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Grass and Painted Dining Chairs

Sturdy hardwood, modern painted finishes

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Our painted hardwood dining chairs

Adding painted dining chairs to your dining area will add style and interest to the space while giving it an instant refresh.

Our painted dining chairs all have solid hardwood frames, so can be relied upon to remain sturdy for years to come and not creak when weight is applied. We use acacia for our painted furniture as its strength and smooth finish make it the perfect blank canvas for the variety of paint colours we use. Paint takes to acacia extremely well, so our painted dining chairs are suitable for all households, even those with little ones and pets.

Our grass dining chairs have frames made from solid mango wood, as the wide spectrum of hues present in this hardwood complement the woven grasses to great effect.

Painted dining chairs with upholstered seats

Many of our painted dining chairs have upholstered seats available in various fabrics and prints. Depending on the painted furniture range from which you select your chairs, the padded seats are available in deep colours, light neutrals, cheerful checks, delicate florals and more, so you can style yourself a dining space that is unique to you.

Painted dining room sets

When choosing your painted dining room chairs, think carefully about the look you want to achieve in your space. Do you have a light, airy dining room that you wish to turn into a serene, Scandi-inspired space with warm, off-white furniture? Do you have a more opulent aesthetic, perhaps with accents of gold or marble, that would go well with an inky blue painted finish? Or perhaps you want to keep your dining room fairly neutral so that it’s fit for any occasion.

Remember, all our painted dining chairs are part of larger ranges, so, once you’ve chosen your look, you can find matching dining tables, sideboards, bookcases and more.

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