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Find the mattress that's right for you

From firm foam to supportive pocket springs, breathable gel-infused layers to moisture-wicking hypoallergenic covers, there’s something for everyone in our wide range of single, double, king-size and super king-size mattresses.

Sleep like a dream

Relyon mattresses

Handcrafted using the finest natural fillings, enjoy a perfect night’s sleep every night with our selection of Relyon mattresses. Choose from different tensions and pillowtop options to find your ideal comfort match.

Sealy mattresses

The Sealy brand is synonymous with being a long-established expert in sleep. Its mattresses feature a number of patented technologies that will help regulate your sleep environment and ensure you wake with a well-rested body and mind.

Harrison Spinks mattresses

Enjoy luxurious slumber on our Harrison Spinks mattresses, combining cosy natural fillings with the latest in spring technology. Find the best level of comfort on traditional or pillowtop options.

Quality inside and out

We work with a variety of skilled manufacturers, so you can rest assured that every mattress we sell has been designed, made and tested according to our extremely high standards, ensuring quality support, comfort and increased longevity.

Mattress savings

When updating your bedroom decor, it can be easy to overlook your mattress and focus solely on your bed frame and bedding. So, to help you prioritise your sleep, all our mattresses come with 10% off when purchased with a beautiful Oak Furnitureland bed.

Tweak Duo mattresses

Available exclusively in our showrooms, Tweak mattresses provide customisable comfort for every sleeper, thanks to interchangeable foam tablets at shoulder and hip height that come in soft, medium, firm or extra-firm.

The importance of a good night’s sleep

Even though we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, prioritising a good night’s sleep is often not at the forefront of our minds. However, at Oak Furnitureland, we take superior shut-eye seriously.

If we’re well-rested, our immune systems are boosted, we feel more energised and are more likely to wake up refreshed, positive and ready for the day.

In an effort to make quality mattresses as accessible as possible, we offer single, double, king-size and super king-size mattresses at various price points.

So, whether you need a new mattress for a child’s room, guest bedroom or master suite, we have a mattress for every room size and every budget.

Natural-filled mattresses

Our Harrison Spinks mattresses are handcrafted by expert bedmakers in Yorkshire and combine cutting-edge spring technology, premium comfort and responsibly sourced natural fillings to create luxurious additions to your sleep sanctuary.

The collection includes three models; Ashdown and Delamere are traditional no-turn mattresses that offer two different tension options, regular and firmer, and Blakemere, a luxurious pillowtop mattress with medium/soft feel.

Mattress experts

We work with several skilled and experienced mattress manufacturers to provide our customers with the best possible product selection.

Thanks to our relationship with Sealy, we offer a curated collection of their mattresses. These feature patented Sealy technologies, such as GelTex – a breathable, pressure-relieving gel-infused layer – and SmarTex® – a hypoallergenic fabric layer that draws moisture away and helps regulate temperature.

Mixed material mattresses

Our Oak Furnitureland mattresses combine pocket springs, resilient foam and knitted, multi-way stretch fabric covers.

The pocket springs vary in number from 600 to 6000, depending on mattress size and price point. Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket, so it doesn’t rub against its neighbour and create an unpleasant sound or corrode over time.

Foam covers the central area of pocket springs on all sides, providing edge-to-edge support and preventing sagging.

The stretchy fabric that covers our mattresses is resistant to dust and hypoallergenic, so you can sleep easy throughout every season.

Customisable comfort

Tweak Duo mattresses are available exclusively in our stores and can be tailored to each sleeper’s specific needs. Interchangeable foam tablets slot in at shoulder and hip height, as these are common pressure points. Choose from soft, medium, firm or extra-firm then enjoy the level of comfort best suited to your body.

As each side of a Tweak Duo mattress can be customised in this way, they are ideal for shared sleeping arrangements.

All our mattresses are designed to fit our selection of beds, browse our ranges now.


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