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When it comes to designing your home office, it’s all about using the layout to its full potential. Our top suggestions for optimising your home office space are:

  • Position your desk facing the door
  • Fill your home office with lots of light
  • Keep your home office private
  • Make the most of your home office space

Your home office desk should face the door

Position your desk facing the door to your home office. According to Feng Shui principles, this will give you the best command of the room and make you feel in control when you’re working. Practically, it’s also the best way to ensure that you have a good knowledge of everything going on in your room. You’ll certainly be able to see what’s happening and keep an eye on pets/ children/ other people.

Boston Office Computer Desk

Fill your home office with lots of light

A plethora of natural light is uplifting in so many ways and helps to keep the mood positive whilst you’re at work. So make sure you’re as close to it as possible! If you can’t be next to the window, aim for lamps and lighting that casts a natural glow on the room, and steer clear of harsh, overhead lights.

Brooklyn Natural Solid Oak And Metal Tall Bookcase

Keep your home office private

For many roles, it’s important that you have privacy and quiet. For those working from home with another person, you may find that cohabiting the same office causes issues with sound levels and distraction. If you must share a space with someone, invest in dividers and sound dampening items (such as rugs, armchairs, sofas) that can help you to separate your space.

Spot Natural Solid Oak and Slate Grey Painted Small Bookcase

Make the most of your home office space

If your home office is in a small space, or shoved in the corner of another room you may feel quickly overwhelmed and boxed in. Make the most of your space with clever storage solutions to tidy away distracting clutter. You’ll also want to create a dedicated space to keep you focused and productive. Why not try a corner desk and dividers to create a real office environment.

Copenhagen Natural Solid Oak Desk

The Best Home Office Locations

  • Home office in the living room
  • Working from home in the bedroom
  • Guest room home office
  • Working at the kitchen table
  • Working at the dining room table
  • Combing your home office and gym

Home office in the living room

A living room home office may sound like the most comfortable place to work but long-term it can cause a lot of issues in your day-to-day life - especially if you’re reclining on the sofa! The better option is to set up a corner office in a section of your living room. Strike a balance between finding a desk that fits the style of your space, but also creates enough distance between your everyday home life.

Detroit Tall Bookcase

Working from home in the bedroom

When relaxing to drift off to sleep, the last thing you want is to be staring at your desk. It’s likely to stir up those distracting thoughts of emails that you should have sent, or what’s missing from your to-do list tomorrow morning. If you need to set up a bedroom home office make sure to properly divide up your room. Use dividers or storage solutions to create an area that is dedicated to work - and preferably one that you can’t see from the bed!

Brindle Natural Oak and Painted Computer Desk

Guest room home office

If you’ve got one, guest rooms can be the best place for a home office-guest room combo layout. Combine your guest room home office with beautiful bedroom furniture, separated by a screen or divider to ensure you have the best of both worlds. Get inspired by our range of smaller desks and clever storage solutions to make the most of your space.

Mantis Desk And Sideboard

Working at the kitchen table

While it might not be the first place you think of to work, a home office in the kitchen can be ideal. First of all, you're close to the kettle, and you might already own a table you can work at. The key thing to remember is a comfortable desk chair. An ergonomic chair for your kitchen table will ensure you don’t leave yourself with long-term back problems.

Natural Hove White and Oak Painted Desk

Working at the dining room table

Similar to a kitchen office, you might think a dining room office is already a perfect setup. Consider your options though! Ensure that you have a good chair, that your table is the best height for your screens and that you have plenty of storage options for clearing work away at the end of the day.

Ellipse Scandi Desk and Tall Shelves

Combining your home office and gym

If you’re lucky enough to have a fitness space at home, putting your home office and your home gym together is a great way to save space. There are plenty of options for keeping fit at your desk, so combining a home office and a gym is becoming a viable option for lots of people. Choose a higher desk, or even a standing desk to give yourself plenty of room for your exercise equipment.

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Home Office Essentials

  • Your home office desk
  • Lamps for your home office space
  • Storage for your home office
  • Soft furnishings in your home office
  • Decorating your home office

Your home office desk

There is a desk option to suit every home office depending on your needs. Follow these 3 easy steps to help you decide:
Measure your space properly, so you can ensure that your desk will fit.
Then think about your storage needs, colour options and design choices.
Decide whether you want your desk to be the focal point of the room, or if you’d prefer it to blend in with the rest of your furniture.

cameo home office oak desk

Lamps for your home office space

A lamp for working from home needs to be bright enough but also warm and cosy. A floor lamp could be the answer if you’ve opted for a smaller desk, and a desk lamp is a great option if you need extra light for more detailed work. Choose one that fits the style of your room and provides enough light to get you through the long winter afternoons in the office.

SHAY DESK AND LARGE BOOKCASE - 10.18 homeatnumber55-instagram-12.10.18

Storage for your home office

Desk drawers might not provide enough storage for your home office. Particularly if you have a habit of writing lots of notes! You’ll want to make sure you have enough space to put things away, so that once the day is done you can close the door (or drawer) on it.
Opt for cabinets, sideboards, or even a chest of drawers for different answers to your room’s shape and needs - particularly if you’re building a combination room, such as a guest room or home office gym.

Hove Small Sideboard

Soft furnishings in your home office

Soft furnishings might not seem essential for a home office but they’re the solution for a myriad of problems. Use an armchair to give yourself a comfortable space for reading or joining longer calls. A rug can help to provide excellent sound dampening on hardwood floors and a sofa may be the answer to the post lunch nap.

Brindle Armchair

Decorating your home office

It might not seem the most important thing in a home office, but style can make a big difference to your day-to-day outlook. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there - make it nice to look at! A mirror hung on a strategic wall (opposite a window) can make your space feel lighter and brighter, even if you’re in a small space. A clock is an obvious choice so you can make sure you’re staying on time. Last but not least, make your space feels like your own with some beautiful art prints.

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Home office style

  • Give your home office the personal touch
  • Opt for a splash of colour in your home office space
  • Should your home office be minimalist or maximalist?
  • Make your home office nice and light

Give your home office the personal touch

Home office design should be personal to you. Put your own splash on the space where you work and fill it with items you find motivating. Whether it’s house plants, glossy magazines, colourful pictures or photos of your family, make it your own and it’s sure to be a place you want to spend time.

Oak home office desk

Opt for a splash of colour in your home office space

Keeping home office colours neutral is a good way to ensure a calming space for your concentration, but adding a splash of colour will brighten up the space. Whether it’s a refreshing yellow, or a cooling blue, a pop of colour will help to give your home office a more inspiring and creative vibe.

Spot Natural Solid Oak and Slate Grey Painted Small Bookcase

Should your home office be minimalist or maximalist?

Creating a minimalist office space in your home is an excellent way to keep everything clear of clutter and make your work life very organised - but it’s not for everyone! A maximalist office is excellent for those that love to work in creative chaos. Lots of pictures, storage solutions and bright colours can give your office the maximalist look you’re longing for.

Parquet Chest

Make your home office nice and light

Natural light in your home office is a proven mood booster. Crack open the window to let in the vitamin D and fresh air to keep you focused and energised in your work day. As previously mentioned, you ideally want to position your desk near a window to keep the light flowing in. If that’s not possible, invest in lamps (potentially with natural light mimicking bulbs) that will keep your space a vibrant place to work.

Home office oak desk

Ready to start styling your home office? Visit our home office pages to find the perfect furniture to fit your vision!

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