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Painted Dining Chairs


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Painted hardwood dining chairs

All of our painted dining chairs are made from sturdy acacia hardwood that has been shaped and joined using classic carpentry techniques. We use acacia for our painted furniture as it provides a strong, smooth surface that takes paint very well, reducing the risk of scratching or chipping.

Our solid wood chairs come in a variety of finishes that are designed to complement our range of painted dining tables. They vary in colour from deep blue and sage grey to cream and off-white, so there’s a set of painted dining chairs to suit your style, whatever that may be.

Comfortable and customisable seat pads

Every Oak Furnitureland painted dining chair comes with a resilient foam-filled seat pad, which is available in a large number of colours and fabrics. Simply choose your chair frame, then select durable polyester seat upholstery in block colours, natural neutrals, vibrant stripes or classic checks. Alternatively, opt for soft and supple leather in chocolate brown or pitch black.

Foam makes for an excellent dining chair seat filling, as it bounces back time after time. This means that long, sociable dinners can easily go on into the night without diners feeling uncomfortable.

Styling your painted dining chairs

Our off-white and cream painted dining chairs are ideally suited to cosy country cottage aesthetics. Whereas our deep blue chairs look great in contemporary kitchen diners.

To style a country cottage dining room, it’s important to weave organic elements through your design, such as linen napkins and wooden chopping boards. Keep your colour palette warm but neutral, and if you want to add a pop of colour to draw the eye, ceramic vases filled with dried flowers are a lovely way to do this.

When it comes to styling a modern dining area with chairs painted in darker shades, you can choose to go for maximalism or cool, calm and collected style with a little more longevity.

To achieve a maximalist look with our deep blue painted dining chairs, accent your dining room with hints of metallic gold, glossy white marble and statement lighting. Or, if you prefer design that is more minimal, match your painted dining chairs to your dining table and then pick this same colour out in nearby furniture, such as your sideboard or larder.

Whatever your style, browse our collection of painted dining chairs to find an arrangement that will suit you and your home.


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