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Bedroom Furniture Guide

Bedroom Furniture Guide

The bedroom has evolved over time so it now it has to fulfil many purposes. In the past, it may have just been for a bed, with separate dressing room. Nowadays, in addition to being the place where we retreat at the end of the day, we also need to store our clothes, make up and accessories. And maybe it needs a mini library for bedtime reading, too.

If the bedroom has enough storage to satisfy all these roles, the overall effect will be calm, making the room a place in which to relax, a true haven.

At Oak Furnitureland, we have the choice you need to be able to put together the bedroom that will suit you. Over thirty ranges span styles from traditional country, through town and country and new modern, to industrial and Scandi chic. With a little bit of contemporary natural oak, too.

  • How to design your bedroom layout

    Plan your bedroom, and how you want your furniture to work for you. Take notice of how the light plays in your room. Work out just how much storage do you need, and how much room you can devote to it. Our furniture has dimensions on the product page, so you can accurately sketch out how it can fit your bedroom.

    For smaller rooms, choose a single piece that will store all kinds of belongings – a wardrobe, for instance. If your room has alcoves or L-shape, look through the different shapes and sizes of our chests of drawers. tallboys, wide chests of drawers, glamorous storage cabinets (that double as drinks cabinets if used downstairs), you’ll find a wide selection. Use furniture in an unusual shaped room to make different zones for storage and sleep.

    Every space has the potential to become your dream bedroom, and we’ve got the furniture to make sure you get the most out of what you have. Check out our guide on choosing the perfect pieces to bring your ideas to life.

  • What bedroom furniture do I need?

    If you’re thinking about ideas for bedroom furniture, here are the pieces that should be at the top of your list.


    Considering the average Brit sleeps around six hours a night, that’s a lot of time to be spent just in once place. Your bed is at the centre of your life. When thinking about how your bed will fit into your bedroom layout, there’s a few points to consider:

    • Size is your primary concern, so be sure to measure your space from all angles, including the length and width of your bed – and don’t forget the headboard room. Once you know what size you’re working with, you’ll know whether you need a single, double, king-sizesingle or super king-size bed. Don’t worry about compromising on style. Most of our ranges cover all these sizes.
    • If you’re looking for bedroom furniture with storage, most of our beds - such as our Bevel and Original Rustic options – are raised off the floor so have plenty of space for underbed storage.
    • You may be wondering how to make the best of a small or spare bedroom.. Here’s one solution: many of our sofas are also available as sofa beds for rooms are a spare bedroom with study duties, that can accommodate guests when needed.

    Bedroom furniture with rounded corners

    Many customers want a family friendly home design, even in the master bedroom. For example, our Hove and Romsey ranges have rounded edges: not just modern, these collections are ideal for all the bumps that everyday life brings.

    Bedroom furniture with storage

    Bedside tables

    Bedside tables are great for storing everything from your charging phone to a secret stash of midnight snacks. Our units with either drawers or cupboards are great for getting organised. Otherwise, a simple bedside table with a shelf gives a minimal look. We’ve even seen customers use dressing stools, with a nod towards Scandi elegance. The best part is that all our ranges come with matching bedside tables, so your design scheme feels complete.

    Chests of drawers

    Our chests of drawers come in different shapes and sizes, with 2+3 drawers, 3+4 drawers, and 5 drawer tallboys, good for making the most of the space in a room. Always solid hardwood, including backs and bases, they also give a good place to display ornaments as well, so you can put your stamp on the interior style.


    A wardrobe is a great piece of storage furniture, especially when its got a large drawer at the base. It’s an instant room tidier, keeping clothes and accessories ready for use. Choose from a double or triple size in most of our ranges.

    Bedroom furniture with matching dressing table

    Dressing tables enable you to carve out a space in your bedroom dedicated to self care. As well as drawers for make-up and accessories, it’s a peaceful place to get ready for the day, or for an evening out. Complete the set with a matching mirror and stool.

    Bedroom furniture with matching desk

    If you need to use part of your bedroom as a study or office area, our range of desks provide even more storage opportunities. You’ll find a desk in every range – great for matching all round the home.

