Hardwood and Mango Furniture

Hardwood and Mango Furniture

Real wood with unique grain patterns

In addition to our popular natural and rustic oak furniture, we also have a selection of other high-quality hardwood finishes available to suit any home style.

Our mango furniture has a unique look and feel and is a favourite alternative to conventional wood types. The beautiful mottled grain patterns of the hardwood are brought to life by our special blend of protective wax, applied to each piece. This highlights the kaleidoscope of tones that occur naturally within the wood which mango is particularly renowned for. As with all of our furniture collections, there are no varnishes or lacquers used on any item, to ensure a natural finish that is stunning to both the eye and the touch.

We also offer solid oak furniture in a range of finishing treatments to create real one-of-a-kind looks for your home. By applying unique stains such as our antique oak finish and French-washed styles, we’ve crafted high quality looks for any home.

These are the unique ranges that you can find here:

Mantis Light: Simple shapes set off the exotic mango grain. A tasteful, minimalist design which accentuates the varied grain and hues of the mango wood.

Brooklyn: Industrial, loft living style, with metal frame. With natural solid oak, it's made to last.

Boston: Bring some warehouse living style into your home. The metal has a galvanised effect which is sleekly styled into angled legs. Also panels of metal in between drawers that set off the natural oak.

Detroit: Detroit is made from dark wood acacia. Strong and solid, it has a modern stained and glazed finish teamed with black metal legs and handles. Scored, tactile and richly coloured, the range is both relaxed and elegant.

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