27 Ways to Style Your Master Bedroom

A private respite to retire to each night, you’ll want your master bedroom to really look the part. It’ll be sweet dreams every night of the week with the help of these 27 inspirational ways to style your master bedroom.

1. Make a statement with your wallpaper

Blue Themed Bedroom

Alto king-size bed / Bevel bedside table / Helsinki lamp

If you’ve found yourself falling in love with the luscious ferns and jungle motifs of the tropical trend, the bedroom is a place to find a slice of paradise. A bold-printed feature wall behind the clean-lined Alto bed draws attention to the centrepiece of the room.

2. Style with high ceilings

Warm Red Tone Bedroom

Original Rustic king-size bed / St. Ives bedside table / St. Ives chest of drawers

The trouble with high ceilings in your master bedroom is it can often create miles of empty space, making your room feel exposed instead of cosy. Counteract this by making full use of materials and their warming qualities: be they area rugs, layers of linens and blankets or long, flowing curtains that drape from the ceiling to the floor for heaps of high style.

3. Incorporate easy, breezy coastal living

White bedroom furniture in bedroom

Hove tallboy / Hove king-size bed / Hove chest of drawers / Hove double wardrobe

Welcome the sunny feel of the south coast into your bedroom with the help of our retro-modern Hove range. Its chalk white finish, cheery oak tops and rounded curves look brilliant with shades of blue to complete that sense of the seaside no matter how many miles from the ocean you are.

4. Come to the dark side

Bedroom with purple bedding and black walls

Bevel king-size bed / Tokyo bedside table / Romsey chest of drawers

While brightness is brilliant, dark and moody colours are also a major design trend. Giving off an air of refined retro, pair natural oak furniture with inky hues to balance out the enveloping feel velvety shades tend to emit. Accentuate the scheme with brassy accessories that really pop.

5. Give artwork the attention it deserves

White painted bed in blue bedroom

Brindle bedside table / Brindle king-size bed / Brindle tallboy / Durban lamp

Your favourite pieces of art should be given pride of place in your bedroom: showcase them wherever eyes will be immediately drawn to them, such as above the bed. For an extra-special effect, select shades apparent in the artwork and use these as your palette for choosing your lamps, flower bouquets, bed linen, and beyond.

6. Adopt the loft living lifestyle

Industrial bedroom furniture

Brooklyn bedside table / Brooklyn king-size bed / Brooklyn triple wardrobe / Brooklyn chest of drawers

For a look modern millennials will love, our Brooklyn range brings New York chic to wherever you are. Its marriage of industrial alloy and exotic grain wood will give your bedroom an ultra-cool edge. And the collection’s ultimate accessory? Plenty of houseplants.

7. If you’re scrimping on space

scandinavian style bedroom furniture

Copenhagen triple wardrobe/ Copenhagen chest of drawers/ Copenhagen tallboyCopenhagen bedside table / Copenhagen king-size bed / Athens lamp

Often, space is at a premium in our master bedrooms, but this doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style. Our Copenhagen range is slim-lined, pared back and truly elegant, bringing the sought-after Scandi touch to your sleep sanctuary.

8. Use pink as your primary palette

Grey painted bedroom furniture

St Ives bedside table / St Ives king-size bed / St Ives blanket box / Barcelona lamp / St Ives double wardrobe

There are plenty of perfect shades of pink that energise your room, working with other warming colours like yellow to harmonise your space. Salmon is a lovely contrast against grey; the soft painted finish of our St Ives range is an ideal opposition.

9. Have plenty of stylish storage options

White painted tallboy in light washed bedroom

Shay blanket box / St Ives wall mirror

You’ll want smart storage options that take away the clutter but are tremendously stylish. While we do provide plenty of gorgeous chests of drawers and wardrobes, we also have more unconventional storage solutions like tallboys and blanket boxes so you’ll never be at the mercy of mess again, restoring your focus back to the feng shui of your bedroom.

10. Emulate manor house grandeur

French Farmhouse Bedroom Range

French Farmhouse king-size bed/ French Farmhouse bedside/ French Farmhouse chest of drawers

Put the ‘master’ back into ‘master bedroom’ with dark-stained pieces and traditional design, such as from our French Farmhouse collection. Exuding elegance and a real stately feel, your home design will hark back to classic country estates of a time gone by.

11. Utilise natural light

Aegean bedroom

French Farmhouse king-size bed / Kemble chest of drawers

If you have a south facing bedroom, make the most of the natural sunlight and create a bright and calming escape. Inspired by the Greek Isles and Aegean sea, keep the walls and floors soft and light and introduce oak and rich tone woods to create warmth and contrast.

12. Take on terrazzo

oak bedroom furniture in terrazzo style bedroom

Bevel chest of drawers / Alto king-size bed / Bevel bedside table

For a contemporary take on colour, get inspired by the marvel of marble surfaces. Terrazzo can be easily incorporated into your walls, floors and textiles, shining when paired with natural oak furnishings and splashes of jewel-coloured or coral print.

13. Define your space with bold lines

a bedroom with oak furniture

Hercules chest of drawers / Hercules tallboy / French Farmhouse double wardrobe 

Your bedroom furniture can be really impactful, especially when made up of striking lines and interesting grains of rustic wood. This terracotta-inspired bedroom uses chunky fabric, textile wall hangings and a high pile rug to soften pieces from our heroic Hercules range alongside the French Farmhouse double wardrobe.

