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A great night’s sleep starts with a great mattress, but with so many options available to you, how can you make sure you’re finding the bed of your dreams?

At Oak Furnitureland we put quality at the forefront of everything we do - as shown in our stunning real hardwood bedroom sets - and our exclusively designed mattresses are no different. We work with the skilled UK craftsmen at Cotswold Beds to design and manufacture the highest quality bedroom solution for you.

These bespoke designs not only perfectly suit our bedroom furniture ranges, they are produced to be supremely supportive, cosy and comfortable to create a restful haven for you.

Our goal is to help you catch the best 40 winks you’ve ever had, so we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to help you find your dream mattress.

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Mattresses FAQ's

  • Where do I start?

    Sleep is a personal experience, so the best place to start when choosing a mattress is with yourself!

    Your sleeping style can play a big role in choosing a mattress. If you tend to toss and turn in the night, a pocket sprung one might be ideal, as it offers individual support and minimises disturbances to your partner. If you crave support or need to think about joint health, one of our performance foam mattresses might be a great way to stay comfortable.

    Think about what room you are making a selection for. A child’s bed requires less support than one a couple might be sharing, but also you want an easy-care solution. A guest bed gets less use than a mattress in a master bedroom, so you can look for a better value model.

  • How much should I be budgeting for?

    Most people think of a mattress as a big budget item, but the reality is you use it more than any other piece of furniture in your home. We crunched the numbers and found that over the course of our mattresses 10 year expected lifetime, they cost you less than the price of a cup of coffee a week - inflation not included!

    Additionally, our special partnership with Cotswold Beds means that no matter what your budget is, we can offer you the best quality mattress at that price point that is possible.

    We also have fantastic financing options.

    Learn more about how we can help you make your dream furniture purchase a reality.

  • What kinds of mattresses are available?

    There are lots of different products on the market, but finding the perfect style for you shouldn’t be complicated. While terms like “pocket spring count” and “foam encapsulation” sound like a lot of complicated jargon, we’ve broken down what the most common mattress options really mean where your sleep is concerned.

  • Is pocket spring right for me?

    By far and away, our most popular style of mattress is the pocket spring, and it’s no wonder! These mattresses are made up of hundreds (and even thousands) of individual springs in hand-stitched fabric pockets. This prevents the springs from touching each other and minimises noise.

    But it’s not just the noise reduction that makes pocket springs so great for sleep - it’s the individual support they provide your body. Each coil works on its own to mould to the various shapes and weights of your body for total support. This also means they don’t sag in the centre; so if you’re looking for an excuse to snuggle up to your partner in the middle of the night, blaming your mattress isn’t an option with pocket springs!

    We offer pocket spring counts from 600 up to 6000, so you’re sure to find the durability you need across our whole range. As a general rule, the higher the spring count, the better support of the mattress. We only use pocket springs from market-leading sleep technology company Leggett & Platt to ensure the best and most consistent quality across our ranges.

    All of our pocket spring mattresses are foam encapsulated for additional quality and comfort. Don’t worry - it’s not as confusing as it sounds. What this means is that we have specified a special performance foam box to completely surround the pocket spring core to create a better sleeping experience for you. The foam not only reinforces the coils, but it also helps to create a bigger sleeping surface. How? Because the foam runs around the edges, it supports the outside, so you don’t risk damaging or bending the edge of your mattress. This means you can comfortably sleep up to the very edge of it without falling off - great news for those who sleep with someone who hogs the bed!

  • Should I choose a foam mattress?

    Our foam mattresses are very popular with our customers, and it’s no wonder why. This highly versatile material allows us to create truly customised sleeping surfaces, from cooling to supportive, while being completely non-allergenic and mite resistant for better health.

    Our foam mattresses feature several layers of high-grade performance foam to cater to different types of sleepers. Our Perfect Sleeper range, for example, is built to be snuggly and supportive, with deep layers of foam to conform to body shape, to cool you and to provide excellent lumbar support.

    On the other hand, our Charlton Memory Form range incorporates memory foam to truly contour to your body shape. Did you know that memory foam was initially developed by NASA for the comfort of space travellers? It’s guaranteed to give a good night’s rest. While pure memory foam mattresses tend to absorb body heat and create a too-warm sleeping surface, we incorporate it in comfort layers, surrounded by special ventilating foam to wick heat away, proving the versatility of foam.

    Foam mattresses also offer incredibly simple maintenance. There’s no need to flip them or turn them over time as they hold their shape and rebound instantly.

  • Other mattress options

    We also have a great mix of other mattress options to create your dream bedroom.

    Cotswold Beds have created a truly unique pillow-top innovation, in which mini pocket springs are encased in layers of comfort padding on top of the mattress for extra individual support. Our Malmesbury Pillow-top range will send you swiftly to the Land of Nod.

