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Black armchairs

Black armchairs

Available From £350

Cosy and supporting Cosy and supporting
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Choosing your black armchair

Once you’ve decided that a black armchair is just the piece that your living space is missing, your next decision will be the style of the armchair.

If you value easy comfort and want a seat that you can really relax into for extended periods of time, a black recliner armchair would be ideal for you. Choose from classic recliners with high backs, headrests and padded arms if no-nonsense comfort is your thing. Or, if you would prefer a black armchair with a little more design flare, opt for our sophisticated Italian-inspired recliners.

Regardless of the style you choose, all our black electric recliners come with a built-in USB port, so you can charge your devices while you use them.

If you’d rather have a static black armchair, we offer elegant pieces with wooden legs that accent the black upholstery, as well as low, cosy designs that are perfect for simply sinking into.

Fabric or leather upholstery?

When it comes to black armchairs, we have both fabric and leather upholstery options available.

Due to their soothing tactile nature, fabric armchairs are often best suited to interiors centred around cosy movie nights. They will help to soften a room’s aesthetic and make it feel more inviting for you and your loved ones.

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, then a black leather armchair could be just what you need. Matt, lightly textured leather will assist you in creating a more traditional living space, and it will only soften and gain character with age, giving your home an air of distinction. Alternatively, leather with a glossy finish will add contemporary charm and a visual focal point to your living room.

Modern monochrome style

Opting for modern monochrome style is a brilliant way to integrate your new black armchair into your interior design scheme.

You can do this by having a muted backdrop to the room, such as white walls, and picking out black accents here and there. A black wall clock, a vase, and a rug with black accents are excellent starting points. Highlighting your black armchair with a white textured scatter cushion or knitted blanket draped over an arm will also help with the communication between your room and the furniture within it.

Create a cosy space

Armchairs are ideal furniture pieces for reading nooks, and a black armchair is no exception.

Find a position in your home that is quiet and a little set back from the rest of your furniture. This could be an alcove, bay window, or empty corner that needs a little life breathing into it.

Once you have this, select a small side table that can be tucked in next to your armchair and is just big enough to hold a cuppa or a glass of wine. When it comes to lighting, a floor lamp is best, as this can be positioned a little behind the chair and angled for reading. However, if this is not an option, a table lamp will also work well.

Browse, and discover our range of black armchairs today.


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