14. Continue the family-friendly style

Rounded oak bedroom furnitureRomsey chest of drawers / Romsey bedside table / Romsey king-size bed / Romsey double wardrobe

Any busy home wants to keep family at its heart, creating a family-friendly atmosphere in every room of the house – even if it’s usually occupied by the parents. Delightful curves and fluid detailing make our Romsey range one of our friendliest collections.

15. Make monochrome happen

Rustic bedroom furniture

Kemble chest of drawers / Kemble bedside table

Add a bit of drama to the bedroom with monochromatic palettes to create a sumptuous environment. Combine punchy monochrome with subdued lilacs and natural or rustic oak to keep it modern, pulling back the look and preventing it from going OTT.

16. Expose a brick wall

kemble bedroom styled in a coastal theme

Kemble triple wardrobe / Kemble bedside table / Kemble king-size bed

Exposed brick has long been one of the trendiest moves in interior design, giving your room a contemporary treatment that’s both urban and Scandi. Whether you go painted or naked, the hardy exterior instantly adds a modernist slant.

17. Step into Spring

Canterbury side table / Country Cottage king-size bed / Canterbury blanket box

If you find the lifelessness of the colder months particularly difficult to deal with, transform your sleeping quarters into a land of eternal spring. Florals instantly spruce up a space: take advantage of botanical wallpaper and prints and add some real-life bunches for a feeling of evergreen freshness.

18. Add depth and contrast with exotic wood grain

Mango oak bedroom furniture

Mantis chest of drawers / Mantis double wardrobe / Mantis bedside table / Mantis king-size bed

We all love the cohesive look of matching furniture, but if you want to add a bit of contrast to your master bedroom design, opt for pieces with an exotic wood pattern, like that of our Mantis Light range. Tasteful and minimalist, it’s a style that’s unique and resistant against sameness.

19. Go geometric

White and oak furniture with geometric wallpaper

Country Cottage king-size bed / Oakdale blanket box / Oakdale triple wardrobe

Send an electric current of colour through your bedroom by subscribing to the geometric trend. If composed tastefully, clashing prints add levels of interest. For bonus points, extend geometry to your furnishings, our Oakdale range is fashioned from chunky woods with linear grain patterns

20. Revel in regal glamour

White painted bedroom furniture

French Farmhouse bedside table / Trieste lamp

True decadence emerges in this opulent bedroom. Lavishly embraced by royal purple hues and fanciful French-inspired furnishings, your bedroom design deserves the royal treatment: make it worthy for a palace.

21. Create a focal point

White painted furniture with geometric rug

Kemble bedside table / Barcelona lamp / Mantis Light king-size bed / Kemble triple wardrobe

Need to create a focus and add some balance to your room? Rugs were conceived for this purpose, particularly if you find one with a geometric print or strong colour. Make sure to choose your area rug based on the colour palette of your room, else use the rug as the source of inspiration, building your look around this central focal point.

22. A place for pampering

Fresh Start Bedroom

Shay king-size bed / Romsey dressing table / Romsey dressing table mirror

Start the day right with one of our dressing tables. With ample room for your beauty products, accessories and appliances, giving yourself a designated space to get ready will be a real luxury, somewhere where ‘me time’ actually means something.

23. Carve out a space for calm

Shay Caro Bedroom Range

Shay double wardrobe / Shay king-size bed / Lille lamp / Shay bedside table / Shay chest of drawers

As your master bedroom is your own private oasis, it needs to be a calming environment. The soft almond finish of our Shay range emits that much-needed tranquillity, its splendid brightness lifting the mood of the room.

24. Cultivate an urban jungle

Urban Style Bedroom with Green Wall

St Ives king-size bed / Mantis Light bedside table / Mantis Light double wardrobe

Embrace the urban jungle trend and surround your space with indoor plants. Not only is the process of caring for your home horticulture highly therapeutic, but houseplants always add that much-needed burst of life to a room, taking it from dull to delightful instantly thanks to the flashes of colour from gorgeous green leaves.

25. An ocean of inspiration

Bed and white furniture in neutral bedroom

Wiltshire king-size bed / Shay lamp table / Turku lamp

Looking beyond the coastline, consider the subdued colour palettes of the ocean in order to take a fresh approach to nautical-themed home design. Quirky metallics and sea-stained glass take centre stage here, with pops of sandy oak from our Wiltshire king-size bed and the splash-like curves of our Bella range adding sea-centric details.

26. Country simplicity

Cream painted and oak bedroom furniture

Country Cottage king-size bed / Country Cottage bedside table / Barcelona lamp

Are you an urban dweller or at home in the country? Either way, the vanilla-hued Country Cottage range brings serene elegance and year-round cosiness to your bedroom, adding a layer of rustic interest to any interior design scheme.

27. Decorate with neutrals

Blue toned bedroom furniture

Kemble king-size bed / Kemble bedside table / Kemble chest of drawers / Kemble double wardrobe

When using neutral shades, be sure to mix up the range and saturation that you are using. Thanks to its rustic oak tops and antique-style brass handles, the lavender-undertoned Kemble range does the hard work for you.