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Modern Furniture

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Modern furniture and sofas

There are plenty of ways to express modernity in your home design, whether you opt for natural oak, rustic oak, painted or mango and hardwood finishes. For fresh, Scandi looks, opt for furniture with rounded corners and tapered legs. Alternatively, incorporate metal accents throughout frames and legs to reflect warehouse or industrial trends. Painted furniture can be modern, too: our cabinet colours range from white, through grey, and on to deepest inky blue. Throughout our ranges, you’ll find contemporary looks with recessed handles that give off a pared-back feel.

Our sofas are designed with the same principles in mind. Throughout our collection, you have a choice in fresh colours, retro-modern tapered leg or smart and sleek looks, always in the best quality upholstery. Click on through, and see Oak Furnitureland’s modern side.

What is considered modern furniture?

Modern furniture departs from the schools of design that came before it: the heavily ornate and decorative Art Nouveau or Neoclassical styles that were visually detailed. Pre-World War II, furniture and home design favoured wood detailing and excessive fabrics but, as we switched to practicality in many aspects of our life, this influenced furniture. Now furniture favours function over form, moving towards minimalism, smooth surfaces propped up by clean lines and neutral, natural colours.

What makes a room modern?

However, modern does not need to mean cold and threadbare if that is not to your personal preference. Modern is open for interpretation, but here are some design elements you may want to consider if going down the modern route:

  • Everything must have a practical purpose
  • Natural materials - such as wood, leather and fibres like wool - are favoured
  • Add a little edge with metal, glass or chrome
  • Optimised use of light, both natural and artificial
  • Exposed structural elements such as bricks or concrete
  • Lines tend to be horizontal and vertical with curves used sparingly

What is the difference between modern and mid century modern?

Mid-century modern is very much considered to be a version of modern design, but it still comes with its own distinguishable qualities. It is considered to be a very organic modern style. Originating in the 1950s, it still favours functionality but is a bit more flexible when it comes to using decorative elements. In mid-century modern homes, you’ll find lots of saturated colours and slightly bolder accenting.

How can I make my house look more contemporary?

There are lots of fixes you can make either gradually or all at once that’ll help upgrade your home, making it more contemporary and having all the aesthetic and comfort benefits that come along with it. Here are some examples:

  • Declutter and organise
  • Remove wallpaper and update with a fresh lick of neutral paint
  • Replace carpets with wooden floors, tiles or concrete
  • Update lighting fixtures and change window coverings so they let in more natural light
  • Utilise area rugs and art
  • Open up social spaces

Can you mix contemporary and traditional furniture?

The short answer is yes, but there’s definitely an art to it. We would suggest you work out which elements from contemporary and traditional appeal to you the most, but select one as the more dominating style. This means not keeping an even split between the two, but incorporating the other as a focal point in a wider scheme or for the purpose of accenting. When mixing and matching, try to find pieces with similarities, either in colour, texture or shape.

Modern furniture is flexible and there are plenty of ways to make different rooms of your home have a truly modern feel. You’ll notice modern furniture has similar design elements, be they clean lines or elevated legs, so keep a lookout for these as you plan your modern home.

Modern bed

Simple bed frames make for an elegant bedroom centerpiece. Boxy shapes and a lack of footboard help this area of your home look more pared-back and tidy, adhering to elements of minimalism.

Modern desk

Adapting to the current times, most modern homes now require a workspace. A sturdy desk sits at the core of the modern home office. Maybe you want one with plenty of storage options, or you just need a smooth surface to work from: either way, our desks are built to last.

Modern dining tables

The traditional dining table is not fit for purpose in every home. Unconventional dining tables - be they extendable and easily adapted, round and intimate, square and compact or with a chic glass top - are more suitable for the modern dining room.

Modern coffee tables

Coffee tables are a living room staple - often, you don’t realise how useful they are until you don’t have one! Modern coffee tables can either come with practical storage space or a more minimalist shelf. Whatever your preference, you’ll find a functional coffee table in every single one of our ranges.

Modern tv stands

Available in small, large and corner styles, our TV units bring organisation to all the cables associated with your black box. Essential for any family living room where there may be cable boxes or games consoles to account for, they can either provide a sturdy spot for your TV or sit beneath a wall-mounted screen.

Explore all our furniture collections today and see how we have brought modern design to high-quality products.

Modern sofas

If you’re wondering how to decorate a modern living room, it would make sense to begin with a modern sofa. There are plenty of options to go for. Perhaps you want a modern sofa set for a cohesive look, encompassing a compact yet comfy two seater sofa or a spacious three seater sofa that allows for a bit more space to stretch out. We even offer four seater sofas - perfect for the modern family home! Don’t forget to pull your vision of a modern living room together with an assortment of armchairs, accent chairs and footstools.

Modern corner sofa

L-shaped modern sofas are able to wrap around a specific corner of the home or can help split up that contemporary, open-plan living space. Corner sofas encompass modernity due to their practicality and top-level comfort, while also providing an element of visual interest in a minimalist space.

Modern sofa bed

Also favouring function over form while still looking stylish, a sofa bed is really useful for a modern home, easily added to your home office, guest bedroom or living room.

Modern leather sofa

Leather sofas are the modern choice. Classically comfortable with a laid-back shape, the upholstery is luxurious yet durable and adds edge to any modern interior.

Modern grey sofa

Whether upholstered in leather or fabric, a grey sofa is a cool and chic option for the centerpiece of your modern living room thanks to its unparalleled versatility and timelessness.

Modern recliner sofa

Combining modern technology with stylish design, modern recliner sofas are the ultimate spot to put your feet up. We understand that different homes have different needs, which is why we offer recliners in both electric and manual options.


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