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How to maximise unusual bedroom layouts

maximise unusual bedroom layouts

Unusual bedroom layouts can be tricky to work with, but what they lack in convenience they make up in character. When features in an unusual bedroom layout are utilised effectively, they can contribute in creating a beautiful setting that all your guests will envy.

We're firm believers that every room has a vast untapped potential, even the most unconventional ones. Here are some tips aimed at unusual bedroom layouts.

Small bedrooms: Manufacture some space

If you have a small bedroom, try to keep furniture to a minimum to prevent it from feeling cramped. Instead, utilise every inch of space inside, beneath, or above your furniture. If you own a platform bed, find some vintage suitcases that will slip underneath. Wicker baskets will also make a stylish storage solution.

If your wardrobe allows for it, place drawers inside to create more room as well as keeping your clothes neatly organised all in one space. The process also happens to be a great way of reminding you of all the outfits you own.

Save space by hanging up shelves that reach up to the height of the ceiling. Utilising the wall space in this way will elongate the room as well as provide valuable storage.

Using mirrors, with light-coloured frames, helps creating an illusion of more space. A tall mirror will create the impression of higher ceilings while a wider mirror will lengthen the space.

L-shaped or long, narrow bedrooms: Split them in two

Oak tall bookcases

Consider splitting the room into two sections, one acting as the bedroom and the other as a workspace or dressing room. To create a clear divide, paint the smaller section of the L shape in a lighter shade. This can also help to make it feel bigger.

If you've chosen a dressing area for the other nook of your bedroom, you could create a walk-in wardrobe area. A taller but thinner chest of drawers will allow for more floor space and accompanied by a wide mirror will make the space feel larger.

Two rooms in one means you have the perfect excuse to finally use a divider in your bedroom! Perhaps a classic folding screen? Or lightweight fabric curtains to separate the sleeping area while still allowing light through? If you have space, you may want to construct a stylish bookcase divider for storage pace too.

Round accessories and furniture in long, narrow bedrooms can help distract the tunnel-like appearance by breaking down the parallel lines. We suggest round ottomans, tables or even lamps or light fixtures.

Attic bedrooms: Use sloping ceilings to your advantag

Attic bedrooms are brimming with character. Draw attention to your attic room’s bespoke features by painting the slope a different colour.

We suggest placing the bed close to the sloped ceiling. Doing so will create the perfect area for a cosy nook, and with the addition of some fairy lights, scented candles, and bundles of cushions you'll create an intimate space, perfect for indulging in a bit of much-needed me-time.

If you only have the one slanted ceiling, adding low seating will help the room feel like a secret getaway area.

Is the space under the sloped ceiling too low to be useful? Add a long, low unit in the shortest area for an added storage and display spot.

High ceilings: Draw attention to your space

Use a rule of thirds, with the furniture placed at the bottom third of the frame to create a focal point within the large room.

You can also go big and bold with statement lighting. A grand crystal chandelier will create a luxurious and chic aesthetic or a rustic feel if it’s the periodic look you’re going for. Hanging groups of clustered lightbulbs together also works well in a tall space and will encourage your guests to look upwards.

Use the extra wall space to your advantage. Oversized accessories like our popular Tosca Wall Clock help play on the scale of the room. Make the most of tall ceilings by incorporating a large vertical mirror. This will bounce a great deal of light around the room, making your space seem even bigger.

Use the architecture of your room as inspiration on how to place your decorations. What you decide to hang on the wall can be positioned to the same height as your windows, for example. Stacking small pieces of artwork vertically so that they reach the highest point of the window can help to maximise the height of the room and make it appear grander.

Low ceilings

oak bedroom furniture

If you have low ceilings, create the illusion of height by diverting the attention to key pieces in the room, like an unusually styled chair. Try to stick to low-profile furniture that will suit the proportions of the room to prevent the room from feeling crowded.

Painting a feature wall will immediately distract the eye to focus on the colour of the wall rather than the ceilings. If you're feeling particularly daring, you could try painting vertical stripes of a contrasting darker or lighter colour – this will elongate your space making your ceilings appear higher up.

Other tricks include painting the ceiling lighter than the walls and positioning shelving at a higher point to give the illusion of taller ceilings. Taller accessories such as elongated floor lamps and house plants will also help to fool the eye into thinking your space is much higher than it is.

Looking for more ideas? Be sure to check out more posts over on our blog.

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