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Bedroom Furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be the perfect space for you to unwind, relax, and get ready for a comfortable night’s rest.

Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be the ultimate personal haven, the perfect space for you to unwind, relax, and get ready for a comfortable night’s rest. With more than 20 ranges of bedroom furniture sets, we can help you create the stylish retreat of your dreams.

We provide bedroom furniture sets of all kinds - from the chest of drawers to the wardrobe and beyond - all with our high quality standards, excellent attention to detail and of course, 100% solid hardwood throughout. Whether you're looking for painted, mango or oak bedroom furniture, we have something for you.

Our beds are designed for your best rest, with hardwood even used in the slats for the ultimate in comfort. They perfectly complement our exclusive high-spec mattresses, too.

Storage is key to creating a peaceful bedroom, which is why we offer so many options. Our double and triple wardrobes have ample hanging space, with drawers below for extra hidden storage. Blanket boxes provide you a great space to store your bedding and pillows, and our chest of drawers is an elegant way to store your clothes and more.

Pamper yourself with one of our striking dressing tables, and don’t forget to complete your space with one of our stylish bedside tables, too. From the minimalist lamp table, to the storage-packed two drawer styles, we have options to suit any room.

Don't forget about our great delivery and finance options too, which make updating your bedroom with stylish pieces from Oak Furniture Land easier than ever!

And for those wanting to find out how to create your own ideal cosy haven, we have the answers to all your biggest decor and furniture questions in the bedroom furniture guide that we've created especially for you.

Your bedroom furniture guides

Create a bedroom that's your own personal haven. Our guides have all the information on how to design a room you'll love that will truly stand the test of time.

Do you want to know more?

  • Read more about Beds

    All our beds are made of 100% solid hardwood and built to last. Not only that, but they're also designed to impress, with a wide range of beds that will please everyone. Whether you're looking for oak, mango or painted (including stunning grey, cream and shabby chic beds) styles, we have the ideal bed for you. We never skimp on materials at Oak Furniture Land, which means that even the slats are made from one hundred percent solid wood, promoting optimal air circulation.

    This means that our beds are not only stunningly attractive, but also incredibly strong and very comfortable. Couple these with one of our mattresses and you will be enjoying the best night's sleep you've ever had.

    Shop our beds and start creating the bedroom of your dreams!
  • Read more about Bedside Tables

    Bedside tables are an essential item of bedroom furniture. After all, where would you be without one next to your bed for your reading lamp, alarm clock and book? This means that some thought should be put into choosing the right one for you.

    Of course you will want it in a style to suit the rest of your bedroom, and you can't get better than our 100% solid hardwood bedside tables to bring style and taste to any room. Whether you're looking for oak, mango or painted (including stunning cream, shabby chic and grey bedside tables) styles, we have the ideal piece for you.

    Whether you want it to have drawers, a cabinet style door or perhaps with just a shelf, at Oak Furniture Land you will find a wide selection styles to suit every need.

    Shop our bedside tables and don't forget about our free delivery options, as standard.
  • Read more about Wardrobes

    Wardrobes add classic style while giving you great space to hang and store your clothes and linens. Whether you're looking for a double or triple wardrobe, our stunning selection of pieces ensures that we have exactly what you're looking for. Our wardrobes are 100% solid hardwood throughout, which means that they're built to last. Not only that, but they're also designed to add style to your bedroom, whether you choose an oak, mango or painted wardrobe.

    Shop our wardrobes and bring storage with style to your bedroom.
  • Read more about Matresses

    We have a large range of mattresses to suit any taste or budget. From solid foam to encapsulated box spring, all of our mattresses are made to our higher quality specification. Knowing that the path towards the path to the best sleep you can get is more easily achieved by combining a great mattress with a superior bed base, we test our products thoroughly to make sure they work well together.

    Shop our matresses and discover why our mattresses are the ideal pair to our solid hardwood beds.
  • Read more about Chests of Drawers

    Every bedroom needs storage, and a chest of drawers is the obvious choice. In fact, it's ideal for complementing your bedroom furniture design, making the ultimate statement in both style and function.

    It's also an extremely versatile item that will will embellish not only your cosy haven but any other room in your house, too.

    Whether you intend to use it for keeping clutter under control, store your belongings, or simply as a beautiful display surface, you can rest assured that our stunning furniture is built to last. Made of 100% solid hardwood throughout, it will last for a lifetime and look fabulous. We have chests of drawers in oak, mango and painted (including grey, cream and shabby chic) styles that you're guaranteed to love.

    Shop our chests of drawers and don't forget about our flexible finance options.
  • Read more about Solid Hardwood

    We stock bedroom furniture in the most sought after hardwoods: oak, mango and acacia styles. We have also stunning painted styles of cream, shabby chic and grey furniture.

    Solid oak is an old favourite among solid hardwood furniture. The light colour tones to the wood and subtle grain structures bring life and vitality to your bedroom.

    Solid mango furniture is an exciting alternative hardwood that brings an exotic charm to your bedroom suite.

    Solid acacia furniture is known for its durability and has a beautiful dark natural grain and to your bedroom suite.

    Painted furniture is the ideal way to add a unique touch to your home, with light painted finishes and brushed oak tops.

    Please check our collections of solid hardwood furniture and find out why is our hardwood furniture so special.