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Dressing Tables Real wood inside and out

Dressing Tables

With mirrors to match

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Oak dressing tables

A handy addition to any room, our gorgeous dressing tables are a must-have, especially when teamed with a stool and mirror. Wooden dressing tables are a striking piece that can make a real impact in the modern bedroom. With drawers for storage, a stunning solid hardwood top, and of course the perfect place to tuck one of our oak stools or chairs underneath, a makeup table it's the perfect place for you to get ready for the day ahead.

We design every dressing table to last; the drawers all feature real dovetail joints for durability, as well as solid hardwood bases, backs, and runners. So when it comes to our makeup tables, no matter how much you fill the drawers, they will never bend or bow.

How to arrange and organise your dressing table

It’s a good idea to prioritise the contents of your makeup table; everyday items where they are most needed at the top and items like your hairdryer towards the bottom. Keep a couple of easy-to-open jars or trays right in front of the mirror for the jewellery and items you need to have right at your fingertips and consider segmenting your main makeup boxes or drawers into the sorts of occasions you wear them for or by the area of the face or body you use them on. Organising by shades and colour is also a nice idea and looks very pleasing to the eye, too.

Corner dressing table ideas

Corner dressing tables save space and feel like a truly dedicated place of sanctuary in your bedroom. An alcove or sloping ceiling is a great space-saving placement and if your corner is a little squeezed add some shelving behind for extra storage or pendant lighting to open the area up.

How to choose the right dressing table for your room

If you’re choosing a new oak dressing table or relocating an old one, it's important to consider where to position your dressing table in your bedroom. Naturally, it needs to complement the shape of your room and the other furniture and accessories in it. You don’t want it to be dwarfed by larger pieces, or for you to feel hemmed in. And you don’t want it to be somewhere that becomes a dumping ground for discarded items like keys and junk mail if you share your space with someone who doesn’t value your wooden dressing table quite so highly!

Wooden dressing tables

Available in all of our popular oak finished, including our best-selling natural and rustic styles, we also have dressing tables in painted styles, mango wood, or stained hardwood, all of which meet our renowned high-quality standards. Browse our full selection of dressing tables - and don’t forget about the accessories! We offer great savings on dressing table sets, which include a table mirror and stool. Feel free to mix and match individual accessories to your own tastes, too.