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White bedroom furniture ideas for a soothing sleep space

Incorporating white in your bedroom is a great way to freshen up your décor and can make a space feel brighter, airy, and open. From white painted furniture such as beds and cabinets to stylish white accessories, there are countless ways you can introduce white into your bedroom.

Whether you’re looking to create an all-white Scandi-inspired bedroom or an elegant French boudoir, use white furniture to create a soothing sleep space you’ll look forward to escaping to. We’ve pulled together our expert tips on how to make the most of white furniture and décor.

Paint the walls white for a Scandi-inspired look

White walls will create a clean and serene feeling and are guaranteed to make any bedroom look good – no matter what shape or size. Less is more when adopting this kind of theme, keep clutter to a minimum and dot a few accenting pieces around the room.

Incorporate a white mirror

A white mirror in a white bedroom is the perfect way to make the room feel bigger. Not only does the mirror reflect light but the white frame will help illuminate the space as well. To maximise the effect, place it near the window to reflect natural light and scenery from outside.

Choose colourful accessories

A white bedroom gives you the freedom to be adventurous with your accessories. Choose a vibrant theme in your quilt cover and curtains, bringing the same colour into cushions and a blanket. It doesn’t have to be too matchy-matchy, just a broad sweep of colour to pop against the white furniture.

white bedside table

Create instant brightness with white painted furniture

Because it reflects light so well, incorporating painted white furniture in your bedroom will instantly make your space seem more open and spacious. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking to invest in timeless bedroom furniture that won’t date in years to come; white pairs well with virtually any colour, so you can easily switch up the surrounding décor when you fancy a change.

The Hove white furniture range includes all the main pieces of furniture you need for your bedroom, including white beds, dressers and wardrobes. Set on narrow raised legs, the airy gap created beneath will lend a feeling of openness and is a great way to maximise on space.

To really make white furniture stand out, give it a dark backdrop. Paint the wall(s) behind in a dark colour – this will bring depth, transforming key pieces of furniture into eye-catching focal points. You could also try painting your walls two different colours using the colour blocking technique (using solid, contrasting colours next to each other) for added definition.

white bed white chest of drawers

Add a white storage ottoman at the end of your bed

There’s something particularly calming about a clean, white bedroom. Tame clutter and keep your bedroom tidy by using smart storage such as a white blanket box at the end of your bed. It will provide the perfect place for spare blankets, cushions, or nightwear.

Invest in a white dressing table

A white dressing table will add the wow factor to your room. It’s the perfect place to get ready for the day, adding a dash of luxury to your morning routine. Calm, and with everything to hand – what a way to start the morning, or get ready for an evening out.

white dressing table

By opting for painted white furniture and playing around with the accessories, you can create a clean and bright bedroom that’s both cosy and stylish. Explore more tips on decorating with white or check out our blog for endless bedroom inspiration.

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