    Blanket boxes

    There are lots of storage solutions to help you create a truly cosy space. Blanket boxes are a great addition to the bedroom; place one at the foot of your bed for a stylish way to complete your room. Not only can they store spare linen and blankets ready for colder months – or toys in a child’s room – they can also double up as a seat, maybe in the window.

    Bedroom accessories

    Now you’ve chosen your key hardwood furniture pieces to frame the room, how do you add the finishing touches? The key is in the details you use to bring the room to life.

    Soft furnishings

    Snuggly pillows and sumptuous throws help create that peaceful and relaxing mood you want in a bedroom. Layer them over your bed or, storing them away in a blanket box when not needed for sleep.


    Lamps brilliantly brighten up your bedside – literally. A warm glow from a lamp makes a softer look than any overhead bulb, and they can lighten up a bedroom corner. Our designs use different themes and materials.


    Potted plants and plenty of green leaves have a calming influence over your room and help to purify the air. They’re also great as style statements, their luscious flashes of green breathing life into your space.


    A gorgeous finishing touch to your bedroom, mirrors are a great way to give light, and the illusion of extra space. In addition to horizontal and table mirrors, vertical mirrors can be used as a dressing mirror or can light up an alcove. All our table top swivel frames are designed to match our dressing tables, but can be used anywhere you need to reflect extra light around a room.


    Don't forget to keep an eye on the time. A stylish clock can be used to liven up a bare bedroom wall, add interest to a chimney breast or to simply keep track of your busy life. Choose from traditional or avant-garde, understated or maximalist.

  • Why should I choose hardwood furniture for my bedroom?

    Hardwood furniture offers many advantages in bedroom furniture and beyond – check out our hardwood furniture guide for more. At Oak Furnitureland, all our bedroom products are exclusively designed and expertly made to ensure they remain beautiful and durable over time. In addition, we want delivery to be stress free, which is why we offer standard or custom delivery to the room of your choice.

    We never skimp on materials or construction; all drawers are made with dovetail joints and solid wood bases, backs and runners for longevity. In our bed frames, we use real hardwood for the slats, which is carefully kiln dried for support. Contrary to metal frames, our beds require little maintenance and are very practical.

    What are the advantages of a hardwood bed?

    Wooden bed frames, require little maintenance and are very practical. They can be used to create a timeless look and can easily last a lifetime. Each piece is carefully made, ensuring durable and beautiful frames, headboards and footboards – even the slats are made from 100% solid hardwood, promoting optimal air circulation. Read our hardwood furniture guide for more information.

    Bedroom furniture with metal legs

    Almost all our ranges are made from 100% solid hardwood alone, but we know that some customers love the industrial look of metal furniture. We now have Brooklyn and Boston, ranges with a New York loft style, ideal for an urban look to the bedroom.

  • How to mix & match bedroom furniture

    You can use furniture to set the mood in a room. Decide whether you want the comforting jumble of an eclectic style, or whether a coordinated look from wardrobe, through bed, to bedside table is the look you prefer.

    • Use bright pops of accent colour to tie mismatched pieces together. Achieve this by finding a colour palette that works with your furniture, walls and floors and then layer accessories of that shade throughout the room.
    • Always classic, natural oak furniture is a great foundation for your bedroom. From here, you can blend these long-lasting pieces with modern trends so you always have a core look that can be freshened up as trends come and go.
    • Mix or match finishes in your bedroom. Natural and rusticoak works with painted finishes. Our mango furniture has tones of colour that are set off by its simple style.

    For more on mixing and matching bedroom furniture, read our expert guide.

  • Where should I start when designing my bedroom?

    How to choose a bed.

    In the bedroom the real star is, of course, the bed. It takes up the majority of the floor space and it’s where you collapse at the end of the day. Because it’s the first thing you see when you walk into your room, it’s the ideal piece of furniture to centre your design around.

