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Oak Furniture

Oak Furniture

Oak furniture has always held a place of affection in English heritage. Solid oak furniture denoted strength and reliability, and it was said that the British Empire was founded on the strength of oak wood.

Oak wood itself is a dense, strong hardwood, which is able to resist insect and fungal attack. It is a beautifully attractive wood due to the grain markings. This has made it popular since the Middle Ages when it was often used in places such as the House of Commons and other prestigious buildings. It was also widely used to build naval vessels, especially men of war, in Britain and Europe.

Today, as then, it is used in the construction of fine solid oak furniture.

Types of Oak Furniture

There are several types of oak wood which are regularly used in contemporary and modern furniture. Natural oak wood, one of the most popular forms of oak wood, has a natural brown colour running through it. Tiger Oak wood, as you might expect, has an appearance similar to brown oak, but is much more stripy. Pippy Oak has what is known as a cat's paw appearance on its surface. Burr Oak wood has an appearance which is similar to Pippy Oak wood, but it is much denser. Finally, Bog Oak wood is an extremely rare type of oak wood, and therefore less widely used than other types of oak wood. It is naturally dark in colour, as usually, this oak wood has been obtained after several hundred years' preservation in a peat bog. As you may expect, its rarity is often reflected in the price.

Insist on High Quality Oak Furniture

Solid oak furniture should always be made to traditional high standards. Using techniques centuries old, skilled craftsmen can produce oak furniture which is strong and hard wearing, with a naturally beautiful finish. Drawers should be made using dovetail joints, which not only enhance the appearance, but also the strength of the oak furniture. All of the backs and drawer bases of solid oak furniture should be made from the same solid oak, which means your oak furniture is built to last. Handles and fittings should be of same high quality and complement the design of the oak furniture to produce a stunning finish.

What Type of Oak Furniture Is There?

Oak furniture comes in a wide range of styles, from contemporary and modern oak furniture designs, through to more traditional rustic oak furniture designs. Whether contemporary and modern or traditional, all pieces should be made to the same high quality standards by skilled craftsmen. The beautiful grain of the solid oak wood can be enhanced by the design of the oak furniture to show the oak wood at its natural best. The oak furniture should be finished with natural furniture wax, which should be reapplied three or four times per annum to ensure that your oak furniture keeps its stunning looks for many years to come.

Oak ranges include living room oak furniture, dining room oak furniture and bedroom furniture oak furniture. Lovely oak side tables, oak lamp tables, oak sideboards and oak coffee tables are also available.

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