Rustic farmhouse living room design ideas

Inspired by neutral colour palettes and natural materials, rustic farmhouse style furniture is perfect for creating a warm and welcoming living room. The charm of a country farmhouse has a universal appeal and the style can be adapted for both old and new homes with ease to add character and personality. Our top tips and tricks will help you embrace this timeless look.

Using a neutral pallet

Brown, beige, oatmeal, and other neutral colours are popular with the farmhouse look. Use these against cream-coloured walls and flooring, and add a splash of personality with pastel features and accessories. The Montana wing chair is finished in a beige fabric, with a coordinating tartan scatter cushion, making it very much at home in a rustic farmhouse living room – perfect for lazy lounging.

Rustic Living Room Furniture Beige Armchair Beige Sofa

Key pieces to create your rustic farmhouse look

Rustic oak is a key material when it comes to creating a farmhouse look in your living room. The golden tones and unique wood grain patterns of rustic oak furniture give it a cosy, authentic feel. A statement bookcase or display cabinet will look great, and smaller pieces, like a nest of tables, will complement the whole look.

When rustic meets modern

Give your rustic living room scheme a modern twist by incorporating grey furniture. Look for classic pieces that have a contemporary grey finish, such as painted furniture or a statement-making sofa.

The Carrington 4 seater pillow back sofa is ultra-comfy and brings a cosy feel, with its generous cushions and plush seating. Continue the look with a Kemble 4-drawer coffee table, which combines a rustic oak top with a painted finish with lavender tones for an elegant finish.

Accessorise accordingly

Show off your personality with accessories and ornaments that reflect your taste. Artwork, soft furnishings, and lush houseplants all add a personal touch to make a room feel more inviting.

An oversized clock, such as the Dayton wall clock, is a great addition that will help finish the room. With its charming antique-style and Roman numerals, it will blend seamlessly into your rustic living space.

A cosy lighting scheme

Getting the lighting right is key to creating a cosy living room environment, and you can bring warmth and style to your living room with a pendulum lighting display. Copper lights with vintage-style bulbs bring a soft, warm glow that perfectly suits a farmhouse-themed space.

Getting the lighting right is key to creating a cosy living room. To enjoy long evenings spent with loved ones add a few lamps around your living space.

By choosing wooden furniture and layering it throughout a neutral scheme, you can create a rustic farmhouse living room that feels authentic, welcoming, and irresistibly cosy!

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