As the nights draw in, now’s the perfect time to transform your bedroom into a cocoon of cosiness.

Your sleep sanctuary should be a warm escape from cold evenings, so we’ve rounded up our top tips to help you make your bedroom a snug place to retreat to this winter.

Incorporate cosy colours

Front on shot of Oak Furnitureland Burleigh weathered oak chest of drawers styled with decorative accessories and a mirror hanging above.

Burleigh chest of drawers | @thelightshesees

When it comes to cosy bedroom colours, think warm neutrals and shades with warm undertones such as pinks. Lighter hues will make your space feel restful and airy, while deeper shades can create a more intimate atmosphere in larger bedrooms.

Once you’ve decided if you’d prefer your space to be calming and light or dark and inviting, you can think about how you’d like to incorporate these colours.

An obvious choice is repainting your walls or ceiling if you’re feeling adventurous, but there are plenty of ways to work these colours into your bedroom without having to do a complete makeover.

Accessories or smaller pieces of bedroom furniture can be a great way to include touches of colour and add warmth to cold corners. Hide away all of your necessities with our weathered oak chest of drawers to bring subtle contrast and texture to the space.

Add luxury with a velvet headboard

Wren bed | Wren side table

A great way to introduce cosiness in your bedroom is with a velvet upholstered bed. There’s nothing nicer than getting into bed at night and resting against an unbelievably soft cushioned headboard.

Choose from beds upholstered in delicate light tones or more statement-making shades such as midnight blue. Pair with neutral walls, white bedroom furniture sets and maximum accessories for the ultimate cosy hideaway.

Embrace patterns

Detroit bed | @mo_morshuis

If you’re struggling with how to make a plain bedroom cosy, consider adding patterned wallpaper or bedding. This will add an extra design dimension and interest to the space, naturally making it feel warmer and more modern.

Choose a print that complements your wall colour. If you love the maximalist look, take style tips from @mo_morshuis, who has given her bedroom a bold makeover with foliage-patterned walls. Pair this with modern bedroom furniture and beautiful bedding to create a cosy yet statement-making finish to the space.

Diffuse your lighting

Parquet bed | Parquet dressing table | @greys_victorian_home

As the days get shorter, we rely on overhead lighting and lamps more. To combat dull, poorly lit spaces, choose overhead bulbs with warm and natural white – these will often be marked with a lower K rating of 3,000k-4,000k.

If you have bedside lamps, opt for something even warmer and choose a bulb with a colour temperature of around 2,000 – 2,700K. You’ll really notice the difference these small changes can make in brightening up your home.

Stick to warm wood tones

Close up of Parquet chest of drawers with a jug of pink peonies, perfume, and books on top, wtih a bed in the foreground.

Parquet chest of drawers | @thelightshesees

Adding touches of wood is a great way to add cosy warmth to your bedroom. You can incorporate wood into your wall decor through board cladding, crown moulding, or even panelling.

Or, if you don’t want to add touches of wood to your wall, choosing wooden bedroom furniture and accents will give you the same effect. A range such as our Parquet brings instant texture that contrasts beautifully with pale wall colours.

Add an area rug

Durham bed | Durham side table | Durham wardrobe | Cloud rug

Creating a cosy bedroom also involves adding touches of comfort to your space. It’s a nice feeling when you get out of bed and your feet land on a soft surface.

Adding a plush area rug in your bedroom provides you with warmth and creates an extra layer of texture. Opt for woven rugs for a tactile feel, or a tufted shaggy rug for ultimate softness. Discover more tips for choosing the perfect rug for your room.

Dress the windows

Oak Furnitureland white painted Brompton bed and tallboy in coastal-themed bedroom.

Brompton double bed | Brompton tallboy | @a_house_and_its_chows

Bare windows, particularly in older homes, can make your bedroom feel cold and draughty. If you currently have thin or sheer curtains, now might be the time to consider upgrading to some thicker window treatments.

Velvet, wool or thick cotton are great heavy-duty fabrics that can help block out any draughts and add some beautiful texture to your room.

Create a reading nook

Country farmhouse-style bedroom with sage green wall panelling, a cream chair, a close-up of the bed and a rustic oak bedside table.

Original Rustic bedside table | @paintitprettyhome

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to make a big bedroom cosy. If you have extra space, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a comfortable reading nook for you to curl up with a good book.

Choose an area that’s next to a big window or in a corner of your bedroom. Add bookshelves, a rug, a reading light, a small table, and a cosy chair to really create a designated reading spot. To help set the mood, why not also add a scented candle, some throw pillows, and a knitted blanket?

Layer with textures

Two Oak Furnitureland Parquet bedside tables sit either side of a double bed. The bed has been made with decorative pillows and a cream blanket. A black and cream pampas grass wreath hangs on the wall above the bed.

Parquet bedside tables | @our_hanbury_hideaway

If you’re working with a neutral space, adding pops of colour with seasonal accessories is a great way to add cosiness and intrigue. Switch linen for tweed over the cooler months for example, and add cosier, knitted throws and pillow covers to introduce warmth, as well as a textural and visual interest to your bedroom.

This is also a great way to play around with cosy bedroom ideas on a small budget. By combining the elements mentioned above, you should be well on your way to creating a cosy bedroom.


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