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Modern dining room furniture ideas

Dining room decorated with Oak Furniture

What is ‘modern’ furniture?

Modern style dining room furniture is instantly recognisable. Its design elements immediately catch your eye thanks to their minimalist, clean lines and unfussy details while the raw materials are usually natural like wood or leather. Some use metal and glass for a sleeker finish. The emphasis on open space in modern design extends to the furniture which typically has elongated legs to increase airflow as well as the lighting which shies away from dark and cosy, edging further towards well-lit spaces with plenty of brightness. Need some modern dining inspiration? Look no further than our selection of modern dining room furniture.

What’s the difference between modern and contemporary furniture?

When talking about furniture, ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are not synonymous. Each style is defined by separate components, however, there is often a blurring of the two and furnishings can adopt elements of both.

Modern oak Welsh dresser
Romsey Large Dresser

Although you may associate modern furniture with the present day, it is actually referring to the mid-century modern design trends of 1920-1950 - think Gatsby glamour, the Golden Age of Hollywood or decor you’d find at home in series like Mad Men. On the other hand, contemporary isn’t rooted in one time period and is closely associated with current trends. This fluid identity means it’s ever-evolving and doesn’t have any particularly identifiable characteristics as they change with what’s trending right now.

Modern Dining Room Tables

Glass rectangle dining table with wooden chairs and bench

Reflection dining table / Loop back dining chairs / Natural bench / Bevel glazed display cabinet

The shape of dining room furniture tends to be simplistic yet impactful. Our Reflection dining table, available in both natural and rustic oak, incorporates a distinctly modern cross-legged design that adds a soft and airy quality to the table. It combines the best of both worlds in terms of natural materials, pairing off with a glass top, giving a sophisticated feel as well as adding that much-needed light and space to your dining room, reflecting off of natural or spot-lit surfaces.

Industrial style dining table and bench set

Brooklyn dining table / Brooklyn bench / Arlette console table

If you’re looking for a more contemporary twist on the boxy physique of modern furniture, look towards our Brooklyn dining set. As specified by modern design elements, it incorporates natural materials, specifically oak and industrial metal, as well as a criss-cross design. However, the warm complexion of the oak with metal and the fresh take on seating where benches replace chairs, take cues from contemporary design trends thanks to their urban feel, inviting you to dine on the edge.

When choosing modern inspired decorations for your table, be sure to pick from a small colour palette to keep things minimal and include splashes of colour, be it picked from other design elements in the room like houseplants or artwork.

Modern Dining Room Chairs

Our Curve Back range of dining chairs particularly have that modern edge. Its silhouette harks back to the flare of the 50s thanks to its soft curves and gently splayed legs. Remember what we said about open spaces in modern furniture? The rounded back of this chair is lifted away from the seat, helping to increase the airflow in the room.

In terms of upholstery, all our chairs are customisable, coming in a range of colours across both our fabric and leather designs. Whatever chair you choose, we recommend opting for minimal colours and avoiding patterns to complete the modern feel of the room.

Breakfast bar style table and chairs set

Rhodes breakfast table / Rhodes cross back bar stool

Alternatively, choose to elongate everything for a stilted, family-friendly look. Our Rhodes breakfast table and matching cross back bar stools add a casual element to the dining experience. Including geometric trends in the furniture itself allow for long, clean lines which are incredibly satisfying, giving you the opportunity to experiment with levels in your dining room.

Modern Dining Room Wall Decor

oak and white painted dining table with fabric chairs

Country Cottage dining table / Curve back dining chair

Incorporate splashes of bright hues, pop art prints or bold geometrics to get that mid-century feel. We’ve opted for a mainly monochrome colour palette but added splashes of tangerine and emerald green to prevent the atmosphere from flattening out. By adding dimension, the bright dining space is given space to shine.

Industrial style dining sideboard with botanical accessories

Brooklyn Large Sideboard

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t go for greyscale if you so wish. Grey can actually be a highly textural colour if you layer your walls and floors against metals, woods and layers of grey shades. Pair with matte accessories or rich green botany to really accentuate differences.

Contemporary oak sideboard bar cart

Romsey large sideboard

Futuristic wall hangings and brass accents tie up the modern feel, as does any decor with reflective elements, bouncing light around the room and adding a welcome glisten. Transform your sideboard into a bar and populate it with jewel-coloured decanters and cut glass hi-balls.

Inspired by the sleek styling of modern dining furniture? Explore now to find your perfect oak or painted range.

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