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Beautiful furniture, properly made, in real wood

When it comes to a home, it’s not all about the size, space and structure. It really comes down to how you create a sense of comfort - a space you want to spend time in. Furniture enables us to socialise, to create memories, to make a space our own and decorate it as we see fit, displaying trinkets and framed photographs that showcase the most important people and places in our lives.

Good quality furniture adds ease and amenity to the home, offering organisation and providing both useful functionality and something lovely to look at. We design furniture that feels at home in any domestic environment - explore all our ranges today.

Bedroom Furniture

If you’re wondering how to choose furniture for your bedroom, our top suggestion is to make it as homely as possible. As with anywhere in the home, comfort is key, so begin by choosing a bed. As we know every home is unique, each of our beds are available in a variety of sizes. They have also all been made using 100% solid wood all over, from the bed frame to the slats. Not only will you sleep soundly in this ultra-comfortable and supportive setting, but the quality build means our beds are built to last. And don’t forget our specially selected range of mattresses!

The style of your bed is very important as it is the focal point of the room, setting a tone for the rest of your decor. Bedroom furniture sets - a double bed and matching bedside tables, for example - create a smart, coordinated theme that contributes to a peaceful and tranquil sleep space. Plus, units like these will help promote tidiness and order, meaning you’re more likely to kick back and relax into a good night's sleep.

Grey, white and other painted pieces move towards a modern take on bedroom furniture but, no matter your personal taste, incorporate cosiness into your interiors with your bedsheets, fluffy pillows, high pile rugs and any stylish throws. Even with the most minimalist of furniture, texture will add layers and layers of warmth. Or, perhaps, you’d prefer something a little more classic for the bedroom: traditional styles like farmhouse and rustic are considered to be timeless looks.

Our bedroom ideas will help you plan your dream bedroom, or you can start browsing our full ranges today.

Home Office Furniture

Whether your home office exists in a spare room or a cornered off section of another part of the home, it almost always requires a desk and a chair. Corporate offices can be dull and drab, but there are plenty of ways to make your home office space stylish and modern.

Our contemporary office desks are built for work and play, providing enough room for just a laptop or a multi-screen set-up. With a desk accompanying each of our ranges, you’ll find room for storage and a design that doesn’t compromise on style. If you have the luxury of space, you can incorporate more office furniture such as armchairs and bookcases to create an inspiring work environment.

Need a bit of guidance to design your home office? Be sure to check out our expert advice. Ready to shop? See what we offer for your office space.

Living Room Furniture

A home is a social space and it’s likely you spend most of your time in its communal rooms, the lounge being one of them. You need to conceive a living room full of furniture that caters to the activities carried out here - drinking tea with friends, watching films with the family or curling up for a bit of alone time.

Much like how you construct your bedroom design around the bed, you should organise your living room around your choice of sofa. Maybe you want something statement-making with a brightly coloured upholstery or would prefer a sofa set made up of a couple of two seaters to create visual interest while providing a seat for everyone. Whatever it is that you’ve envisioned, we’ve got a fabric or leather sofa that’s perfect for your home.

Modern living rooms may be more inclined towards matching furniture: bring focus to your sofa with a coffee table that sits within easy reach and square off your seating area with coordinating side tables. On the other hand, farmhouse-inspired design schemes may prefer a more eclectic look with different patterns and shades across armchairs and footstools. White and grey living room furniture are eternally in-style as these pieces provide a versatile neutral backdrop that allows you to be a little more free with colour.

For more on what you can do with the most sociable room of the home, have a look through our living room ideas. Take a look through our living room furniture today.

Hallway Furniture

Your hallway is the first impression someone has of your home - so why is it often the most overlooked area in terms of decor and design? Simplicity and organisation is key in this part of the home, which is why we offer hallway furniture - such as shoe racks and console tables - that are slimline, beautifully made and, of course, incredibly practical. Don’t forget to spruce up this space with mirrors and leafy houseplants: even little updates like these will make a world of difference.

Looking to maximise your hallway storage and around the home? We have a few ideas here. Now that you’ve begun to think about hallway furniture ideas, browse our range.

Dining Room Furniture

While the living room may be the social hub of the home, the dining room is where the memories are made. From Sunday roasts, to birthday dinners, to weekday breakfasts, this is where love and laughter are exchanged. Whether you want a charming cottage feel or a casual, contemporary dining space, it’s key that your dining room table is fit for the entire family and built to last.

When choosing your dining table set, the size of your dining table should be at the forefront of your decision making. A round dining table and chairs is perfect for a small space and an intimate dining experience, whereas an extendable dining table and chairs is a smart way to welcome more seats to the table without taking up too much room.

White and grey dining rooms are an ever-popular colour choice for both traditional and modern design schemes. You can accentuate yours with dining room storage; pieces like sideboards and dressers are ideal for giving a home to your crockery, cutlery, pots, pans and table linen. These pieces also leave ample room for decorating and display, making your dining room really feel like an expression of your personality.

There’s a lot you need to know when designing your dining room - our guides cover all the bases. Feel like you know your stuff? Browse our dining room furniture.


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