What Colours Go with a Brown Leather Sofa

Brown Leather Sofa Decor Ideas

The brown leather sofa is one of the most classic and timeless styles of sofa to inhabit living rooms all over the world. As a statement piece, any brown leather sofa is likely to be the focal point of your living room, meaning what colours you pair it with are very important. Dark brown sofas typically go well with moody walls and deep colours, while lighter, tan coloured leather sofas perfectly complement pale grey walls, and bold pops of colour.

To help you make the best design decisions for your living room, we’ve put together some guidance on the colours that go with a brown leather sofa. Find out:

How do you decorate a living room with a brown leather couch?

  • Best wall colours for rooms with a brown leather sofa
  • What colour cushions go with a brown leather sofa
  • What colour rug goes with brown leather sofas

Decorating ideas for living room with tan sofas

  • What colours go with a tan leather sofa
  • What color pillows go with a tan sofa?

How do you decorate a living room with a brown leather couch?

A brown leather sofa adds character, elegance and luxury comfort to any living room. Choosing such a sofa makes a real statement, so it can be difficult to know how to decorate the rest of the room. Yet, a great place to start is to take inspiration from the style of the sofa itself.

If you’re styling a distressed leather sofa, let this influence the rest of your room. Choose pieces with a rustic twist or antique feel, such as original rustic oak pieces. If painted furniture is more your thing, cool tones such as our Kemble TV Unit or Sideboard would work beautifully, given their solid oak tops and antique brass coloured handles.

A sofa in a smooth, polished finish should be surrounded by a room decorated with other elegant statement pieces. The dark brassy handles of our Shay Range or the deep blue of our Highgate Range are great options to match the grandeur of a polished dark brown sofa.

Why not also give textured wood a go? The Parquet Range’s herringbone pattern offers a different depth to a brown leather sofa, and its living room style.

finley brown leather sofa

Still in need of some inspiration? Let’s take a closer look at the details of which colours you should choose for each element of your living room.

Best wall colours for rooms with a brown leather sofa

The beauty of a brown leather sofa is that the way you style your walls to complement it will define the rest of the living room design.

If you’re looking for a fresh, farmhouse style living room, opt for neutral coloured walls such as white, light cream or light tans and beiges. This will bring out the cosy cottage feel of the brown leather sofa, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your living room.

If you’re aiming for a more modern, contemporary look, dive deep into dark moody wall colours, such as teal or grey. Do note that brown leather typically has a warm undertone, so pairing your sofa with too many cool tones can make a living room appear unbalanced. If you do choose a blue wall, it might be worth finding a deep and rich navy, or at least decorate the rest of the living room with warmer tones if you do choose a cool shade. This way you’ll ensure you achieve a stylish yet inviting look.

finley brown leather sofa

What colour cushions go with a dark brown leather sofa?

With a deep, dark brown sofa you’ll want to add cushions in colours a few shades lighter than the sofa itself, so that they don’t get lost. The cooler tones of light greens, greys and blues contrast nicely with the warmth of chocolate brown without clashing. Yet you can also enhance the warmth of your brown leather sofa with earthy tones such as deep reds, oranges and mustard yellows.

But if you’re looking to get creative, don’t be afraid of being bold with your styling! Adding rich, vibrant colours can really make your sofa pop. And don’t forget patterns: these can really liven up the style and give your living room instant character.

What colour rug goes with brown leather sofas?

The best colour rug for a brown leather sofa ultimately depends on where you want to draw attention in the room, as well as other elements of your living room decor.

If you’re working with lighter walls, consider opting for a darker rug to complement the warmth and depth of the dark brown leather of your sofa. Opt for rich reds or rust in a detailed texture for a real luxurious feel.

If you’ve already created a moody atmosphere with darker walls, however, a rug in a lighter shade can help to brighten up your room and make it feel more open. Choose a pastel hue, a light cream or even a rattan rug to adorn your floor. This neutral colour scheme also works particularly well in french country farmhouse interior, or a more minimalist Scandi style.

As with other elements, if you’re looking for something with a little more colour, a dark blue patterned rug, or the deep red of a zanjan rug would fit a more rustic style. Of course, you could always make a statement with a bright, vibrant coloured rug. If you’ve chosen this for cushions, tie the room together with a similar shade rug for a real cohesive feel.

Decorating ideas for living room with tan sofas

Tan leather sofas offer an entirely different and exciting option to their darker counterparts. With a more neutral tone, tan leather has adapted to many styles over the years, making it the perfect choice for any interior.

When it comes to furniture, tan leather sofas are beautifully complemented by natural wood furniture, especially those which emphasize the grain. Pieces from our Hercules or French Farmhouse Ranges create a stunning complement to the warm tones of tan leather, completing your cosy living room look. You could even choose paler shades of wood to fulfil your Scandinavian style or Coastal style interior desires.

And don’t be afraid to mix up your textures! The sleek finish of a leather sofa can work amazingly with rougher textures of furniture like rattan. Why not mix and match staple oak furniture pieces with soft and stylish rattan to complement your tan leather sofa?

What colours go with a tan leather sofa?

But what colour walls go with tan furniture? Here, you have a myriad of options. Choose lighter, more neutral colours for a timeless style, or opt for rich sage greens and hues of blues for a modern and interesting look.

Use your sofa as a base for tying in bolder colours elsewhere in the room. Rich apricots and dark honey yellow are fantastic for warmer options to complement your tan sofa. Turquoise, brick and terracotta also offer a bold and interesting colour palette to match.

What colour cushions go with a light brown leather sofa?

If you’re choosing a light brown or tan leather sofa, why not go for a mid-century modern style? Throw brighter colours into the mix with chartreuse yellow or peacock blue to add real personality to your living room. Mix and match with patterned sofa pillows to really give your tan leather sofa the extra statement factor.

For a real vibrant and stylish look, pair your tan leather sofa with bold pillows in gold or cerulean blue. Go for extra glamour with a mix of velvet and matt fabric finishes, particularly if the rest of the room’s decor provides a neutral backdrop.

If you’re a Scandi interior lover, fully embrace the hygge philosophy with neutral colours like ecru, camel and grey for your light brown leather sofa. But remember, minimalism doesn’t have to be simple. Layer textures to give your cosy living room more depth and interest. Mix in snug wool throws, soft cotton pillows, atop your sumptuous tan leather sofa, and faux fur rugs underfoot.

Looking to add style to your living room? Browse our range of leather sofas and other living room furniture, suitable for living rooms of any shape and style. And don’t forget to show us how you style your living room on social media using #OakFurnitureland. We love to see how our customers are using our products.

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