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Oak dining table and chairs

Quality comes first at Oak Furnitureland, and this is reflected in our luxurious and long-lasting oak dining table and chairs. Available in a range of stylish colours, finishes, and sizes, your perfect oak dining set is right here. Choose from rustic solid oak, natural solid mango, painted brushed oak and more; our beautiful collections span a diverse range of contemporary and traditional styles and finishes.

We have everything from traditional solid oak dining table and chairs sets to stunning round dining table sets, and modern table and chairs, perfect for making the most of small or oddly shaped dining rooms. If you love to entertain and need room for extra guests at your table, why not try an extendable dining table and chairs set?

The quality of our wooden dining table and chairs

Our solid wood dining table sets are made with the highest quality hardwood oak, mango, and painted hardwood timbers, meaning that your luxury table and chairs will look great for years to come. Don’t forget to complete your solid wood dining table and chairs with one of our fantastic sideboards, display cabinets and dressers to store your tableware.

Discover our dining table and bench sets

Transform your dining space with our chic dining table and bench sets . In particular, the versatile Maine dining table set with bench offers a stylish and practical solution for your home. For added comfort, consider an upholstered kitchen bench to seat family and guests, making every meal a delightful experience. Upgrade your dining experience with this perfect blend of style and function.

Elevate your space with our kitchen dining table and chairs

Explore our exquisite range of kitchen tables and chairs. Perfect for any setting, our small kitchen table and chairs fit effortlessly into cosy spaces, while our versatile extendable kitchen table sets offer greater flexibility.

Embrace the charm of our country kitchen table and chairs, designed to bring warmth and character to your home. Upgrade your kitchen and dining furniture sets to create an inviting atmosphere for your daily dining routines.

Our dining table sets are perfect for all occasions

A great dining room should be warm, comfy, inviting, and the perfect place to host memorable meals and occasions. The first thing you should consider is the size; do you have a large dining room that can accommodate a dining table and 8 chairs for larger gatherings, or is there space for a smaller dining table and 4 chairs in your kitchen? Take a look at our dining table size guide for clever tips to aid in your final decision.

Oak Furnitureland offers a wide range of small, medium, and large dining tables and chairs, including in your kitchen? Take a look at our extendable dining tables that allow you to maximise the space you have. Next, select a wood finish that complements your dining area and taste; our tables come in a variety of striking colours, from dark oak to lighter solid mango, and painted finishes in colours ranging from off-white to grey.

Our fine selection of dining chairs dining chairs comes in pure hardwood, genuine leather, and in your kitchen? Take a look at our soft fabric , and can be matched with any table or desk that has the same wood finish, regardless of the range name.

And, because nobody likes to feel like they’re under the spotlight while eating, set the mood by integrating dimmable lights into your dining area to create a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Think about your favourite restaurant and how they use lighting to create ambience; can you recreate this in your own home?

Each one of our dining table sets is built from durable, long-lasting solid wood that can last a lifetime when properly cared for. For that reason, we recommend using clear wax polish to maintain and enhance the wood’s natural beauty.

Take a look at our dining room furniture guide for more handy hints, tips, and tricks on getting the best out of both your dining room and dining set.


How do you coordinate your dining table and chairs?

To coordinate your dining table and chairs effectively, start by choosing a cohesive style, such as a farmhouse, modern, rustic, or antique design. Match materials and ensure the colours complement each other, such as a white dining table with grey chairs or an all cream dining table set. Balance proportions by pairing large tables with substantial chairs and lighter tables with streamlined chairs, like a glass dining table set . For an eclectic look, mix different styles while maintaining a common element, such as a colour palette or material, like a dining table with velvet chairs . Ensure comfort and functionality by matching chair height to the table, and tie the look together with accessories like table runners, and centrepieces, creating a harmonious and stylish dining area.

Read our how to design your dining room article for some top tips and ideas.

Are benches a good idea for a dining table?

With a versatile bench, you have plenty of options. For smaller spaces, a bench tucks seamlessly away under the table, making it a great space saver. It is also the perfect solution for large families and hosting, enabling you to fit more people along a bench than with individual chairs.

If you love a more casual look, a dining table and bench set is the perfect choice, giving the whole space a less formal style, ideal for younger people or families. It is also much easier to move when cleaning or vacuuming under the table — it’s simply one item to move instead of many.

Can you fit more people with a round or rectangular dining table?

The number of people who can fit around a dining table depends on the size of the table rather than its shape. Rectangle dining tables are typically better for accommodating more people, especially in smaller spaces. The longer sides of a rectangular table can accommodate multiple chairs, and additional seats can be added at the ends. Round dining tables promote a more intimate and social dining experience, but their seating capacity is often more limited compared to rectangular tables of the same size. Larger round tables can seat more people but may require a bigger space.


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