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Brighten up your room with one of our stunning lamps. With both floor lamp styles and a wide array of table lamps, you're sure to find the perfect style.

FROM £60

Lamps are a brilliant way to brighten up your bedside table - quite literally. A warm glow from a lamp creates a more intimate feel than overhead lighting in a bedroom and is a great way to step up your decor. Floor lamps can help illuminate awkward corners of your bedroom to make use of every bit of space.

Brighten up your room with just the flick of a switch with one of our fantastic floor or table lamp offerings. Available in a wide number of styles with both traditional and very contemporary finishing details, our lamps are the perfect way to complete your space.

Furnish your living room with a striking lamp atop one of our solid hardwood side tables, or illuminate your new oak dining set with one of our beautiful standing floor lamps.

Browse our full selection of lamps and start accessorising your home today.