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Painted Living Room Furniture

Painted Living Room Furniture

Perfect paint in modern colours

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Painted furniture is a popular look. No hint of shabby chic, but smart painted living room furniture, with a smooth finish and sophisticated colours. We’ve built up a selection of painted ranges, in a variety of styles. Painted coffee tables with turned legs and storage drawer (Brindle), or simple open shelf and top in grey (St. Ives). Retro modern painted TV unit in white (Hove) or traditional bracket feet in mid grey (Arlette). A pretty, pale painted side table at the end of a sofa is handy, and adds more storage with white painted Hove, and elegance with sage grey painted Brindle.

Large pieces in these designs really set the tone in a room. Painted display cabinets add glass to the look, always good for reflecting light around a room. Coupled with a light painted finish, a large piece of furniture becomes part of the room straight away. The same can be said of painted dressers. Our Brindle grey painted dresser will add presence and elegance to a living room, kitchen or dining room. And our modern Hove white painted dresser may be just right to act as a room divider, too.

All our furniture with a painted finish is still made of 100% solid hardwood. Any natural tops will be oak – painted, brushed, or rustic. The hardwood underneath the paint is specifically suited to a painted finish. It makes an exceptionally flat surface, ideal for a smart, smooth look. We’re not hiding anything under the paint – you’ll never find MDF there.

Read on for a little more detail on our ranges with painted living room furniture.Have fun browsing, and picturing how the different looks might fit in your home.

Our Hove range features chalk white living room furniture, with rounded corners and recessed handles. It’s a retro modern style with natural oak tops – really fresh.

With subtle undertones of yellow, lavender, and almond, our cream living room furniture features in Country Cottage, Kemble, and Shay. These collections are all topped with natural or rustic oak.

We have a few shades of grey living room furniture: mid-grey painted Arlette; smart grey painted St. Ives; and sage grey painted furniture in our elegant and modern Brindle range.

For an ivory painted living room finish, Shay, with its neat and sunny style, has TV units, nests of tables, coffee tables and more with gorgeous ivory tones in the range.