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Your Guide to Bed Dimensions

Neutral style bedroom with exposed beams, wood windows and herringbone style oak furniture.

Your bed is the most essential piece of furniture you own. You (ideally) spend eight hours a day luxuriating here, but what good is it if it doesn’t fit in your bedroom? It’s easy to get caught up in its style while forgetting its most important feature: its size. A bed that’s too big is a nuisance for obvious reasons, but as is a bed that’s too small, so it’s vital you get your bed measurements right. We’ve put together this handy guide to bed dimensions - so there’s no room for mistakes!

How to measure bed size

First, decide the area where you want your bed to sit. Keep your tape measure straight and flat and note down the following measurements that relate specifically to your bed frame:

  1. Length: from the point where the headboard will sit right to where the foot of the bed will be
  2. Width: across the widest part of the bed
  3. Height: when shopping for beds, height refers to the measurement from the floor, to where the top of the headboard finishes. Within these measurements, you may also want to consider if there is enough room underneath the slats for underbed storage.
  4. Depth: this is important to consider for when you need to get your bed through your home and into your bedroom. This measurement will help you work out if it can fit through the front door, up any stairs and through your bedroom door.

You will also need to measure the following:

  1. Room for clearance of any adjacent pieces of furniture, for example; wardrobe doors or drawers from your chest of drawers. You should be able to stand in front of such items and open the doors with ease and without feeling crowded.
  2. Space for a little gap between the wall and the headboard. This not only improves the room’s airflow, but can also prevent dampness.
  3. If you’re needing underbed storage, you need to be able to pull the boxes out and access items. Depending on the size of your underbed boxes, you could need up to half the width of the bed on either side. In a similar vein, you also need to check the height of the storage boxes so they can fit underneath.

Is there enough space around the bed for you to access it? Have you made enough leeway in measurements to consider the bed frame and not just the mattress? These are all questions to keep at the forefront of your decision making.

Dark wood King-Size bed and bedside tables against grey panelled walls.

Bed size to room size ratio

In any room, furniture should account for no more than 60% of the room both as a whole and in terms of the floor space. This is a happy medium between ensuring your room doesn’t feel sparse or crowded. In the bedroom, your bed must be included within that 60%, as will items like wardrobes or chests of drawers. To create a well-balanced space, 30% is room to walk and 10% is for miscellaneous items such as lighting, decor or soft furnishings.

Bed frame dimensions chart

Mattress Length/ depth Width Height
Single 200-210cm (78.7-82.6") 100-105cm (39.4-41") 90-110cm (35-43")
Double 200-210cm (78.7-82.6") 140-150cm (55-59.1") 95-135cm (37-53")
King 210-215cm (82.6-84.6") 150-170cm (59.1-67") 95-135cm (37-53")
Super King 215-220cm (84.6-86.6") 185-195cm (39.4-41") 105-135cm (37-41")

Bed size FAQs

Grey painted and natural oak single bed with dressing table and bedside table in a pink bedroom.

What is the largest bed size?

While bed heights tend to be very similar, it’s the length/depth and width of the bed that is more varied. The largest bed size is a super king size and can reach 215 - 220 cm (82.6” - 86.6”) in length/depth and 185 - 195 cm (72.8” - 76.7”) in width.

How big is a double mattress?

The width and depth of UK double mattresses are completely standardised, measuring 135 cm in width and 190 cm in length/depth. The height of the mattress is a variable as it will depend on the amount of support you require.

Cream painted double bed in a cream and pink bedroom, against a panelled wall.

How big is a king size mattress?

Like double mattresses, UK king size mattresses are also standardised, measuring 150 cm (w) x 200 cm (l/d). The height of the mattress also varies as it will depend on the amount of support you need.

Height of bedside table to bed

Bedside tables must always be stylish and functional, so it’s important to remember the Golden Ratio or 60-30-10 rule when choosing your bedside table. To look proportional, your bedside table should be the same height as your mattress, so that it not only fits into a cohesive look but also so it’s easily accessible.

What is the best height for a bed?

Bed frames come in different heights and your choice will be based on your own personal preferences, but we’ve found that the sweet spot is generally around 105 cm (41”) as it is enough for the bed to make a style statement and have enough room for two to feel comfortable, while also not imposing on a space.

What size bed do I need for my height?

For the most comfortable night’s sleep, your the length/depth of your bed should be longer than your actual height. This is especially important for tall people, who will find it uncomfortable to sleep in a bed that’s too short for them.

Height of light switch next to bed

There is not a one-size-fits-all rule for the height of your light switch next to your bed and it will depend on your personal preference. Measure by sitting in bed and reaching over as if you were to turn a switch on or off - what’s comfortable? What’s uncomfortable? Where does your hand naturally fall? Consider this in proportion with the top of your bedside table.

How high should a headboard be above the bed?

It depends on the size of your bed, but for a room that looks proportional, with the bed as a feature but not swallow up the entire room, we would recommend no taller than 45 cm (17.7”).

What size bed do most couples have?

It depends on the size of your bedroom and how much space you have to play with, but our double and king size beds are our best-selling options.

Feeling informed enough to start browsing the options? Shop all our beds, mattresses and matching bedroom furniture today.

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