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Black Footstools

Available From £450

Strong enough to sit on Strong enough to sit on
Mix or match upholstery fabrics Mix or match upholstery fabrics
Finishing touch to the look Finishing touch to the look
Different styles for all tastes Different styles for all tastes
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Sophisticated and stylish black footstools

Put your feet up on one of our high-quality black footstools, and enjoy a relaxing afternoon napping or watching Netflix. We carry an extensive range of well-made black footstools that blend with most interior styles, making it easy to match your armchair or sofa.

Whether you want a large black footstool with enough space for resting your feet or need a black ottoman footstool to spruce up your decor, you’re sure to find a comfy and stylish option in this collection. Our black footstools come in various materials like leather and fabric to match your style and taste.

Black footstools with storage

Most of us constantly misplace our remote controls and other essential home devices, no matter how careful we are. Luckily, with a black storage footstool, you get a safe and secure space for stowing away your devices and magazines. This leaves your room looking clean and neat at all times, creating a relaxing environment for unwinding after a long day.

Similarly, our large black footstools with storage are big enough to keep your throws and blankets, ensuring they’re within reach for movie nights without messing up your decor.

More than just a resting place for your feet

Constructed with a sturdy frame and quality fabrics and materials, our selection of black footstools are versatile and beautiful. You can take them to any quiet spot in your home and enjoy a much-needed reading session or use them as extra seating for guests.

Alternatively, you can use a black ottoman footstool as a decorative piece in your bedroom or living room, adding to the overall wow factor. Their black colour guarantees they’ll go with everything, so they’re perfect for pulling your room together. Also, you can use the large black footstool as a table for your drinks and snacks as you watch TV.

Footstool with black legs

Looking for an all black minimalist look for an extra wow factor? Go for a black footstool with black legs. It’ll add sophistication, style and elegance to your space. You can pair the black accents with a contrasting colour such as white or grey for a classic and timeless look.

Browse our extensive range of black footstools today to find the ideal footstool for your space.


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