How to mix and match bedroom furniture

Bedroom with cream painted oak furniture

If you’re looking to buy new pieces for your bedroom, you may be wondering how to mix and match bedroom furniture, using the ranges you may already own and effortlessly integrating them with different styles.

Finding pieces that complement each other from different ranges is a great way to create a custom look in your home that feels unique to you and your space.

Need some inspiration on what styles work together? Here are some ideas on how to mix and match your bedroom furniture successfully.

Can you mix bedroom furniture colours?

Decorating with mismatched bedroom furniture doesn’t have to be a chore if you consider the colours used in the space and in your furniture. You can use colour to create cohesion by choosing an accent colour. Accent colours can help tie your mismatched furniture together, creating continuity and flow. Find a colour palette that works with the furniture and wall colour and then layer two to three accessories in that shade throughout that room.

oak bed and grey painted chest of drawers

In this earthy and dramatic decor scheme, we’ve embraced a few key colours to create balance. The grey of the St Ives range is picked up in the grey bedding, and the natural oak tops pair nicely with the bed from our Original Rustic range. The russet red walls have been matched with the curtains and throw cushion. They’re balanced by some forest green accessories.

Find the undertones

Another way to use colour to marry your furniture together is to match together pieces that – while different – use similar undertones. You can highlight colours found in the furniture already in the room, or you can use the colour of your walls or floors.

oak bed and grey painted chest of drawers

In this grey bedroom space, we’ve blended pieces from the Shay and Bella ranges which have similar ivory undertones and warm oak tops. The colour and satin finish contrast yet complement the warm tones found in the Romsey oak bed. In the rest of the room, cool grey undertones have been picked up in the walls and accessories. It creates a grown up and sophisticated space that cleverly combines mixed furniture pieces.

Mixing white and dark wood furniture

If you’re using a variety of wood tones for your bedroom decoration, you can bring in contrast colours in the furniture to help break up the design. Dark-stained or rich oak furniture will add a focal point to a room. It will retain a sense of simplicity and calmness when paired with white painted furniture, as seen in the example below.

aegean style bedroom with oak bed and white painted chest of drawers

Long lasting and classic in style, natural oak furniture is a great foundation for any bedroom and will work with dark wood or white painted furniture. Choose an oak bed frame like the Canterbury bed and combine with white or pastel shades in the walls or in other items of furniture like the Kemble chest of drawers. Alternatively, combine the rustic Orrick range with the sage finish of the Brindle range to create a space with a more traditional feel.

Mixing modern styles with classic bedroom furniture

Another way you can mix and match furniture is to blend classic oak pieces with modern trends. Investing in pieces that have a classic shape or colour will allow you to change up the style of the room as trends come and go.

havana style bedroom with mix-matched furniture

If you are lucky enough to have a piece like this, try being bold with your colour choice – you’ll be surprised with what you can get away with. The above example shows exactly what you can achieve when you dare to mix bold modern trends with classic furniture pieces. Our painted Kemble furniture has a warm almond undertone which works well with the rich pink and green hues seen in the decor. To finish off this look we’ve matched Kemble with the Mantis Light range and Barcelona lamp to add some neutrality to the colours in the room. This helps creates a fun and versatile style that will definitely give you energy when you first wake up.

Coordinating mismatched bedroom furniture

grey painted parisian style bedroom furniture

If in doubt about how to decorate your bedroom, start with your bed and build your room around it. If you have an almond or grey painted bed similar in style to the Shay range you have a number of choices when it comes to styling the rest of your bedroom. Incorporate other painted storage pieces and keep the colour scheme neutral or layer shades of green and blue with smaller oak furniture items to create a more botanical feel.

If you prefer a bolder look, you can also use a rich crimson or black navy in the wall colours which will contrast perfectly against the light styling of painted furniture.

How to Mix and Match Wood Furniture

When filling your bedroom with mismatched wood bedroom furniture, you’re likely to be presented with several prominent grains. In this case, try keeping the patterns of your room decorations muted and similar to one another to avoid an overcrowded room.

oak dressing table and white painted bed in blue bedroom

Mixing wood grains and finishes rather than matching them works beautifully in this cool blue themed bedroom. The light Romsey dresser with modern rounded corners is a perfect juxtaposition to the painted bed frame with delicate cornices on top from the Shay range. Mixing modern and traditional finishes is a great way to give your room a unique, eclectic style.

If you’ve been inspired to mix and match your bedroom furniture, browse our stylish ranges today.

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