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Small parquet sideboard on a landing styled with plants and books

While it might be one of the highest traffic areas of the home, an upstairs landing is an oft-neglected room when it comes to home decor. Yet there are so many uses for it, particularly in the way of storage.

As many of us are likely dealing with small, seemingly useless corridors, we’ve put together some top upstairs landing storage ideas so that you can maximise your space.

What do you do with a landing space?

When it comes to choosing landing furniture, it can be easy to settle on classic landing storage units such as tallboys or hallway console tables. Yet with a little more creativity, you can make your space more useful. Avoid simply fitting in a landing cupboard with these 5 ways that you can make the most of your upstairs landing:

1.Turn your landing space into a micro office

Got a little space at the end of your hallway? Sit a desk under the window to create a home office on the landing. Keep it simple by adding a chair and an office desk to the landing, or if you’ve got a little more room, add a standing lamp and accent chair to section off the space.

Detroit Laptop Desk

2. Landing space library

If you’ve not got enough room for a full office, consider creating a small landing library. Create the illusion of space by drawing the eyes upwards with a tall bookcase, or why not dedicate a whole wall to some book shelves.

Rustic solid oak display cabinet

3. Create a chill out area on the landing

If you’re looking for more inventive hall stairs and landing decorating ideas, why not transform the space into a chill out area. If you’ve not got enough space for a full sofa, consider a loveseat, comfy armchair, or even some bean bags and cushions.

side table

4. Landing storage solutions

If you’re in need of some extra storage space, this room of the home is a great place to start. Rather than wasting unused corners or walls, consider landing storage units. Looking for smaller landing storage ideas? Dedicated pieces such as tallboys or console tables offer slim storage options, so that your space doesn’t appear too cluttered. Alternatively, make the most of your vertical space with hallway wall storage, such as display cabinets, sideboards, or even hallway units.

Stacking storage blocks

5. Hallway and landing shelving ideas

Shelving is a great way to maximise the space in your hallways. If you’re looking for different ideas for hall cabinet designs, bookshelves offer another substitute. Fill a tall unit with your favourite books, trinkets and family photos, or opt for a smaller bookcase and use the space above for artwork.

The best landing furniture

When looking for the perfect landing furniture for your home, it really depends on the space you have available, your storage needs, and your existing interior style.

Landing cupboards

A cupboard on a landing or hallway is a great way to fulfil your storage needs. And there’s plenty of options to choose from! While some will prefer to create a built in unit for their space, there are several options to choose from when it comes to landing storage cupboard furniture. Browse stylish, natural oak display cabinets, to beautifully painted open hallway coat cupboards to hang your jackets and scarves. You could even use a wardrobe as hallway storage - or use your hallway as an extension of your own clothes storage area!

Brooklyn natural solid oak and metal chest of drawers

Landing storage units

Whether on your landing, or in your entrance hall, storage units are both a stylish and practical addition to your home. Opt for sleek sideboards to store anything from linens and towels to games. Blanket boxes act as an incredible alternative - pack with blankets and pillows ready for your guests, or fill your hallway storage box with toys for the kids.

If you’re looking for somewhere to put away your more attractive belongings, a hallway storage shelf is always a good bet.

If your landing is an area to tuck away your outdoor gear when you walk through the door, why not opt for a shoe shelf-come hallway seat. It’s the perfect place to perch while kicking off your boots, but also a tidy area to pop your shoes afterwards.

How do you make a small landing feel bigger?

A frequently asked question in the world of interiors is always how to make a space appear bigger. When it comes to small landing spaces, there are a few tricks that you can use with your hallway furniture.

Use clever storage solutions for your landing

No one likes a cluttered home, but it’s particularly distracting when you’re lacking floorspace. Leaving stuff to litter the floors, or even jumbled looking items on shelving can make the space feel more cramped and claustrophobic than it needs to be. Use sleek hall tidies such as narrow hallway cabinets, shoe benches and small coat cupboards to help you organise the space. These items will not only look good, but leave the rest of your landing space uncluttered and feeling more spacious.

Parquet small bookcase

Make use of the upward space on your landing

Another great trick is to maximise your landing wall space with taller items of furniture. Opt for tall hall chests and cupboards such as tallboys or tall cupboards such as wardrobes. If you’re looking to show off books, ornaments or knick-knacks, opt for tall hallway cabinets such as display units or bookshelves.

Small Spot Sideboard

Clever decor to give your small landing the illusion of space

Now that you’ve got your clever storage in place, what else can you do to make your space seem bigger? Work with the space you’ve got - how does the light hit it?

If you’re dealing with a darker space, opt for darker colours. Bright whites and pale hues will only make it seem gloomier. Painting the ceiling the same dark colour as the walls also helps to make the space seem bigger, as the walls seemingly don’t end. If your space is well lit, opt for lighter tones, and make the most of natural light with mirrors.

No matter the colour of your hallway, a great way to create the feeling of space is to blend your hallway furniture in with the wall colour. Opt for dark blue or grey hallway cabinets if you opt for inkier wall colours, or cream, pale grey or white hallway storage with lighter wall alternatives.

You should now be ready to create a useful and exciting landing space in your home. Discover more ways to decorate your hallway, or head straight to our hallway storage ranges to find the perfect piece for your home.

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