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How To Style A Grey Sofa In Your Living Room: Ideas And Inspiration

How To Style A Grey Sofa In Your Living Room

Versatile, practical and sophisticated, it’s unsurprising that grey is an incredibly popular colour in interior design; and sofas make no exception.

But with versatility comes a myriad of choices. What other colours match grey sofas? Does it change for a light grey sofa, or a deep charcoal? And of course, this all depends on the look you want to create.

To make things easier, and to give you some inspiration, we’ve put together some colour scheme ideas. From walls to carpet, curtains to rugs, you’ll be able to piece together the perfect design for your home.

  • What wall colours go with a grey sofa?
  • What colour furniture goes with a grey sofa?
  • Best colour carpets for a grey sofa
  • Which cushions make the perfect match for a grey sofa?

Large light grey corner sofa with botanical cushions

What wall colours go with a grey sofa

So, you’ve already got a grey sofa, but you’re looking to repaint your living room walls. Whether you’re opting for wallpaper or paint on the walls, finding a colour that matches a grey sofa doesn’t pose a problem. The challenge arises with the smorgasbord of options you have!

A popular choice is going for darker shades, such as a dark forest green or an inky navy blue. These rich colours offer the perfect backdrop for a cool and neutral grey sofa, giving it more of a dramatic and moody edge. Keep your accessory colours to the subtler tones, to leave your walls as the star of the show. Match navy walls with dusty pink cushions on your grey sofa, or dark green with sandy neutral cushions and throws.

If you’re a fan of grey interiors, why not match your grey sofa with grey walls? Choose a different shade to your sofa to add depth, such as pale, warm toned grey walls with a deep charcoal sofa. Liven this calming colour with radiant accessories such as yellow, greens, blues or even reds.

Similarly, other neutral tones work just as well with a grey sofa. Choose browner shades for your walls, such as a beige or tan and match them with similarly toned accessories for a more Scandi style look. You can also achieve this look with white walls to match your grey sofa, pairing this with neutral toned cushions and throws, or bright shades for a pop of colour.

If bold is more your thing, reddish-brown tones are known to really lift and complement greys. Choose brick red or russet wallpaper as a feature wall, or go wild with all over colour paint on the walls.

The beauty of grey sofas is that you can be as creative as you want. None of the above wall colours tickling your fancy? Why not combine bright colours in a beautiful pattern on the wall, for a sophisticated yet fun and playful living room design.

Grey corner sofa in coastal blue themed living room

What colour furniture goes with a grey sofa?

Whether you’re redesigning your living room or starting from scratch it can be hard to know what furniture colours will match your staple grey sofa. It’s safe to say that most wood furniture will suit your grey sofa, no matter the fabric choice.

Opt for lighter shades of oak or hardwood for a more Scandinavian style, pairing it with light toned walls and accessories. These paler wood shades matched with a light grey sofa also provide the perfect base for a coastal style living room; wash the walls in cool blue tones, and pair the sofa with varied shades of blues, teals and greens to evoke the natural coastal seaside vibe.

You could also create a beautiful coastal style with white painted furniture. Or match your grey sofa with white furniture as a stunning cool backdrop for bolder prints and accessories, or even a striking feature wall.

Similarly dark blue painted furniture makes for the perfect match for a grey sofa. Stick to paler wales and similar toned accessories to continue the coastal style, or choose brighter shades for a more dramatic living room.

For a sleek but cosy living room style, complement a dark grey sofa with deep dark brown oak furniture. Brighten it with lighter walls and bolder coloured accessories, or embrace the warmth with earthy tones.

grey sofa and dark brown furniture

Best colour carpets for a grey sofa

If you’re redoing your living room carpet, you’ll be glad to know that the versatile and neutral nature of a grey sofa means that you can pair it with almost any colour of carpet.

If understated is your style of choice, opt for a grey carpet to match, choosing a different shade and texture for added layers to your style. A neutral colour such as beige, cream or a warm brown also works beautifully for a calming backdrop to your living room style and accessories.

But don’t be shy! Fulfil your creative desires and choose bolder coloured carpet to make it the real statement of the room. As we’ve previously seen with walls, shades of blue, darker greens, or even russet tones work beautifully. Pair it with neutral walls and accessories, so as not to overpower the room.

If changing your carpet colour isn’t an option, but you want to be able to change up your interior styling, rugs are the perfect solution. They’re also a great cosy addition if you have wood flooring, and want a soft and colourful material underfoot. But which rug will work with a grey sofa? Dusty pinks work beautifully with grey, as do yellows, blues and greens. Match it with your cushion colours for a cohesive style, or choose a geometric pattern for an eye catching floor design.

You could also stick to neutral greys for a timeless look. Pair it with an industrial style coffee table, like the Brooklyn Coffee Table, to finish the look.

Industrial coffee table and sofa in green botanical living-room

Which cushions make the perfect match for a grey sofa?

If you’re working with neutral exteriors, you have a blank canvas to play with when it comes to cushions. The favourite colour matches when it comes to grey sofas tends to be navy and pink cushions, mustard yellows, or even daring teals or bold patterns.

If you’re stuck to a colour scheme due to the existing colour of your walls and flooring, it doesn’t mean you lack styling options. Explore different textures to add depth and variety to your living room, with sheen and matt fabrics, or woven for a more cosy feel.

Grey sofa bright cushions

How to decorate a living room with a grey sofa

You’ve chosen the main elements of your design, but a living room isn’t finished without delving into the details. Wondering what curtains match a grey sofa? Or what colour throws or chairs will go? As with cushions, if you’re working with a blank canvas of neutral walls, floors and furniture, the accessory world is your oyster. For a statement, yet flexible, living room style, keep the boldness to the accessories, contrasting vibrant cushions with bright curtains and throws.

If your existing accessories are edging on the neutral side and you want to make a real impression in your living room, opt for a colourful chair to draw the eye, such as a hot pink or a mustard yellow.

You should now be ready to dress up your living room with a grey sofa! Browse our range of sofas and other living room furniture, and find the perfect piece for your home. Make sure to share your finished styles with us over on Instagram - we love to see how our customers style our products in their homes.

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