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Hallway Furniture and Storage Real wood inside and out

Hallway Furniture and Storage


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The hallway of a home is the busiest part. Comings and goings, dashing in and dumping keys, post, coats and bags – it makes you tired to think of it. But imagine having a spot to sit down and gather your thoughts. When you leave the house, changing slippers for shoes, picking up your coat and bag, knowing where everything is – what a calm start to the day. And when you return, from shopping or work, there’s a place to shed your public persona, and start relaxing at home straight away.

Shoe Storage

Our hallway furniture starts with the shoe bench. Available in three styles, these versatile pieces have eight cubbyholes for shoes, books, rugs – whatever you can fit in them. The cushions on top are available in a choice of five colours.

Hallway Stand

The shoe benches form the base of the separately available hallway stands. Made to dress up, you can hang coats, hats, bags, scarves, and then use the top shelf to hold baskets or rugs. They’re full of character and available in St. Ives, Kemble, and Canterbury ranges.

Console Table

You might feel like making even more of a statement in your hall. A console table will hold keys and post, and is a great place for displays of flowers or favourite photographs. All our ranges feature a console table. You could match a hallway stand, or mix it up, picking out an Orrick rustic oak console table to go with the Kemble hallway stand, for instance.

Small Sideboards

If you really like to store muddle out of sight, a small sideboard might be the answer. The Romsey range would be ideal, with its friendly round shape, and light natural oak. Built from solid oak, it’ll cope with the hustle and bustle of the hall.

How to make a narrow hallway appear wider

First impressions count - and this extends to your home. You may want to give your hallway the wow factor - it is, after all, the first thing guests see when they enter your home - but find it’s narrow and feels cramped. This shouldn’t stop you from creating a vibrant, welcoming space that reflects your personal style and provides plenty of function. With our expert advice, you can make your narrow hallway appear wider by making the best use of whatever space you have. Read more about it here.

How to maximise the space in your hallway

Learning how to organise your hallway is the first step to creating a more relaxed atmosphere for your household and your visitors. We offer some simple tips and tricks for making this often under-appreciated room a genuine pleasure to come home to. Find more about it.


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