    The ultimate in care has also been given to the upholstery of our mattresses, as it’s the finishing touches that matter. We tailor the texture and cushioning of the upholstery and fabric to perfectly suit the support and comfort of each of our ranges. Special fabrics such as double stretch knit jersey contour to your body and the mattress. We also use high-loft and quilted fabrics to help with air ventilation. The utmost of care and attention has gone into these finishes to make sure that the high-quality standards we hold ourselves to in our bedroom furniture ranges are met in our mattress offerings, too.

  • What’s the difference between soft, medium, and hard mattresses?

    It all comes down to personal opinion, and that’s why we choose not to include firmness ratings in our description. What your toddler might consider firm would be completely different to what an International Rugby Player would think of!

    But don’t worry, there are some very handy guidelines to keep in mind when selecting a mattress with a desired feel.

    Where pocket springs are concerned, the general rule is that the higher the spring count, the better the support and durability. Because we work exclusively with the UK craftsmen of Cotswold Beds, we ensure that there is a consistent wire gauge or thickness across our range, so the pocket spring count is a fantastic indicator of firmness. Other mattress manufacturers occasionally vary the gauge of their pocket springs depending on the overall count, though, which can mean that this rule doesn’t always ring true, so be sure you check the gauge when comparing the feel. However, thanks to our high-quality standards, this is not the case for our mattresses.

    We also use varying densities of foam to create the perfect feel for your individual tastes. Many of our ranges have options for a “Supportive” or “Extra” feel; this indicates that two different types of foam are used. The higher density foam of our “Extra” mattresses is great for couples looking for balance, or for making a lower pocket spring count feel more sturdy.

    Before you select your ideal firmness, think about who will be sleeping on your mattress. Couples sharing a bed will need more firmness than a child or toddler. A guest room accommodates a variety of sleepers, so a mid-range pocket spring count or a foam mattress could be a fantastic choice.

  • What size mattress should I choose?

    Where your sleep is concerned, bigger is most definitely better. The more space you have, the more likely it is that you will enjoy a deeper, undisturbed sleep, which is why we recommend that you look to select the biggest mattress for the available space in your bedroom.

    It’s interesting to consider that babies sleep on a cot bed, which has a standard width of 70cm, while many adults share a double bed. This has a standard width of 135cm, which means that you end up with a mere 67.5cm space per person - less than you had when you were an infant! It’s no surprise then that our king-size mattresses are the most popular.

    Each of our beds are made specifically to accompany our more than 20 styles of 100% real hardwood bed frames, but can fit any standard bed. We suggest you measure your bed base carefully to ensure the mattress fits properly.

    Our standard mattress dimensions are:

  • What’s the best way to care for my new mattress?

    We’ve made maintaining your bed as simple as possible. Working with Cotswold Beds, we have designed our entire selection to be no flip, so you don’t have to worry about flipping your mattress over to keep it in the best condition. This also means that we can put more layers on the top of the mattress for added comfort, so it’s a win-win.

    Most of our mattresses are also no-turn, which means that you don’t need to worry about rotating them. For those who do prefer to turn it regularly, simply rotate it head to toe once a month to ensure it wears evenly.

    You can also help to extend the lifetime of your mattress by using a washable protective cover, which helps to keep it clean and prevent staining. While all our mattresses are non-allergenic and mite resistant, to reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt over time, consider regularly vacuuming your bed for added care.

  • How long do mattresses last?

    All Cotswold Beds are designed to give you the best night’s sleep for the longest possible time. The expected lifetime of our mattresses is 10 years, and many of our customers report that they have moved more times than they have thought about replacing their mattress!

  • How is my mattress delivered?

    As with all of our products, we offer delivery, to the room of your choice for your new mattress, meaning that delivery is a breeze. They are also delivered vacuum packed for added simplicity, helping it fit through the tight spaces in your home.

    Vacuum packing has the added benefit of helping to eliminate settling in all of our mattresses. By compressing them, and letting them slowly expand in your room, this helps the foam and springs achieve their natural compression, meaning that your mattress feels the same throughout its lifetime.

    All new mattresses will have a distinct manufacturing odour but don’t worry, this is good news. Our Cotswold Beds are made in the UK in a cleanroom facility, which helps to ensure that they are completely non-allergenic and naturally resistant to mites. The cleanroom smell is completely normal and will dissipate quickly in your home. We recommend that on delivery you let your new mattress air out for several hours while it settles.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Don’t worry! Our friendly Customer Service is available to help you on 0800 440 2254.

    In addition, our knowledgeable showroom staff are also always on hand and happy to answer your more specific questions. If you’re the try-before-you-buy type, they’ll show you a selection of our mattress range in store. We recommend you lie in your natural sleeping position for at least 5 minutes to test your own comfort levels. If you are going to be sharing your bed, have your partner join you so you can see how the mattress feels to the two of you. A top tip from our showroom staff is to never test mattresses while tired, as everything will feel comfortable.

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