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Fabric and upholstered dining chairs

From modern dining chairs to more classic designs, shop our upholstered dining chairs for made-to-last quality that effortlessly matches your home's style.

From cosy Chesterfield-inspired designs to sleek suede-look pieces, with our luxury dining chairs you can add sophistication, comfort and a pop of colour to your dining space.

Browse the collection and choose your chic comfy dining chairs with ease.

Oak dining chairs

Whether you love modern-style oak furniture or classic rustic dining chairs, discover our lasting ranges, featuring a selection of upholstered seats complete with beautiful fabrics.

Known for its qualities of durability and longevity, modern dining chairs made from oak dining chairs and other hardwoods are especially good for withstanding daily use. Plus, with our long-lasting timeless dining chair design, they will grow with your style, year after year.

For kitchen chairs with perfect country-inspired charm, take a look at our cross back dining chairs and enjoy guest-proof dining furniture that’s made to last.

Painted dining chairs

For modern dining chairs that give cottage-inspired design, discover our stylish range of painted dining chairs.

Whether you prefer neutral off-white, elegant French grey or statement blue, our painted comfy dining room chairs offer effortless style to modern and contemporary homes alike.

With their upholstered seats available in a range of colours and fabrics, and the classic cross back design, they are both hard-wearing and easy-to-match in any dining space.

Dining room or kitchen?

Perfect for open-plan kitchen and dining spaces, oak or industrial dining chairs are easy to keep clean. A practical yet stylish solution with neutral tones that are easy to match, durable kitchen dining chairs take up minimal visual space.

For separate dining rooms, matching your decor to your choice of comfortable dining chairs creates a luxe look, with upholstered fabric chairs offering a particularly sophisticated aesthetic.

Browse our dining set builder to save and get ready to make memorable mealtimes to cherish for years to come.

Comfortable and luxury dining chairs

Offering ultimate dining space style and comfort, our upholstered and fabric dining chairs are available in a range of beautiful colours. Ideal for adding a statement, our collection provides super-soft durability and luxuriously cosy textures.

From rustic to modern and industrial – find the perfect style for you

Whether you like to mix and match your style or create a streamlined look, we have both rustic and industrial dining chairs in our dining-room furniture ranges.

Find your perfect pairing for contemporary decor with our modern dining chairs. Or, for a softer cosy modern look, contrast one of our signature dining table with an industrial dining chair of your choice.


Should dining chairs be taller than the table?

Bring elegance and comfort to celebrations and family and friend get-togethers with a high-backed dining chair, and add a traditional or stylish statement to your dining space.

Dining chairs that are more level with your dining table give a modern low-key look, and are more about creating visual space and balance. Browse both our fabric and solid wood design to match your home’s style and create a cosy dining space.

What to look for when buying a dining room chair?

When purchasing new dining chairs, you want a design that is both long-lasting and stylish. Throughout our dining chair ranges we use solid hardwood, so you know that they are naturally beautiful and made to last.

It’s also important to consider how often the dining space will be used, and whether you want a more durable seat cushion fabric, or upholstered fabric chair that maximises the style of your home.

How long should dining chairs last?

A well-made dining chair should last about 10 to 15 years.

Every dining chair in our ranges are made from solid hardwood, metal and using classic carpentry methods – making them a long-lasting choice. So, whatever style you choose, you can feel good knowing that you can enjoy your dining chairs for years to come.


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