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Single Mattresses

Single Mattresses

Available From £250

Compact and stylish Compact and stylish
Hypoallergenic materials Hypoallergenic materials
Made for real life Made for real life
Perfect for children's beds Perfect for children's beds
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Single bed mattresses

Perfect for children’s bedrooms or for a spare room, our luxurious single mattresses are designed with quality in mind.

Each single mattress is filled with between 600 and 6000 pocket springs. This means that each spring is encased in its own fabric compartment, so it cannot rub against its neighbour and become displaced or make a squeaking noise.

Foam encases our single mattresses on all sides, resulting in soft, smooth surfaces and edges that won’t sag over time. It is the density of the top layer of foam that determines how firm the single mattress will be.

No matter who is sleeping on the single mattress, they’ll be able to breathe easily, as every single one of our mattresses is dust-resistant and hypoallergenic. Each outer cover is made from breathable knitted material with four-way stretch, which keeps the sleeper cool and allows them to move as much or as little as they need to get comfortable.

Choosing the right single mattress

Our single mattresses are the perfect size for any of our solid hardwood single beds, so you don’t need to worry about gaps around the mattress.

When choosing the firmness of your single mattress, consider who will be sleeping on it. If the mattress is for a child’s room, it is generally a good idea to opt for a softer mattress. This is due to the weight of the child being far lesser than that of an adult, so their body will not make as much of an impression on the springs and will require less support.

If the single mattress will be going in a spare room, think about the visitors you are likely to have. If you’re likely to have a mixture of children and adults staying with you, a mattress of medium firmness will be a good all-rounder. However, if you anticipate only having adults to stay, a firm single mattress is the best way to go, as this will provide the most support.

Turn your spare room into a cosy retreat

If you don’t want your spare room to look like a bedroom all the time, try creating a day bed.

Place one of our single mattresses on a simple bed base up against a wall, then cover it with blankets and line the side closest to the wall with comfortable cushions and pillows. This will create the look of a cosy couch that’s ideal for lounging on at any time of day. When you have an overnight guest, it is then easy to swap the cushions and blankets for bedding!

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