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Grey is a great base colour for the hallway as there are a number of shades that will work to create a unique colour scheme. Grey can be cool or warm, a neutral colour that is associated with sophistication and chicness. Whether you’re looking to re-paint your walls, replace your flooring or simply add some grey-hued furnishings, we’ve got some tips and tricks on how you can style your grey hallway.

Grey colour schemes for hallways

Brooklyn industrial console table metal and oak in grey hallway

Go neutral and pair grey with white. Use accessories and furniture that incorporate metal edges to give it an industrial feel.

light-grey-console-table-oak-furnitureland in grey hallway

Embrace greenery, contrast the grey hues on your walls and floors with an array of house plants. Whilst displaying them on the floor and countertops is an obvious use, don’t forget to use the height of the room, to hang plants too.

white small bookcase hove oak furnitureland in grey hallway

Keep it simple and layer shades of grey with monochrome for a modern look, like we’ve done here with dark walls and stark white furniture from our Hove collection. Incorporate pops of colour into your accessories to add an accent for added interest.

rustic console table cranbrook oak furnitureland in grey hallway

Make a dramatic entrance by matching a chalky grey finish to softer purple hues. Team with dark wood furniture to complete the look.

grey large sideboard st ives oak furnitureland

Embrace grey furniture from our St Ives collection and add a contrasting pop of colour to add flavour to the room.

Incorporating Patterns and Stripes

oak computer desk oak furnitureland

If you’re the king or queen of colour, a grey hallway design might actually be the perfect choice for you. Grey is often described as the absence of colour, so if you’re wondering what will match with grey, you have a world of choice. The best way to introduce a number of colours is by incorporating patterns. A striped or patterned carpet works wonders, adding character to your hallway. If you have a large hallway space you can use patterns to help divide areas, highlighting a cosy nook or focal spot for your desk.

Flooring Ideas for Grey Hallways

  1. Grey Hallway With Wooden Floors

white display cabinet hove oak furnitureland

Wooden floors give a room a very classic and natural feel. They can be left bare or covered with a rug to add a little warmth to the room. Natural wood works well with whites and light greys to create a timeless and effortless look. A console table or display cabinet from our Hove collection would work well in your grey hallway. The chalk white finish brightens up the room and the wooden top makes it a great pairing for wooden flooring.

  1. Grey Hallway With Grey Floors

oak console table romsey oak furnitureland

If you want to retain the neutrality of the colour but want to avoid an all-grey wash, natural oak hallway furniture is the way to go. Its subtle wood finish means furnishings are a beautiful focal point without shouting over the calmness of grey. Opt for a Romsey console table to feel the full force of this effect.

Furniture to complement a grey hallway


  1. Grey hallways with natural furniture

Don’t shy away from grey if you’ve got a hallway that isn’t flooded with natural light: the sunny oak of naturally-finished furniture can bring brightness to your entryway in ways that rustic or dark-stained wood can’t. Accentuate the flat surfaces in your hallway with grey-themed ornaments and accessories like mirrors, photo frames and vases.

  1. Grey hallway with white furniture

The beauty about going grey is you can choose from a whole host of neutral colours as a colour palette. If you don’t fancy the bright, chalk white of our Hove range, the almond grey of our Shay console table is a perfect complement, especially when you want to style grey with a splash of colour. Its soft painted finish neutralises the noise colour can create.

  1. Grey hallway and wooden furniture

One of the most impactful ways to make a statement with grey is to invest in some grey painted furniture. Our St Ives range is ultra stylish thanks to its smart, modern feel. Pieces like the side table, shoe storage or small sideboard will give the most storage potential of your entryway without sacrificing style.

  1. Mixing grey hallway furniture

Something that’s great about grey is its versatility, so why not try a few different shades of grey in your hallway? Maybe pair the St Ives mirror with the Shay large sideboard to create tonal differences between the furnishings themselves. Or, you could vary the greys of your furniture against the carpets and rugs. Mid-tone colours are better as too light or too dark and dirt will show up.

  1. Styling a Dado Rail

oak hallway stand oak shoe storage oak furnitureland

Adding a dado rail to your hallway is a great way to add dimension to the room. To retain balance, use a dark colour below and a lighter colour on top. We recommend a darker grey for the lower half paired with a pastel colour to add brightness. If using a lighter grey, use this for the top half and pair with a dark turquoise or midnight blue on the bottom. A hallway unit in a natural oak would work well with a dado rail to tie your choice of colours together.

Inspired to go grey? Shop now to find your perfect oak or painted range.

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