Maximalism has become all the rage in interior design. The concept challenges almost all that its opposite, minimalism, stands for. While minimalism had been popular for a few years, the Nordic principle of ‘Hygge’ made room for comfort, colour… and things, all themes that tie in with maximalism

When it comes to maximalist decorating, it’s all about the excess. More is more! Patterns, texture, colour. Yet, you don’t have to go full-maximalist to engage with this trend. You can choose one, a couple, or all elements, depending on your tastes and needs. We take a closer look at how to style different elements of maximalist decor in your home.

Work with colour

Maximalism is all about colour, and lots of it. We’ve seen a huge trend towards colourful homes, embracing several bright colours working together to create a vibrant and exciting home interior. Pinks and greens, blues and yellows, this trend takes advantage of contrasting colours to create a vivid look.

But it’s not just about being bold and bright, it works with almost any colour palette. Try warmer colour scales to create a cosier atmosphere. Cover the walls, ceilings and doors in rich, deep earthy tones for an all-over inviting and snug feeling, no matter the room of your home. Create visual interest with brighter accents in furnishings and accessories for a true maximalist look.

Parquet dining table | @hausfifteen

Layer pattern on pattern

More is more doesn’t just stop at colours. Maximalism welcomes patterns with open arms. Take inspiration from the Art Deco age in your interiors, stretching different patterns across all elements of your room styling. Think textiles, as well as furniture, flooring, accessories, and walls. Bring real attraction to your space with patterned wallpaper, tiling, or even a mural.

There is an art to combining patterns, however, particularly when you’re just using a couple. Make sure that you create a recurring thread, for example through colour, to help tie the look together.

Shay bedShay side table | @aheidistylehome

Unite different textures

One aspect that maximalism shares with its opposite, minimalism, is the love of texture. This is how you really make your space feel homely. Layer different materials to create depth; chunky knits, faux fur, leather and velvet all belong in a maximalist space. But don’t let texture end with your fabric choices. When choosing your furniture, blend natural oak, painted furniture, glass and metal silhouettes for a true eclectic feel.

Fill the walls with art

Make your walls sing with beautiful prints, art and personal photos of your family and friends. If you’ve gathered trinkets along the way that can be hung on walls, these are also a great addition, such as decorative plates, maps, or pressed flowers and leaves.

Parquet chest of drawers | @houseofjackandboo

Invest in a velvet headboard

Nothing screams maximalist decor more than a velvet headboard. Combining a grand and arresting headboard, in luxurious velvet fabric is the perfect addition to any maximalist bedroom. When it comes to how to style a velvet headboard, embrace true maximalism and dress the bed in more texture such as a chunky knit throw and tassled cushions, and choose a patterned linen set for full effect.

Make it personal

The beauty of maximalism is that it’s all about personalisation. Pick the things you love! Choose your favourite colours, patterns and fabrics, and combine them in one perfect, heavenly space. And add elements from your life too. If you’ve travelled and collected pieces from far and wide, show them off! Display pictures from precious memories and showcase your life in your interiors.

Shay bookcase | @bekfaulk86

Embrace vintage pieces

Maximalism ties in beautifully with eclecticism, which indulges in the beautiful world of the vintage. This makes it the perfect discipline for those of us with lots of inherited pieces. Cast your imagination back to the Victorian and Art Deco eras, and take inspiration from their style and excess. Whether you adopt reminiscent silhouettes, or source genuine vintage pieces, embrace the classic in your maximalist decor.

Parquet dressing table | @happyathome_13

Go on display with open shelving

You’ve got some wonderful pieces, why not put them on show? Use open shelving, bookshelves, display cabinets, and the tops of your furniture pieces to display trinkets. In your dining room, prop your prized crockery up on a dresser, and hang your pots and pans in the kitchen. But be selective, there’s a thin line between beautifully styled maximalist decorating and cluttering!

Canterbury large sideboard | @jessicacarmichaeljones

Aim for imperfection

Maximalism is certainly not about being perfect. While successful maximalist decor is not simply thrown together, being a little imperfect is what we’re aiming for. Avoid symmetry, clean lines and matching anything, but ensure that you tie your eclectic look together with a unifying theme, whether that be colour or pattern.

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