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Grey Recliner Chairs

Available From £650

Lifetime frame guarantee Lifetime frame guarantee
Fabric or leather upholstery Fabric or leather upholstery
Recline at the touch of a button Recline at the touch of a button
USB ports – charge while you relax USB ports – charge while you relax
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7 day delivery available*
7 day delivery available*

If you’re looking for a neutral staple that gives you the pleasure of comfort without locking in to a trend or particular style, then our grey electric recliner chairs could be just the thing.

Maybe you’ve carved out the perfect place for your chair in your functional home office space, or a corner you want to transform into a cosy reading nook? Perhaps you’ve reshuffled your living room and need some extra soft furnishings to make it feel like home.

Our grey recliner chairs can give you that little bit extra, making your reading nook, office space or movie night spot the most laid-back seat in the house.

The iconic recliner, upgraded

Our grey recliner armchairs have been created with the most up-to-date technology in mind. While the classic reclining armchair may remind us of cosy winter evenings and comfy family homes, this grey electric recliner chair range combines childhood comfort with truly grown-up design.

With streamlined electric features, on-trend composition, and undeniable comfort, these modern grey recliner chairs are built to make every generation happy.

Shades of grey to brighten your day

Shine a spotlight on the greys in your home. Our grey fabric recliner chairs come in a variety of shades, from dark to light, so that you can choose your perfect neutral to complement any room.

Whether you prefer darker furnishings or pick lighter fabrics every time, grey provides the ideal base from which to decorate your home. Pair one of our charcoal grey recliner chairs with rich jewel tones in emerald and sapphire hues to create depth and add a luxurious feel. If bright colours aren’t your cup of tea, choose a silver grey recliner chair to go alongside whites and muted pastels for a universally flattering palette.

Recline into bliss

Our grey recliner armchairs are built with your comfort and satisfaction at the heart of their design. Their flexible foam and luxury cushioning ensure the fullest support, whether you’re resting after a long day on your feet or making the recliner your home for the day as you watch your favourite shows on repeat.

Our grey electric recliner chairs come in a variety of sizes, too. Squeeze a small recliner into the tightest of corners, or fill a room with character with something a little bigger. Either way, you can rest assured that your pick is both the best feel for your body and the best fit for your room, wherever in your home that may be.

Browse our selection of grey recliner armchairs to find your perfect match.


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