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How to style grey bedroom furniture: get the modern look

Grey Bedroom Furniture

Using grey in your bedroom design can help create a space that’s both modern and cosy – perfect for waking up to and falling asleep beside (or on top of). From grey painted furniture, such as beds and dressers, to trendy grey accessories and décor, like lamps and clocks, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the look into your bedroom.

Whether you’re creating a Scandi-chic bedroom or designing a luxurious space, some expert tips and advice about how to inject grey into your layout will help you get there.

Set the mood with painted grey bedroom furniture

grey bedroom furniture

Painted grey furniture is an ideal way to bring a subtle, contemporary touch to your bedroom. Look for pieces that have soft, rustic touches, to ensure the space remains cosy and welcoming.

The St. Ives Range of grey painted furniture includes essential pieces for your bedroom, including beds, dressers, and wardrobes in various sizes. Complete with panelled detailing, antique-effect handles, and natural wood grain incorporated into the design, it’s a great way to inject grey into your bedroom while still maintaining a sense of warmth.

To really embrace the grey look, incorporate matching pieces of painted furniture across your layout. Or, you can make a statement by including a single grey painted feature, such as a bed or triple wardrobe, and mixing it up with pieces in different colours and finishes.

Adding a cosy grey armchair in the corner makes for a perfect reading nook, a great way to add a luxury finish to your space.

Create an atmosphere with grey walls

grey bed grey chest of drawers

Grey walls will instantly give your bedroom a sophisticated and modern feel and can be the perfect way to thread together a grey design scheme. Depending on which shade you choose and how you style it, grey walls can be striking and bold or soft and subtle.

For a rich, elegant look, use dark grey paint, which will give your bedroom a glamorous edge. Because it’s such a bold tone, consider painting a single feature wall in a moody hue like charcoal or slate and contrasting it with light and airy tones across the other walls and the floor. This will allow you to get the look you want while ensuring your space still feels fresh and open.

If you want to design a fresh and airy grey bedroom, use pale, creamy tones across the walls – shades like ash and chalk grey have a Scandi-chic appeal, great for modern design schemes. Use white flooring for a minimalist look, or incorporate dark, rich wooden laminate (or bare floorboards, if you have them) to add warmth.

Make a statement with grey accessories

Grey Table Lamp

Incorporating grey accessories into your bedroom is an easy way to introduce the shade and is ideal if you want to include touches of grey across your layout before committing to a larger piece.

A tall grey lamp like the Seattle floor lamp is a great way to make a statement, while also adding warmth to the atmosphere in your room. Adding a statement clock will enhance the grey theme – consider styling it on a gallery wall, contrasting it against prints and photos in black and white frames for an artsy finish.

Mirrors are essential in any bedroom, and a grey framed mirror will instantly give your scheme a hint of modern style. Hang a mirror on each side of the bed to create a luxe look, or place one against a white wall for a pop of contrast.

Soften the look with grey textiles

Every bedroom will benefit from soft accessories layered throughout to create a cosy feel, and incorporating grey cushions, throws, and rugs across your space is the perfect way to finish off your scheme.

When choosing grey textiles, opt for different shades to create a tonal look. A dark grey rug adds depth, while mixing light grey cushions with pillows and blankets in coordinating pastel tones will bring a touch of playfulness to your space.

Experimenting with different textures can also give your bedroom an added touch of character and personality. Faux fur rugs will bring a trendy, Nordic vibe, while woolly throws can create a contemporary country-cottage effect.

By choosing key pieces and mixing different tones, you can create a grey bedroom scheme that looks sleek and feels comfy and welcoming. Grey painted furniture is the perfect place to start, and pairing it with matching grey décor will allow your personality to shine through. Explore more tips about decorating with grey or check out our blog for more inspiration!

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