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Living Room Furniture

Our living room furniture collections feature stylish, practical and comfortable designs in solid hardwood, perfect for making your room look great. Read More...

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Solid oak side tables and solid oak coffee tables make a room look instantly sophisticated

Whether you are looking for a magnificent solid oak coffee table as the centrepiece to your living room furniture, or a convenient solid oak side table to sit next to the real leather chair, Oak Furniture Land has a massive choice of side tables, coffee tables, lamp tables and nests of tables to suit.

Side tables are not just the reserve of living room furniture however. A solid hardwood side table can fit neatly into every room of the house.

Perhaps you need an extra landing space in your dining room, or you want to dress up a dull corner of your bedroom. A small, solid oak side table is the ideal accompaniment to any solid oak furniture suite.

Why not take a look at our Side Table selection.
There are very few homes that haven't got a television set these days, not to mention DVD players, games consoles and various other technologies, but the wires that can come with such products, and sometimes the equipment itself can be unsightly and messy.

A TV cabinet is an ideal piece of living room furniture that solves this problem by enclosing the wires within a cupboard, whilst leaving the equipment accessible.

All these boxes of electronics can be unsightly, and televisions are large and modern looking. These harsh looks are usually a stark contrast to the relaxing decor of a living room. The ideal way to soften this effect is with a solid oak TV cabinet.

The natural grain of the solid oak in the TV cabinet gives an organic feel, and you immediately feel more relaxed. A solid mango TV cabinet has more of a unique feel given the distinctive grain pattern of natural mango wood.

Start browsing our TV Cabinet collection now.
Solid oak bookcases are popular items of living room furniture. Rather than being a simple storage space for books - as the name bookcase suggests - the humble bookcase has become a mainstay of living room furniture because it is the place to express your personality. This is something that sets bookcases apart from all other pieces of living room furniture.

The first thing that should attract attention in a bookcase is the style and aesthetics. An ideal choice would be a solid oak bookcase, or for the more adventurous a solid mango bookcase. This will then draw the eye to your book collection, family photos or whatever else you decide to display on your bookcase.

Allowing you to convey your tastes and individuality, this can be easily changed without the need for redecoration. It’s incredible what a bookcase can do for your living room.

Have a look through our vast selection of Bookcases.
Coffee tables have evolved over the years from their origins of simple tables to works of art and multi-functional living room furniture.

In their simplest form modern cubist coffee tables are clean-cut visions of beauty that exist to serve one purpose - to be a coffee table! However, coffee tables can be so much more. For example, as our lives become more complicated we need more and more storage space. A coffee table with drawers can utilise the space and provide you with masses of storage that a normal coffee table couldn’t.

Another way of maximising your space is to have a nest of coffee tables. Nests of coffee tables come in various forms, but essentially they are a set of coffee tables that stow within each other. This is another clever way that the coffee table has become a practical piece of living room furniture.

Have a look through our vast selection of Coffee Tables.

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