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3 Seater Sofa Beds

Available From £745

Lifetime frame guarantee Lifetime frame guarantee
Designed as part of popular ranges Designed as part of popular ranges
Perfect for overnight guests Perfect for overnight guests
Armchair, sofa, and corner styles Armchair, sofa, and corner styles
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Whether you’re lacking in floor space, or you’re working with a multifunctional room and aren’t keen on a permanent bed as a feature, a sofa bed provides the perfect option. Seamlessly integrate a three-seater sofa bed into your spare room or home office, or even make it your living room centrepiece.

Rest assured that at Oak Furnitureland, you won’t have to compromise on comfort or style for a sofa bed. These pieces are made with strength in mind, built with hardwood into the frame. Our cushions are also fibre-filled for superior comfort and support. We understand that you’ll want your sofa to stand the test of time, which is why all of our fabric sofa beds, whether 3 seater or in other sizes, are made of durable fabric, so you can love your piece for years to come.

Unsure of which style to opt for? Let’s take a closer look at our triple seat sofa beds, so you can find the best piece for your space.

3 seater clic clac sofa bed

If a 3 seater futon sofa bed is what you’re looking for, look no further. Easy to use, a click-clack sofa bed is a fantastic choice for any home. Simply fold down the back to create the bed, layering its foam-filled cushions for an effortlessly comfortable nights’ sleep. And a chic one too; with Scandi style slim legs, and linen-look textured material, your guests will enjoy a stylish stay.

3 seater pull out sofa bed

If you’re looking for a more contemporary 3 seater sofa bed, choose from our pull-out options. These sleeper sofas feature real mattresses, and deluxe mattress options too, for an exceptionally luxurious nights’ sleep. Simply transform your regular, stylish sofa into a bed for your overnight guests, by folding out the mattress stored inside.

If you’re looking for an ultra stylish and practical piece for your chosen room, the Jasmine 3 seater sofa bed is designed with flared arms to maximise the seating area, and enhance your living room look.

Grey fabric 3 seater sofa bed

With its incredible versatility, design options, and soft neutral appearance, it’s hardly surprising that grey 3 seater sofa beds have secured the top spot in interior design favourites. But which shade of grey do you choose? We’ve ensured that our ranges feature both light and dark grey 3 seater sofa bed options, so that you can find the perfect hue for your existing decor, and practicality needs. If you’re edging towards a 3 seater sofa bed in a black shade, take a look at dark charcoal grey options. If light and airy is your thing, you’ll find beautiful light grey 3 seater sofa bed options in silver, pebble and cosmo pewter fabrics.

For other neutral colours to complete a more pared back scheme, Scandi or Boho style, take a look at our linen or taupe brown 3 seater sofa bed. Looking to make more of a statement? Let your 3 seater sofa bed shine in a navy blue with luxuriously soft fabric, or draw your guests’ eye and make a real statement with a cosmo spice red 3 seater sofa bed.

Our 3 seater fabric sofa bed ranges

Looking to create a cohesive look in your living room with matching pieces? You’ll be glad to know that here at Oak Furnitureland, our sofa beds aren’t stand-alone pieces. Why not pair your grey 3 seater sofa bed with a matching 2 seater sofa, armchair, and footstool? Your sofa suite options are endless.