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How to style grey dining room furniture for a modern update

The dining room is among the best places in the house to celebrate feasting, family, and friendship, so it’s important that it looks great. Painted furniture, and more specifically grey furniture, is a simple and effective way to give your space a modern update. And it can blend in seamlessly with items you already own because cool and muted grey sits back and lets other shades take the limelight.

We share our expert tips on how to create a grey-inspired dining room look using grey painted furniture and accessories.

Choose a grey dining table or chairs


Creating a grey dining room look doesn’t have to mean painting it floor to ceiling in grey. Instead, you can incorporate grey through your furniture for a subtle grey look.

Your dining table takes centre stage, so make it shine with the right chairs to match. A grey dining table and chairs will add a powerful hit of grey that gives a nod to the contemporary.

For a cosy dining room look, incorporate a wooden table with upholstered grey dining chairs – this is a great way of putting a modern spin on an otherwise traditional-look piece.

Give your ornaments a stylish home with a grey display cabinet

A grey display cabinet is perfect for a modern home, offering a clean and minimal look. Our St. Ives display cabinet boasts lots of shelves, perfect for exhibiting your most valued items. For a coordinated look, team with matching grey furniture from the St. Ives range, whether that’s a sideboard or dining table.


A grey display cabinet will also pair perfectly with white furniture if you’re looking to instil a classic feel. Add splashes of colour through your curtains and soft furnishings for a bright and homely look.

Choosing a grey sideboard for instant style

A sideboard can add a stylish edge to your dining space, as well as provide a handy place to store items such as cutlery, alcohol, and crockery.

A grey sideboard will add instant style, with its neutral undertones bringing a sense of calm and modernity. Decorate your grey sideboard with white and black accessories for a contrasting, contemporary feel. Or, for a country rustic look, place a vase of flowers and pretty ornaments on top.

Grey accessories


A grey table lamp can be a quirky way to give your dining space a modern update and will also radiate a warm glow, creating a soft and cosy setting when you’re tucking into dinner with the family. Our Novara lamp features a modern grey shade and yellow bubble-shaped body that will add sculptural interest and draw the eye. Place it on top of a sideboard to give it visual focus.

By introducing painted furniture and a show-stopping dining table, you can create a grey dining room look that guests will be envious of when they come over for dinner. Explore more tips on decorating with grey and check out our blog for endless dining room design inspiration.

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