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Bedroom Furniture

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Your bedroom is your ultimate personal haven, but you can’t create a perfect space for relaxation without quality bedroom furniture. For you, your optimum unwinding spot might be a space filled with modern bedroom furniture, styled with a traditional touch or designed with a mixture of both. Whatever your personal style, we have more than 20 ranges of bedroom furniture sets to choose from, helping you create the stylish retreat of your dreams.

Oak Bedroom Furniture Styles

As we understand the essence of quality furniture, we offer a diverse range of wooden bedroom furniture sets. Everything from our beds to our blanket boxes is built to an exceptionally high standard. Our oak bedroom furniture benefits from attention to detail, ensuring we make the most of the 100% solid hardwood material - a beautiful addition to your bedroom scene, whether it be our natural range, rich and rustic, or contemporary and painted.

Dark Oak Bedroom Furniture

Dark wood bedroom furniture often features a rustic wood stain, adding a sense of charm and character to your bedroom scene. The rich finish gives the dark brown bedroom furniture a waxy glow, but also a honey-coloured hue that accentuates the gorgeous natural wood patterns. A matching dark wood bedroom furniture set will make a statement and create a beautiful sense of harmony while you rest your head.

Industrial Bedroom Furniture

For an ultra-contemporary look, wood and metal modern bedroom furniture can be incorporated into an industrial-style bedroom design. From storage to other key pieces, industrial bedroom furniture has a modern frame and minimalist aesthetic, giving it a feeling of lightness - perfect for a small space that requires an increase in airflow.

Painted Bedroom Furniture

Painted furniture adds refreshment to your bedroom space. There are lots of different colour finishes on offer to suit a variety of tastes.

White Bedroom Furniture

White bedroom furniture sets are the ideal blank canvas. White-painted oak furniture sets create an unparalleled sense of serenity and are easily decorated - after all, what colour doesn’t go with white? It’s elegant, neutral, and can suit either country or modern styles, making it a versatile choice.

Grey Bedroom Furniture

Grey bedroom interiors are one of the most modern looks you can go for - interior design lovers adore grey bedroom furniture’s refinement, classic-modern blend, and flexible nature. Grey and wood bedroom furniture brings out the best of both worlds as it showcases textural differences in its oak tops. The great thing about grey bedroom furniture is that it looks brilliant alongside monochromatic shades as well as with paler neutral tones.

Cream Bedroom Furniture

Country cottage style is making a huge comeback and nothing says farmhouse charm better than cream bedroom furniture, especially when combined with oak. Opting for this look across your bedroom set will look smart, cohesive and utterly endearing.

Blue Bedroom Furniture

A blue bedroom furniture set exudes regality. Lush tones of dark blue and navy leave behind a truly majestic feeling throughout - the must-have option for those who require chicness in their bedroom design. You can find some blue bedroom pieces in our Richmond range.

Bedroom Storage Units

Storage is key to creating a peaceful bedroom - there’s no tranquility in a cluttered space! This is why we offer such a wide range of options for different layouts and bedroom sizes. Our double and triple wardrobes have ample hanging room within the cabinets, as well as drawers below for extra hidden storage. You may prefer a chest of drawers to have room atop for styling, or a tallboy for rooms where space is at a premium.

Pamper yourself with one of our striking dressing tables - a functional bedroom storage unit that also carves out room for a little ‘me time’ in a busy family home. Options like our blanket boxes are fantastic as they provide that extra storage space for blankets and sheets, but also double up as a bedroom storage bench that can sit below a beautiful outlook point. Don’t forget to complete your space with one of our stylish bedside tables, too.

Oak Furniture Bedroom Ideas

Oak bedroom furniture sets are incredibly versatile, design-wise. There are loads of ways you can use oak furniture to make a statement in your bedroom. For example, if you’re looking for white bedroom furniture ideas, you can opt for white walls and floors while going for the bright finish of natural oak furniture to provide contrast. Cream bedroom furniture can also do the trick, and decor ideas include floral prints and statement accent chairs.

For somewhere in the middle, grey bedroom furniture is the smart option and is great for layering shade-upon-shade of white, black and everything in between.

And for those looking to create their own ideal cosy haven, we have the answers to all your biggest decor and furniture questions in the bedroom ideas that we've created especially for you.


How many pieces of furniture should you have in a bedroom?

When it comes to selecting the number of bedroom furniture pieces, consider the space you have available and your storage needs. The bed itself is a must, along with clothes storage such as a wardrobe or chest of drawers and side tables to accommodate bedtime drinks and reading lighting. Consider how to maximise the space you have available when it comes to narrowing down your selection, such as opting for a slim tallboy instead of a wide wardrobe and perhaps a bed with storage included. If space is more plentiful, then an armchair or chaise is always a luxurious addition, or for extra storage, consider a blanket box at the foot of the bed.

What does a 3-piece bedroom set include?

Aside from the bed itself, typical bedroom sets generally consist of a cohesive wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table combination.

How do I choose the right bedroom furniture?

Consider the size of your bedroom space and opt for pieces that fit without overcrowding. Focus on functionality and select pieces that serve your storage needs. Explore the overall style you want to achieve by creating Pinterest boards to help narrow down your ideas and create a harmonious look. Quality matters, so invest in sturdy, durable pieces that will last. Plus, don’t forget about comfort especially when it comes to your mattress and cosy bedroom accessories to help you drift off soundly.

Is bedroom furniture supposed to match?

There are no fixed rules when it comes to choosing your bedroom furniture, whether you like it to match or mix up styles is down to your personal style preference. For a more traditional look and feel, matching your bedroom sets creates a streamlined, cohesive look that’s easy to live with, and you can add more character with your home accessories. For a more contemporary approach, mixing up your bedroom furniture creates a more unique and eclectic feel. However, consider design details that help tie the look together, such as. a consistent colour family or shape. For more bedroom design ideas, check our How to style your bedroom blog.


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