5 tips for creating a minimalist bedroom

Love the less-is-more look? Then the clean lines and neutral palette of minimalism is ideal for your bedroom. Minimalist bedrooms capture the stripped-down, back-to-basics aesthetic that is well sought after, yet can often be a tricky look to achieve. But, once you have it nailed down, you’ll love the theme’s calming, relaxed and no-frills feel. Here are our top tips for creating a minimalist bedroom.

## 1. Declutter

Minimalism is all about the less-is-more look and attitude. To incorporate minimalism into your bedroom, you must start by decluttering and organising your life. Ask yourself what purpose things serve and if you really have a use for them. Any non-negotiables can go into storage (we will look into smart bedroom storage options later), but anything that provides you with no function can either be sold, given away or donated. This breath of fresh air will be exactly what your space needs to start anew.

2+3 drawer natural oak and painted grey chest of drawers in a neutral toned bedroom

Image credit @roseberryonthelane

2. Choose your style

There are different styles of minimalist bedroom, so it’s up to you to decide on the path that most closely suits your personal taste. Here are some of our favourite minimalist bedroom styles:

Modern minimalist bedroom

While minimalist interiors doesn’t always mean modern, this particular school of design lends itself well to modern life, as we’re living in smaller spaces and have an increased need for less stuff crowding our lives. Thus, modern minimalism can mean anything from bold contemporary accenting, an all-white wash or industrial-inspired furniture.

Bohemian minimalist bedroom

Boho minimalist bedrooms are all about creating warmth through texture. Organic elements like beautiful natural oak furniture or the centering of architectural features like exposed brick walls fortify this sought-after style. Cosy and rustic is the aim here, so focus on accentuating natural light and using a limited colour palette.

Japanese minimalist bedroom

Japanese interiors have mastered minimalism for hundreds and thousands of years, originally because of the influence of Shinto and Buddhist principles, and more recently due to their densely populated metropolises that migrated people into smaller living quarters. Let your design be influenced by the room’s natural flow, opting for crisp whites, original features and precise, neat geometry.

3. Decide on minimalist bedroom furniture

Ask yourself: what do you need in a minimalist bedroom? The answer is not a lot. Minimalism is all about clarity, so make sure you have enough storage to keep your surfaces and floors clear of clutter, leaving you room to accentuate only what’s necessary. Here are some ways you can incorporate minimalism into your bedroom:

Minimalist bed frame

Choose a simple, elegant bed frame to be the focal point of your bedroom design. There are barely-there looks to go for, else you may want one with elevated feet to increase airflow. It’s important to consider the size of this frame, also. Is it a small space? A double bed won’t take up too much room while still providing excellent comfort. If it’s a larger space, you may want a king or even super king to prevent the room from looking too empty.

Minimalist bedroom with storage

Our wardrobes - available in both double and triple options - are spacious enough for all your clothes and many of our beds have ample room beneath for storing boxes and bags. Smaller minimalist bedrooms may want to opt for floor space-saving storage options like tallboys or multi-functional pieces like blanket boxes and storage footstools.

Natural oak and grey painted matching bed and bedside table in neutral bedroom

Image credit @roseberryonthelane

Minimalist bedroom accessories

Minimalism does not approve of crowding or clutter, so your accessories should be harmonising and statement-making as there are so few of them. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of options, be it a windowsill of succulents, a wall clock that hangs over the bed or a singular piece of art. For a fresh look, you may want to incorporate leaning poster frames atop your chest of drawers.

Minimalist aesthetic bedroom decor

The typical minimalist bedroom will almost certainly have crisp sheets on the bed, preferably in a patternless print. This creates a lovely central place for you to kick back and relax in your ultra-calm space. Other minimalist decor includes slimline clothing rails, furniture with elevated legs or a huge mirror that acts as the room’s primary point of interest.

Minimalist bedroom desk

As our homes become more and more multi-purpose, a functional workspace is an essential element of any modern living arrangement. If you need to make room in your minimalist bedroom for a desk, there are plenty that adhere to minimalist standards. Many of our desks have plenty of drawers for all your office storage, else you may like one that strays away from the typical column structure and harkens closer towards Scandi or mid-century modern shapes.

4. Maximise natural light

No matter the colour palette you’ve used - be it chalk whites or charcoal blacks - minimalism thrives on brightness, adding to its inherent feeling of calm and tranquility. The best way to lighten up your space is making best use of natural light.

While installing huge windows would be the ideal option, this is not always possible due to architectural or financial constraints. Instead, be smart about your furniture placement to ensure you’re not creating long shadows and making the windows the focal point of the room. Consider installing blinds instead of heavy curtains as well as plenty of mirrors which will bounce light around the room.

5. Go for neutral colours

It would be good to remember, however, that minimalism doesn’t mean cold and lifeless. There are plenty of small changes you can make that’ll add a little bit of life to neutral interiors. Here are the most popular neutral shades for a minimalist bedroom:

White minimalist bedroom

When researching a minimalist bedroom, white might be the most common option you’re seeing. Populate your bedroom with white painted furniture to adhere to this timeless trend. Luckily, most of our painted furniture ranges come with solid oak tops in either a natural or rustic finish to break up the starkness of a white bedroom scene.

Rustic oak and light grey painted matching bed and bedside table in neutral bedroom

Image credit @greigehareinteriors_

Dark minimalist bedroom

In this scene, you may want to incorporate pieces from our hardwood and mango ranges which tend to have a darker stain or are built in an industrial style, using a beautiful combination of solid wood and metal. As we discussed previously, natural light is very important in a dark minimalist bedroom, else you could risk it feeling cave-like and unwelcoming.

Beige minimalist bedroom

Beige has a reputation as being a boring colour, but there are plenty of ways to make it feel earthy and rich. For example, if you have beige walls and floors, use natural oak furniture to create texture. Keep surfaces sparsely populated, but perhaps add beautiful green houseplants in gorgeous terracotta pots to add that well-needed visual difference.

Grey minimalist bedroom

Always on-trend, grey has a neutrality and sophistication that makes it perfect for minimalism. The great thing about grey is that it’s a spectrum, meaning you can go dark with granite or go light, almost to an off-white. Try layering a few different grayscale shades to experiment with its versatility. Click here for more on grey bedroom interiors.

For a more extensive look at pulling together your dream bedroom, check out our bedroom furniture guide. Otherwise, start browsing our full range of bedroom furniture today.

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