Dressing table ideas: how to arrange your makeup table

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 Dressing table ideas and how to arrange your makeup table

Dressing tables are an elegant addition to any bedroom, no matter what shape or size your room is. They’re a handy place to display and organise your beauty products and a great space to relax and get yourself in the mood for the day ahead. We offer some creative dressing table ideas and inspiration for how to arrange your makeup table.

How to arrange and organise your dressing table

It's well worth planning the arrangement of your dressing table in advance and be honest about how much time you’ll have to keep it in its original orderly state. Life’s busy and it’s not always possible to recreate the gorgeous display you originally set up when you’re running late for the train. Besides, you want to enjoy being at your table, devoting that bit of extra time to yourself - not feel like it's yet another chore to tackle.

French style cream dressing table

If your dream table doesn’t have much drawer space, like our simple and elegant Bella dressing table, there are plenty of great dressing table and makeup storage ideas for items on the surface or you could opt for a dressing table with shelves, There are plenty of racks and stands, mini-drawers, baskets, jars or compartmentalised trays out there that look great and keep your bits in order. You could also hang necklaces from mirror edges or fix some pretty hooks to the wall behind to keep everything tidy and organised.

Clear surfaces can be very relaxing so if you prefer an uncluttered table opt for a piece with a good amount of drawer space like this oak and metal dressing table from our popular Brooklyn collection. Consider adding your own dividers or boxes to the drawers, especially for fragile items or bottles that need to be kept upright. It’s surprising how far a spilt bottle of nail varnish remover can spread.

It’s a good idea to prioritise the contents of your dressing table; everyday items where they are most needed at the top and items like your hair dryer towards the bottom. Keep a couple of easy-to-open jars or trays right in front of the mirror for the jewellery and items you need to have right at your fingertips and consider segmenting your main makeup boxes or drawers into the sorts of occasions you wear them for or by the area of the face or body you use them on. Organising by shades and colour is also a nice idea and looks very pleasing to the eye, too.

Why not also have a dedicated section for cotton wool, cotton buds and cleansers and keep your hair combs and brushes separately from everything else? Always have a spare wet wipe or two lying around, just in case...

How to choose the right dressing table for your room

If you’re choosing a new dressing table or relocating an old one, it's important to consider where to position your dressing table in your bedroom. Naturally, it needs to complement the shape of your room and the other furniture and accessories in it. You don’t want it to be dwarfed by larger pieces, or for you to feel hemmed in while you're enjoying your beauty sanctuary. And you don’t want it to be somewhere that becomes a dumping ground for discarded items like keys and junk mail if you share your space with someone who doesn’t value your dressing table quite so highly!

white dressing table set hove oak furnitureland

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re trying to get ready and the sun is shining directly in your eyes? Positioning your dressing table in the correct place is really important to think about. Pay attention to where the sun shines in your room and at what times of the day so you can sit facing the natural light but not be overwhelmed by it. You should invest in a good lamp for the evenings or duller days and opt for clear, white lightbulbs. Your overhead lighting is unlikely to work well as it will cast shadows and hamper your vision.

If you are thinking of investing in a wooden dressing table, position it away from radiators or heaters that might harm the wood. This arrangement also risks trapping heat that is far better used to keep you toasty and warm in the cooler months.

Once you’ve decided where your dressing table will live, you need to decide on a style that suits your room and your personality. Perhaps you’ve always longed for a Scandivian look like this natural oak dressing table from our Oslo collection, or maybe you’re looking for something a little more rustic and country cottage like this painted dressing table from our Kemble range. In addition to style, you’ll also want to think about the amount of storage space and surface area you want from your dressing table. Which brings us neatly onto our next section...

oak dressing table oslo oak furnitureland

Dressing table ideas for small bedrooms

With the right styling and positioning, dressing tables can really earn their place in a room. Here are a few dressing table ideas for small bedrooms.

  • A great space-saving dressing table idea is positioning your table in an alcove or beneath a sloping ceiling. As you are mostly seated when using your table this won’t affect your comfort, though be careful to get the lighting right.

  • Flood your room with light and save surface space by opting for a hanging mirror like this wall mirror from our Orrick range. If it suits you and your room’s character, there’s no harm in being bold with a larger piece to really open up your space.

  • If you have your heart set on a table mounted mirror, choose one with a minimalist, slim design like this dressing table mirror from our Tokyo range.

  • Consider putting the dressing table next to your bed where it can double up as a bedside table. As the back isn’t the most attractive part of the furniture, many people prefer to position their dressing table with its back to the wall. You’ll save space, too.

  • If you work from home, create a handy multi-use space with your desk. With the right organisation and storage the two activities needn’t impact on each other. You don’t want to be reminded of work deadlines when you’re getting ready on a weekend..

Corner dressing table ideas

Corner dressing tables save space and feel like a truly dedicated place of sanctuary in your bedroom. As mentioned before, an alcove or sloping ceiling is a great space-saving placement and if your corner is a little squeezed add some shelving behind for extra storage or pendant lighting to open the area up.

Dressing table decoration ideas

In addition to the dressing table decoration ideas above, there are a few other things you can do to allow this piece to shine in your room. How about decorating the wall behind with some photos of friends or pictures of your travels that will inspire you for the day ahead? If you have space, a small plant or seasonal flowers will add freshness and colour, and for an added burst of fragrance invest in perfumed oils, candles or incense.

If you’re into antique furnishings you could opt for a vintage jewellery box in a similarly rustic tone to your dressing table’s wood. Or if you have a more bold, eclectic taste, try matching glass bottles or containers with stand-out colours in your curtains or rug.

Oak Dressing Table Leather Dressing Table Stool Alto Oak Furnitureland

Last but by no means least - your dressing table stool. The stool doesn’t have to match your dressing table but it should be comfortable and tuck away easily, especially if you are limited by space. This dressing table stool from our ever-popular Alto range features deep, comfortable padding and matches beautifully with all our natural solid oak furniture.

We hope this has given you some ideas for choosing and decorating your dressing table. Why not take that inspiration and browse our wide range of dressing tables today.

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