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Side Tables Real wood inside and out

Side Tables


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Oak side tables & wooden

Every single one of our side tables has been designed and built to last and to be passed down from generation to generation. They have therefore been made to exacting standards from oak and other quality hardwoods such as acacia and ash.

Where the latter two hardwoods have been used, a smooth and durable painted finish has been applied in either white, grey, sage grey, inky blue or charcoal. These block colours create a pleasing contrast with the lacquered or waxed tops that showcase the wood’s unique grain.

When it comes to our wide range of solid oak side tables, these are finished in either a rich, honey-toned glaze that adds a look of rustic homeliness, or a clear wax that helps to protect the oak and make a feature of its natural blonde hues.

Side tables for living rooms

We all know how annoying it can be to settle yourself on the sofa with a nice hot cuppa, only to realise that there’s nowhere to put it down. Subsequently, you gulp your tea as fast as you can, burn your mouth and don’t really enjoy it at all!

The easiest way to avoid this is to get yourself a few sofa side tables for your living room. Place these small tables by the arms of your sofas and armchairs so that you are never short of a surface when you need one, you might even find room for a biscuit or two.

Side tables with storage

The majority of our side tables benefit from built-in storage. This can come in the form of anything from a low shelf to a drawer, and often both are featured.

Our side tables with storage are ideal for avid readers, as the low shelves serve as a place to stack magazines or a temporary home for your favourite book between chapters.

The compact drawers are ideal for stowing away small necessities that can easily start to feel like clutter if not tidied away regularly. This could be anything from TV remotes and spare batteries to notepads, pens, coasters and tea lights.

Styling your side table

As well as having multiple practical uses, our side tables can also contribute to your interior style, whether they’re in the living room or your bedroom. Place a few photographs of loved ones in decorative frames and position them on your side tables. Alternatively, vases filled with flowers will always help to brighten a room, and dried flowers are a great way to achieve this effect without the need to regularly refresh the bouquets.

For a practical and aesthetically pleasing way to style your side tables, choose a statement table lamp. Match the base and/or shade to your room’s colour scheme and switch it on for low, warm lighting.

Browse our wide range of wooden side tables today and find the design for you and your home.


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