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Painted TV Units

Painted TV Units

Elegant storage for real living rooms

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Find the perfect painted TV unit

Introducing a painted TV unit to your living room furniture will add to your chosen colour scheme while providing ample storage space for your media players and entertainment consoles.

Our painted TV units combine a painted hardwood body with complementary wooden features. Choose from light greys and warm white shades that will pair perfectly with bright, airy interiors influenced by modern farmhouse design or coastal retreats. Alternatively, opt for a rich, inky blue or slate grey painted finish that will help you create a cosy, intimate living room.

Add to your living room storage

Our painted TV units come in three different sizes. Small TV units are designed to sit against a wall and most have two open shelves with holes at the back through which trailing wires can be fed, along with one or two drawers or cupboards.

Large TV units are wider, but also designed to be placed up against a wall. They have more closed storage space than their smaller counterparts, making them ideal for keeping anything from books and board games to extra gaming controllers.

Corner TV units have their back corners cut away so they can nestle neatly in a right-angled corner. These take up the least amount of space, so are ideal for small living rooms without any clear walls against which a TV unit can be placed.

Showcase your style

Each one of our painted TV units is part of a wider range of painted cabinetry. This means that, although each media unit is stylish enough to stand alone in your living room, you can really strengthen your interior design aesthetic by treating yourself to a sideboard, bookcase or coffee table from the same range.

No matter whether you prefer to accent your space with bold, dark colours or warm, neutral shades, our painted finishes will not only help you to showcase your style, but will also stand the test of time. They are sleek and hardwearing, making them well suited to real homes with real residents, including children and pets!

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