    • When it comes to beds, we really believe bigger is better. The more space you have to sleep in, the more room there is to relax. Plus, more room means a larger area for putting together a cosy design with linens, pillows and more. Measure to test the maximum bed frame size that works with the dimensions of your space.
    • We have more than forty distinct ranges of bed frames available across four different sizes (single, double, king-size and super king-size), so you’re sure to find something for your attic bedroom, small bedroom, square-sized bedroom and more.
    • All our beds are made with 100% hardwood slats – the best option for a strong support for your mattress – and you. Strong and light, the design also provides a healthy amount of airflow.
    • Pop into one of our stores and try out our beds and mattresses for comfort, and check the quality of the solid hardwood, too.

    How to choose a mattress

    One of the biggest questions when choosing a mattress is, which is the right one for you? With so many options available, doing your research before you buy is vital to make sure that you don’t invest in one which leaves you with sleepless nights and sore joints.

    • Choosing a mattress is all down to your personal preference, and we have a mattress for every type of sleeper.
    • The best way to choose what firmness you need is to identify what kind of flexibility you require. While as you get older it’s likely you’ll prefer a firmer mattress, whereas as a child a softer mattress is often preferred.
    • If you’re in a couple with different needs, our Zest dual mattresses perform double duty. Their dualness means one side is firmer and the other side is softer - ideal for couples who have different needs as it offers the best of both worlds.
    • All of our ranges have been 10-year tested and don’t need to be turned. They’re dust free and completely hypoallergenic, and pressure tested to avoid pressure points.

    If you need more help deciphering the difference between a pocket sprung or foam mattress, take a look at our guide to help you find the mattress of your dreams.

    Does Oak Furnitureland sell mattresses?

    Yes, we have mattresses to fit all our beds, and to suit all budgets. From solid foam to encapsulated pocket spring, all of our mattresses are made to a high quality specification. Our mattresses have been designed to work with our bed frames, and feature an encapsulating foam outer, which also means they’re hypoallergenic. They also work with other bed frames, as long as the size is right.

    A pocket sprung mattress – the most popular kind of mattress –- is good if you’re sharing a bed. Pocket springs mean that the springs move independently, so disturbing your partner is less likely. They’re long-lasting, and different mattresses feature different layers on top, including special foam, and memory foam layers.

    We also offer foam mattresses, with great support at a keen price.

    How do I decorate around my bed?

    So you’ve chosen your dream bed and found your ideal mattress. What comes next? Here’s where you can have fun choosing pieces that suit your individual taste. Our amazing team of interior stylists (check out their thoughts on our blog) created this friendly and stylish bedroom checklist:

    • Love a matching set? Choose pieces from the same range for hotel-style chic.
    • Creating a quirky space? Mix and match pieces within our ranges for an eclectic yet coordinated feel.
    • Want to start afresh? A clean slate is a totally affordable possibility with our furniture financing.
    • Who’s the bedroom for? You can adjust your style, storage needs and bed size based on who will be sleeping in this space. The needs of the guest room, for example, will be much different than those of the master bedroom.

  • How to maximise a small bedroom

    We’re firm believers that every room has a vast untapped potential, even the most unconventional ones. Here are some tips aimed at the more unusual bedroom layouts:

    How to make the most of a small bedroom

    Knowing how to utilise small bedroom space will help you magic up some room when it feels like there’s none left. For example, you can modify your wardrobe, putting drawers and boxes inside that help create more room. This will also mean all your clothes are in one place. Another handy tip is if your bed is elevated, find some vintage suitcases that will slip underneath to add additional storage – a more decorative approach to plain storage boxes.

    You need to utilise every inch of space inside, beneath or above your furniture. Save space by hanging up shelves that reach up to the height of the ceiling. Utilising the wall space this way will elongate the height of the room as well as adding more storage.

    Bedroom furniture for small rooms

    It goes without saying that you should try to keep furniture to a minimum to prevent overcrowding. However, here are some essential pieces to incorporate that’ll help maximise your space:

    • Using light-framed mirrors help to create an illusion of more space. A tall mirror will create the impression of higher ceilings whilst a long wide mirror will lengthen the space.
    • Tallboys, thanks to their slimline design, take storage up instead of out. Typically with five drawers, these are perfect for trinkets, stationery, t-shirts, underwear or socks – plus, they take up minimal floor space.
    • Nifty storage options like blanket boxes and storage footstools are great for organising your room and can also be used for seating, maybe at the foot of your bed or in front of a window.

