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Brown Leather Armchairs

Brown Leather Armchairs

Available From £725

Comfortable and stylish Comfortable and stylish
Quality leather upholstery Quality leather upholstery
Made for real life Made for real life
Lifetime frame guarantee Lifetime frame guarantee
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7 day delivery available*

A must-have for any cosy living room, brown leather armchairs provide that well-needed finishing touch to your living room layout. Whether there’s an empty space that needs filling or you’re missing a seat for your dream reading nook, a brown leather armchair is both functional and extra cosy.

Maybe a brown leather recliner armchair is your sitting spot of choice, or you’re happy with the standard option - whatever your needs, our expert guide will help you make your decision easier.

What should I look for in a brown leather armchair?

At Oak Furnitureland, quality is at the heart of everything we do, which is why our furniture is made to last. All our brown leather armchairs are designed with solid hardwood frames. Not only does this aid the joints to create a strong skeleton, but it gives well-needed support to the sprung seats, stuffed with bouncy foam and fibre that make them feel so indulgent. Our special foam technology helps them to retain the plump look that made you choose one of our chairs in the first place.

Leather is an incredibly durable material and all of our brown leather armchairs are made with leather that exceeds industry standards. It’s the perfect fibre for families as it can handle the rough and tumble of day-to-day life; the supple, shiny surface means any mess is easily wiped away.

However, to maximise the longevity of your investment, it needs to be taken care of. Keep yours feeling as fresh as the day it entered your home with one of our handy leather care kits.

We love brown leather armchairs because there is no better place to spend your all-important ‘me’ time. This one solo seat is especially for you: no sharing necessary! Here, you can curl up with a good book, enjoy a cup of tea or even drift into a sumptuous nap.

They dazzle as a solo piece of furniture, however all our brown leather armchairs are available in the same designs as our best-selling brown leather sofa sets. As mentioned, they can be the missing piece that helps to bring your vision together, providing an extra seat for all those family film nights.

Brown leather footstool

If you think your relaxation zone was complete without a brown leather footstool, think again. Designed to complement your armchair or brown leather sofa set, they’re made from a firm padding which helps to preserve their plump shape.

We are always finding more ways to give you smart storage options, which is why we’ve designed brown leather storage footstools to accompany your seating arrangement. Rooms that have to scrimp on space will appreciate the dual functionality - both a relaxation tool and somewhere to hide away living room clutter!

Brown leather recliner armchairs

You might not have the extra space that a brown leather footstool requires, or you may just want to put your feet up with a bit more ease! Enter our ever-popular brown leather recliner armchairs. The electric recline option is hugely beneficial for those with mobility issues, but if your chair is not near a power socket, then we have a mechanical solution so there’s never an excuse not to kick back.

What colour brown leather armchair should I get?

Brown leather is rich and warm and, if you’re looking for a textural material, then look no further. The upholstery is shiny and glossy, capturing natural light and the glow of the fireplace in its reflection. As brown is very versatile, there are a multitude of different colours you can opt for when choosing your leather armchair.

Dark brown leather armchair

If your living room benefits from a lot of natural light, you may choose to opt for a dark brown leather armchair. Chocolatey hues are very rich so need a fair amount of contrast. On this dark, delicious route, you may go for an industrial or Scandi theme - both of which require a lot of brightness to be really effective. Think exposed metal, waxed flooring or painted brick walls.

Light brown leather armchair

If you prefer a Mediterranean look and are inspired by terracotta tones, tan leather armchairs may be more your cup of tea. Any light leather would look brilliant in a boho-themed home; ensure these chairs are paired with textural accenting like ratten woven baskets, cool tiling and leafy houseplants.


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