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Glass Dining Tables

Discover our refined Reflection glass dining table, made with quality tempered glass and solid oak legs. With a thickness of 10mm, the toughened glass is made for a busy home and a lifetime of memories.

Why the glass dining table is a timeless home addition

With a history of almost a century, the first-ever glass dining table was created in the mid-20th century by modernist designers. An instant hit, glass top tables have gone on to be a classic modern home essential. And with designs such as our Reflection oak and glass dining table, it’s the ideal choice for rustic homes that want a light and bright atmosphere.

The glass top dining table - let the light shine through

Creating a sense of harmony, a glass top table lets sunlight travel throughout your living space, displaying the base and structure more than any other design. Suitable for both modern and rustic-styled homes, our Reflection glass dining table will grow with your unique style, year after year.

Choose an oak and glass dining table for nature-inspired style

By adding natural oak to the design, our Reflection glass dining table introduces uniquely grained patterning as a feature to your dining room. Bringing the beauty of nature inside, ready to enjoy at every mealtime and adding the warmth of rustic design to your home.

Complete your look with our glass dining table and chairs set

Whether modern or classic, perfectly pair your glass dining table with either dining chairs or benches , using our dining set builder – and create your ideal dining space.

Due to the transparency of the glass top, you can opt for a style of chair designed to make a statement and stand out, or match your oak and glass dining table – creating a visually stunning and unique space for mealtimes.

Enhance your glass top table with matching living room furniture pieces

Explore our range of console tables and display cabinets and add extra storage while building your dining and living space’s style.

And if you have an open-plan living and dining area, take a look at our space-saving sideboards .

How do you clean a glass dining table?

Simply cleaning with warm soapy water and a soft cloth regularly helps to keep your glass dining table glowing. To perfect its sheen carefully wipe it with a dry, lint-free cloth after washing, and your glass dining table set will last beautifully for years to come.

How do I protect my glass dining table?

To stop your beautiful new glass top table from being affected by marks and scratches, always use placemats and coasters.

When it comes to caring for the natural wood of your furniture, protect and nourish the solid oak legs of your glass top table with our clear wax polish. Also, avoid cleaning products that contain bleach or alcohol as they can damage the wood and cause staining.

Can you put hot plates on a glass dining table?

To protect your glass top table, use fabric runners, thick mats and coasters to protect against damage. Although the glass has been toughened, extreme temperatures can cause damage to your glass dining table if it’s not looked after.


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