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Coastal Living Room Ideas

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Coastal Living Room ideas

The laid-back spirit of the coastal style has made it very popular in recent years. It’s minimal and elegant aesthetic makes it a timeless look perfect for any home that wants to evoke feelings of calm and tranquility.

Want to know more about coastal style? Read on for more information on:

  • What is a coastal style home?
  • What is coastal chic?
  • What is modern coastal?
  • Coastal Living room ideas
  • Beach colours for your living room
  • How do you decorate a coastal house?
  • Coastal Living room furniture
  • Coastal style TV stand
  • Coastal console table
  • Coastal console table with drawers
  • Coastal style sofa
  • Coastal sideboard

What is a coastal style home?

Coastal style quite simply takes its inspiration from beach front houses. This style is all about light, airy rooms decorated in colours that take inspiration from the coast. Think bright white sands and different hues of the blue ocean. If you’re searching for a relaxed, simplistic look that reminds you of summer all year round, let the coastal style take over your home.

What is coastal chic?

Coastal chic takes the whites and dark blues from traditional coastal style and gives it a more elegant twist. Think smooth painted furniture rather than distressed, natural wood. Linen fabrics and white washed ceilings can help create a chic look whilst still giving you that coastal feel.

What is modern coastal?

While traditional coastal style might favour seashell decor or a surfboard hanging on the wall, modern coastal style is more subtle in it’s homage to the beach. Blue lamps, white walls and wicker baskets are some of the ways you could decorate your home in this more modern style. Whilst a traditional coastal look might involve quite a few accent pieces, a more modern look favours a slightly more minimalist approach with just a few of those bolder items.

Coastal living room ideas

Beach colours for your living room

The coastal style celebrates natural light and follows a clean and crisp aesthetic. White walls and neutral tones can help to create this seaside elegance, whilst pops of blue are essential for giving your room that ocean feel. If you are looking to add some bolder colours whilst still following a coastal themed interior, coral pinks and sunny yellows are the perfect choice.

How do you decorate a coastal house?

When it comes to coastal design ideas, you’ll want to combine beach-inspired accessories with walls and furniture in light and neutral tones. For a traditional coastal look you might choose coloured glass vases, seashell ornaments or prints of anchors or sea life. For furniture, distressed painted wood will give you that coastal rustic look. For a living room with a more modern coastal style, rattan rugs, wicker baskets and blue and white accent pillows will help to add a more contemporary feel to your living room.

Coastal Living room furniture

To create the natural and relaxed atmosphere that coastal style evokes, you’ll want to incorporate a mixture of pale shades of wood with white or light painted furniture. This beachy look favours neutral colours and crisp whites to help keep rooms light and airy.


Coastal style TV stand

Our large Bevel TV stand made of solid oak and brushed metal handles is the perfect addition to your coastal living room. The natural style of the oak would fit perfectly in light white living rooms with distressed rugs to create that authentic beachy feel.

Light painted wood is often associated with the coastal style, making our Shay TV unit a match made in heaven for a beachy living room look. If you’re looking for a coastal TV unit that would fit in a corner then our Hove corner TV unit is the perfect piece to slot into your living room.

Coastal console table

The coastal style favours furniture that looks effortless and functional whilst still adding charm to your living room. Our Brindle console table does just that with it’s natural oak top and elegant design. Adorn it with a nautical lamp or wooden feature to achieve a truly coastal look.

Coastal console table with drawers

The smooth almond grey of our Shay console table is the perfect addition to anyone looking to add some lightness to their living room. The sturdy drawers with real dovetail joints are perfect for holding any living room clutter. The table base is the perfect space for a wicker basket or two so you can store books, magazines or electronics that might otherwise make your space look crowded.

Coastal style sofa

When it comes to a sofa for your coastal living room, you’ll want to choose light, neutral fabrics, adding pops of colour with cushions and throws. Our Gainsborough collection in beige combines soft, light fabric with hardwood feet to give a truly relaxed and cosy feel that perfectly encompasses the coastal style.


If you’re looking for a slightly more statement piece, why not adorn your living room with our Jasmine 2 seater sofa in duck egg fabric. This pop of blue will effortlessly give your living room that ocean feel while the oak feet bring the natural aspect of the coastal style. With flared arms and luxuriously deep seat cushions, this sofa will add instant elegance to your living room, and it’s slight frame makes it perfect for small coastal living rooms.

Coastal Sideboard


An elegant yet functional sideboard is the perfect storage solution for your coastal living room. The chalk white finish of our Hove sideboard makes the mind wander to bright white sands and sun bleached hair. Its small frame allows it to fit into any slot that needs it most whilst still adding character to your living room. If you’re after something slightly bigger, our Bevel or Brindle offer a great amount of storage without being overbearing or looking clunky in your living room.

Explore our living room furniture today and browse our range of coastal style sofas, sideboards, TV stands, console tables and more to find the perfect addition to your living room.

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