks, but also because it’s durable, sturdy and suitable for a number of different styles of living room. For instance, you can easily pull off mixing and matching dark and light wood furniture in the living room as it will provide interest and intrigue to your scheme. On the other hand, you can also invest in a matching furniture set - will it be painted or just plain wood? - for a look that is tidy and smart.

White living room furniture ideas hark towards the minimalist aesthetic and is an especially good choice for those with small living spaces. If your home benefits from lots of natural light, find inspiration in moody hues either on the walls or within statement pieces. If you’d like more inspiration, head over to Pinterest and search for ‘how to do dark walls’ or ‘dark furniture living rooms’.

As ever, grey interiors are bang on-trend and are a must-have for anyone who loves a calming, neutral environment to kick back and relax.

It's also worth checking out our other living room ideas to find out how to make your living room look bigger, how to make it a more sociable place, and to learn more about furniture selection and the best layouts.

As usual, your order can be delivered to the room of your choice and you can benefit as well from our flexible finance options, making it easier than ever to create the living room of your dreams.


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