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At Oak Furnitureland, we know that a quality night’s sleep starts with a quality mattress, which is why we work with a range of skilled manufacturers to create supportive, comfortable mattresses in a wide range of sizes to fit our single beds, double beds, king-size beds and super king-size beds. Read on to discover what it is that makes our mattresses stand out from the crowd.


Deep pocket springs

The ideal companion to any of our beds, our mattresses are filled with between 600 and 6000 pocket springs. Springs are encased in individual fabric compartments, so they cannot rub against each other and create a squeaking sound, nor can they become displaced and result in irregular lumps and dips. Quality pocket springs also promote even weight distribution, so every sleeper gets the support they need.


High-quality foam toppers

Every Oak Furnitureland mattress is covered on the top, bottom and sides with cosy foam. Not only does this ensure a smooth finish, but it also makes it possible to lie or sit on the edge of our mattresses without damaging the springs or causing long-term sagging. The top layer of foam is what determines the firmness of each mattress, while, on some of our models, the bottom layer utilises eco-conscious foam made from reclaimed trimmings collected during the manufacturing of virgin foam.


Hypoallergenic mattresses

All of our mattresses are hypoallergenic and dust-resistant, so every sleeper can rest assured that they’ll be able to breathe easily, all night long. Additionally, every Oak Furnitureland mattress benefits from a knitted, four-way stretch cover. This means that sleepers can move freely while their mattress adapts around them and hugs common pressure points such as hips and shoulders, relieving the stress on these areas. Some of our mattresses even feature a TENCEL™ fibre top layer with cooling, moisture-wicking qualities.


Tweak Duo mattresses

Available exclusively in Oak Furnitureland showrooms, Tweak Duo mattresses are fully customisable and offer tailor-made comfort for every sleeper. Interchangeable foam tablets support shoulders and hips and are available in soft, medium, firm or extra-firm. So, all sleepers can enjoy the level of comfort that suits them best, without giving up shared sleeping arrangements. Each foam layer is supported by a bed of pocket springs, while a removable cover adds a soft finishing touch.


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