    Bedroom layout for long, narrow room

    L-shaped bedrooms should be split into two sections, one acting as the bedroom and the other as a workspace or dressing room, complete with a desk or dressing table. If you choose a dressing area, you could create a walk-in wardrobe. A tallboy will allow for more floor space and a wide mirror will make it all feel larger.

    Two rooms in one means you have the perfect excuse for a divider. You could go for a classic folding screen or lightweight fabric curtains to separate the sleeping area. If you’ve got the room, a small bookcase would be a great divider that also gives you storage opportunities.

    If you’re concerned about the tunnel-like space this layout makes, round accessories and furniture will distract from this. We suggest curved footstools and tables or even spherical lamps and light fixtures.

    Attic bedroom layouts

    Make the room’s originality a feature by painting the slope of an attic room a different colour. Then, place the bed close to the sloped ceiling to create a cosy corner. For an even more intimate space, accentuate with fairy lights, and cosy rugs and cushions.

    If you only have the one slanted ceiling, adding low seating will help the room feel like a secret getaway. Is the space under the sloped ceiling too low to be useful? Add a long, low unit in the shortest area for an added storage and display area.

    Bedrooms with high ceilings

    When planning this layout, use the rule of thirds. Furniture placed at the bottom third of the frame creates a focal point within the large room. You can also go big and bold with statement lighting. A grand crystal chandelier will create a luxurious aesthetic. For a more rustic feel, group and hang lightbulbs together. Don’t forget to use the extra wall space to your advantage. Oversized accessories like our wall clocks help play on the scale of the room.

    Bedrooms with low ceilings

    Many cottages and new builds have low ceilings, so to create the illusion of height in your home, divert attention to key pieces in the room, such as an accent chair. You can also paint a feature wall that will draw the eye to the colour splash instead of the ceiling. If you're feeling particularly daring, you may want to try painting vertical stripes of a contrasting darker or lighter colour.

    Bedroom layout with chimney breast

    Architectural features are not just draws of the room itself; they can also help make a feature of your bedroom furniture. For example, pulling your bed up against the chimney breast will make a huge impact when you enter the room. This will also leave space for neat alcove shelving. On the breast itself, hang artwork or a wall clock to draw even more attention to it.

  • How to decorate your bedroom

    You’re almost ready to create your dream bedroom, so make sure you’ve completed our ideal bedroom checklist to ensure your redesign goes smoothly:

    1. Measure everything

    Good planning is the basis of good design. You’ll also need to take into account the stairs and doorways that you’ll need to manoeuvre your furniture through.

    2. What should I look for when buying bedroom furniture?

    Choose high quality pieces for your bedroom. You spend a third of your life asleep, so invest in bedroom furnishing that will stand the test of time. Consider:

    • Is it made from 100% solid hardwood? You’ll want the best quality that’ll be a feature of your home for years to come.
    • Does it have enough surface space to display personal effects?
    • Will lighting – be it natural or artificial – alter the way the colour looks in your bedroom?
    • What bed sheets and linens will it look best with?
    • Will lighting – be it natural or artificial – alter the way the colour looks in your bedroom?
    • Does it go with the rest of your existing furniture?
    • Does it need any special care? We sell a selection of furniture wax and care kits to keep your pieces in tip-top shape.

    3. Start with the bed

    It's the most dominant piece in your room and can help guide your design. From here, you can build everything else around it.

    4. Know your personal style

    And accessorise accordingly. We have more than 40 ranges to help create any bedroom style. Why not pick from one suite? Or mix it up for an eclectic look?

    5. Maximise your space

    Clever furniture selection helps to make the most of difficult rooms.

    6. Shop online or visit one of our stores

    Expert advice and a high quality selection of bedroom furniture is easy to find in-store. Speak to one of our friendly members of staff who will be happy to guide you through your decision making.

    7. Sleep easy in the comfort of your new bedroom.

    If you’d like more styling advice and inspiration for your bedroom, take a look at our blog. There are a number of style and trend pieces available for you to read at your leisure. Once you’ve been inspired, come and shop our bedroom furniture.

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